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Literal English This user participates in translating the Literal English Language Patch.
Bukvalni Srpski This user participates in translating the Literal Serbian Language Patch.
nyissznyissz.png This user is an in-game image editor.
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sr-N Матерњи језик овог корисника је српски / srpski.
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Hello, I'm Yova. I'm currently (the only) translator of the Literal English translation, as well as the founder of the Literal Serbian translation.

Translation Goals

My goal with these 2 translations is to make a translation that is as close to the original text as possible, one in English, and one in Serbian(my native language). I hate how most English translations of Japanese works(namely games) take a lot of things out, such as reversing the Japanese names' order(the last name goes first in Japanese names), romanize certain words inconsistently with others(yeah it's not Gensokyo, it's Gensoukyou. We aren't talking about an elemental void here.) or even translate entire lines incorrectly and not preserving a lot of puns, including the ones that could easily be translated(deviating a lot from the original).

In other words, I hate all the bullshit most English translators of Japanese works do to the Japanese works.


You know the Chinese name Hong Meiling(紅美鈴).
In the static English patch they say it Hong Meirin.
But everyone else pronounces it Hong Meiling like in Chinese.
But with Komeiji Koishi(古明地こいし),everyone says it the English way, Koishi Komeiji.
Like Imaginary Personality Holder Koishi Komeiji and Koishi Komeiji's Heart-Throbbing Adventure.
Why isn't Komeiji Koishi's Great Heart-Throbbing Adventure?!
Are you mocking me?!
If it's Japanese, then say it like in Japanese!
Damn it! This pisses me off!


I have a Touhou patch repository, so if you want to, feel free to contribute to a patch in there at the Repository of Hirokawa Ghost