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This page is a translated version of a page Hardcoded strings and the translation is 5% complete.

Other languages:Bulgarian 73% • ‎Czech 40% • ‎German 96% • ‎English 93% • ‎4Kids English 22% • ‎Canadian English 2% • ‎British English 13% • ‎Troll translations 30% • ‎Yorkshire English 50% • ‎Esperanto 6% • ‎Spanish 54% • ‎Chilean Spanish 10% • ‎Spanish (Hourai Doll translation) 1% • ‎Latin American Spanish (Paradise of Boundaries translation) 5% • ‎European Spanish (Suzunaan Blog translation) 5% • ‎Venezuelan Spanish 1% • ‎Finnish 28% • ‎French 75% • ‎Hindi 55% • ‎Hungarian 86% • ‎Indonesian 18% • ‎Italian 55% • ‎Ithkuil 4% • ‎Japanese 100% • ‎Korean 97% • ‎Luxembourgish 34% • ‎Mongolian 31% • ‎Malay 88% • ‎Simplified Malay 31% • ‎Norwegian Bokmål 16% • ‎Dutch 15% • ‎Polish 35% • ‎Portuguese 47% • ‎Brazilian Portuguese 100% • ‎Quechua 6% • ‎Romanian 31% • ‎Russian 89% • ‎Serbian 40% • ‎Swedish 9% • ‎Thai 67% • ‎Ukrainian 89% • ‎Venetian 54% • ‎Vietnamese 87% • ‎Tiếng Việt (Troll translation) 1% • ‎Tiếng Việt (THVNFB translation) 7% • ‎Simplified Chinese 100% • ‎Traditional Chinese 91% • ‎Taiwan Chinese in traditional script 95%

Menu descriptions

ID Text
th07 Menu Start

th07 Menu Extra Start

th07 Menu Practice Start

th07 Menu Result

th07 Menu Music Room

th07 Menu Replay

th07 Menu Option

th07 Menu Quit

th07 Option Player

th07 Option Graphic

th07 Option BGM

th07 Option Sound

th07 Option Window Mode

th07 Option Slow Mode

th07 Option Reset

th07 Option Key Config

th07 Option Quit

th07 Key Shot

th07 Key Bomb

th07 Key Slow

th07 Key Skip

th07 Key Pause

th07 Key Up

th07 Key Down

th07 Key Left

th07 Key Right

th07 Key ShotSlow

th07 Key Reset

th07 Key Quit

th08 Menu Spell Practice

th08 Option BGM Volume

th08 Option SE Volume

th08 Spell Practice Description

th08 Spell Practice Percentages

th09 Menu Story Start

th09 Menu Extra Start

th09 Menu Match Start

th09 Menu Replay

th09 Menu Result

th09 Menu Music Room

th09 Option BGM

th09 Option Key Config

th09 Key Side

th09 Key Control Type

th09 Key Charge Type

th09 Key Shot

th09 Key Bomb

th09 Key Slow

Bombs and spell cards

ID Text
th06 Bomb Reimu A

th06 Bomb Reimu B

th06 Bomb Marisa A

th06 Bomb Marisa B

th07 Bomb Reimu A unfocused

th07 Bomb Reimu A focused

th07 Bomb Reimu B focused

th07 Bomb Marisa A focused

th07 Bomb Marisa B unfocused

th07 Bomb Sakuya A unfocused

th07 Bomb Sakuya A focused

th07 Bomb Sakuya B unfocused

th07 Bomb Sakuya B focused

th08 Bomb Reimu

th08 Bomb Reimu Last

th08 Bomb Yukari

th08 Bomb Yukari Last

th08 Bomb Marisa Last

th08 Bomb Alice

th08 Bomb Alice Last

th08 Bomb Sakuya Last

th08 Bomb Remilia

th08 Bomb Remilia Last

th08 Bomb Youmu

th08 Bomb Youmu Last

th08 Bomb Yuyuko

th08 Bomb Yuyuko Last

th08 Spell Dissolve

th08 Spell Resurrection

Music Room spoiler

ID Text
th08 Music Room spoiler 1

th08 Music Room spoiler 2

th08 Music Room spoiler 3

th08 Music Room spoiler 4

th08 Music Room spoiler 5

th08 Music Room spoiler 6

th08 Music Room spoiler 7

ID Text
th09 Music Room spoiler 1

th09 Music Room spoiler 2

th09 Music Room spoiler 3

ID Text
th10 Music Room spoiler 1

th10 Music Room spoiler 2

th10 Music Room spoiler 3

th10 Music Room spoiler 4

th10 Music Room spoiler 5

Spell Practice

ID Text
th13 spell nothing

Icon th06.png Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

ID Text
th06 BGM In-game format

th06 Stats ReimuA

th06 Stats ReimuB

th06 Stats MarisaA

th06 Stats MarisaB

Icon th07.png Perfect Cherry Blossom


ID Text
th07 Stats Header Easy

th07 Stats Header Normal

th07 Stats Header Hard

th07 Stats Header Lunatic

th07 Stats Header Extra

th07 Stats Header Phantasm

th07 Stats Header Total

ID Text
th07 Spell Result Character Select

th07 Stats SakuyaA

th07 Stats SakuyaB

th07 Stats Total (All Characters)

th07 Stats Time Since Startup

th07 Stats Total Playtime

th07 Stats Play Count

th07 Stats Play Count +Phantasm

th07 Stats Clear Count

th07 Stats Clear Count +Phantasm

th07 Stats Continue

th07 Stats Continue +Phantasm

th07 Stats Practice

th07 Stats Practice +Phantasm

th07 Stats Retries

th07 Stats Retries +Phantasm

ID Text
th07 Supernatural Border

th07 CherryPoint Max

th07 Border Bonus Format

Icon th08.png Imperishable Night


ID Text
th08 Spell Result Character Select

th08 Stats Reimu & Yukari

th08 Stats Marisa & Alice

th08 Stats Sakuya & Remilia

th08 Stats Youmu & Yuyuko

th08 Stats Reimu

th08 Stats Yukari

th08 Stats Marisa

th08 Stats Alice

th08 Stats Sakuya

th08 Stats Remilia

th08 Stats Youmu

th08 Stats Yuyuko

th08 Stats Total (All Characters)

th08 Stats Time Since Startup

th08 Stats Total Playtime

th08 Stats Play Count

th08 Stats Clear Count

th08 Stats Continue

th08 Stats Practice

Spell Practice

ID Text
th08 Spell Practice Easy Mode

th08 Spell Practice Normal Mode

th08 Spell Practice Hard Mode

th08 Spell Practice Lunatic Mode

th08 Spell Practice Extra Mode

th08 Spell Practice Last Word

th08 Spell Practice List Description

th08 Spell Practice Owner/Difficulty Line

th08 Spell Practice Highscore Title

th08 Spell Practice Comment

th08 Spell Practice Last Spell

Spell unlock conditions

ID Text
th08 Spell Condition Line 1 205

th08 Spell Condition Line 2 205

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 206

th08 Spell Condition Line 2 206 207 209

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 207

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 208

th08 Spell Condition Line 2 208 211 217 220

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 209

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 210

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 211

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 212

th08 Spell Condition Line 2 212

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 213

th08 Spell Condition Line 2 213 214 222

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 214

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 215

th08 Spell Condition Line 2 215

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 216

th08 Spell Condition Line 2 216

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 217

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 218

th08 Spell Condition Line 2 218

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 219

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 220

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 221

th08 Spell Condition Line 2 221

th08 Spell Condition Line 1 222

Icon th105.png Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

ID Text



































Icon th143.png Impossible Spell Card, Icon th165.png Violet Detector, Icon th17.png Wily Beast and Weakest Creature, Icon th18.png Unconnected Marketeers

ID Text
th143 Trophy Format

th143 Trophy Get

Logro desbloqueado:

th18 Ability Unlock

Carta de Habilidad desbloqueada

th18 Trophy Get

Logro desbloqueado:

th18 card unobtained

Sin desbloquear

th18 card unavailable

No disponible en la versión de prueba

Display mode dialog

ID Text
th10 Dialog Prompt

Por favor selecciona una resolución:

th10 Dialog Fullscreen

Pantalla completa

th16 Dialog Fullscreen

Pantalla completa

th10 Dialog Always ask

Preguntar siempre

th11 Dialog Fullscreen 640

Pantalla completa (640×480)

th11 Dialog Window 640

Ventana (640×480)

th11 Dialog Window 960

Ventana (960×720)

th11 Dialog Window 1280

Ventana (1280×960)

th11 Dialog Game Start


th14 Dialog Prompt

Por favor selecciona una resolución:

th14 Dialog 640


th14 Dialog 960


th14 Dialog 1280

1280×960 (recomendada)

th14 Dialog Fullscreen

Jugar en pantalla completa

th14 Dialog Always ask

Preguntar siempre

th18 Dialog Borderless DOT

th18 Dialog Borderless

th18 Dialog Fullscreen 1280

th18 Dialog Fullscreen 960

th18 Dialog Fullscreen 640

th18 Dialog Window 2560

th18 Dialog Window 1920

th18 Dialog Window 1280

th18 Dialog Window 960

th18 Dialog Window 640

ID Text
th10 JP

alcostg JP

th11 JP

th12 JP

th125 JP

th128 JP

th13 JP

th14 JP

th143 JP

th15 JP

th16 JP

th165 JP

th17 JP

th18 JP

Custom Tool

Custom Tool Titles

ID Text
th06 config

th07 config

th08 config

th09 config

th095 config

th10 config

alcostg config

th11 config

th12 config

th125 config

th128 config

th13 config

th14 config

th143 config

th15 config

th16 config

th165 config

th17 config

th18 config


ID Text
th06 up

th06 down

th06 left

th06 right

Custom Tool Options

ID Text
DirectInput fix

DirectInput fix, layout-dependent shot key

th06 vertex

th06 fog

th06 16bit textures

th06 Gouraud shading

th06 color composition

th06 rasterizer mode

th06 clear buffer

th06 minimum graphics

th06 depth test

th06 force frame

th06 DirectInput

th06 fullscreen

th06 windowed

th06 full rate

th06 half rate

th16 half rate

th06 third rate

th16 third rate

th06 32bits mode

th06 16bits mode

th06 accept

th06 cancel

th06 screen mode

th06 refresh rate

th16 refresh rate

th06 colors

th06 pad X axis

th06 pad Y axis

th06 check pad

th06 config saved caption

th06 config saved text

th07 16bits textures

th07 DirectInput

th07 BGM memory

th07 draw screen

th07 VSync

th07 fullscreen

th07 low effects

th07 medium effects

th07 high effects

th07 32bits mode

th07 effect quality

th08 fog

th08 color composition

th08 depth test

th08 rasterizer mode

th08 VSync

th09 full rate

th16 full rate

th09 1P controller

th09 2P controller

th09 gamepad 1

th09 gamepad 2

th09 all keyboard

th09 left side keyboard

th09 right side keyboard

th09 no save

th16 no save

th09 save

th16 save

th10 faith meter

th10 screen mode

th18 screen mode

th10 always ask

th10 slowshot

th16 slowshot

th11 input latency

th16 input latency

th11 stable input

th16 stable input

th11 normal input

th16 normal input

th11 automatic input

th16 automatic input

th11 fast input

th16 fast input

th11 input description

th16 input description

th11 always ask

th16 Dialog Always ask

th11 sensitivity description

th16 sensitivity description

th11 joypad sensitivity

th16 joypad sensitivity

th11 default

th16 default