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Recent changes

28 March 2018

    07:16Th07/Sakuya's Scenario/cs ‎(2 changes; hist; -4) ‎    ‎[AliCrane‎×2]
    07:11Th07/Reimu's Scenario/cs ‎(50 changes; hist; +127) ‎    ‎[AliCrane‎×50]
    07:09Th07/Marisa's Scenario/cs ‎(3 changes; hist; -5) ‎    ‎[AliCrane‎×3]

10 March 2018

N   20:14Th07/Sakuya's Extra and Phantasm/cs ‎(9 changes; hist; +5,975) ‎    ‎[AliCrane‎×9]

Přehled pokroku

Icon th06.png TH06 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Icon th07.png TH07 Perfect Cherry Blossom
Icon th10.png TH10 Mountain of Faith
Icon th143.png TH14.3 Impossible Spell Card