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2 May 2024

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Translation Guidelines

This is meant to help anyone willing to contribute to the Greek translation of the Touhou games, by applying the following guidelines. You may use the EoSD translation as a template and example. In general, try to think of how a Japanese reader percieves what the original script says, and transfer than information as close as you can to Greek.

Also, please have some knowledge of the Japanese language (at least N4 and above should be fine) before attempting to contribute. This is to avoid low quality translations.

Spell Card Names

The format of a spell card is Κάρτα XXX "YYY".

  • The word Κάρτα instead of Σήμα is used for clarity, and better quality translation. The spell cards are literal paper amulets on which the spells are written. But because the word Φυλαχτό alludes to a glass or metal amulet in the average Greek person's conscience, it's better to describe it as a card.
  • XXX must be a noun in genitive case. For example, Κάρτα Πάγου. Numbers and colors may also be used, as they are used both as adjectives and nouns.
  • YYY, the name of the spell, must be translated depending on the language it's written in. If it's written in Japanese words, AKA kanji or hiragana, then it must be literally translated. For example, Reimu's Musou Fuuin (Fantasy Seal) is written as Σφραγίδα Φαντασίας. If the spell name is written in katakana, meaning it's most likely a word that's foreign to the Japanese reader, then it must be written in English. Marisa's Master Spark is written as is in English.
  • If a spell name uses both Japanese and English words, the first case takes precedence.
  • In general, ZUN names spells based on "a feeling", and thus the English name spells don't necessarily have to make sense. Thus, to avoid this headache, the above guideline is in place.

Character Names

Character names must be written as they are pronounced in Japanese.

  • For example, Flandre is to be written as Φλαντόρου, since it's フランドール (Furandooru) in Japanese. The English pronunciation is considered inaccurate and invalid.
  • Japanese pitch accent is to be taken in account for intonation. Marisa is to be written as Μάρισα. It is a Japanese name, and thus writing it as Μαρίσα, while common among fans, is considered incorrect.
  • There may be exceptions in a case-by-case basis. For example, Hecatia is to be written as Εκάτια, due to its Greek roots, meaning it follows modern Greek pronunciation rules. (The H is silent, similar to Hellas and Helen.)
  • Names of characters from Highly Responsive to Prayers must be rendered in English, exactly as they appear in the original text. This includes Mima for this appearance only.

Song Names

The same rules as Spell Card names apply.

Game Titles

  • When translating the title of the game, you may only translate the Japanese portion of the name.
  • A transliteration of said portion should also be included.
  • You may not edit out the 東方〇〇〇 rendering of the title.
  • The English part of the title should not be translated. This ensures players can easily communicate the game's title with others.
  • For example, EoSD's full title is "Ανατολίτικη Πορφυρή Χώρα του Διαβόλου (Τόχο Κόμακιο) ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil".
  • In the case of a game's title not matching the "東方〇〇〇~ English Name." template, exceptions may be made.


The UI (both in-game and in menus) has a functional purpose, and thus must be translated for ease of use.

  • An exception to this is the names of difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic). These need to remain as is to avoid confusion when fans discuss gameplay.
  • If a font used in the original game has Greek glyphs, then that font must be used. In this case, if some glyphs, such as ς are missing, these may be spliced using a font editor.
  • If a font used in the original game lacks Greek glyphs, then a similar equivalent may be used, unless one is willing to put in the effort to create custom Greek glyphs based on that original font.
  • You may not use a font that doesn't match the style of the original, as that would change the aesthetic of the game significantly.
  • If you make custom edits to a font used in this translation, you may not upload the modified font to the wiki, as that would constitute copyright infringement. You are still allowed to upload images using said font, however.
  • If a piece of text requires ASCII text to be used, then it may be ignored for the purposes of translation, to avoid breaking things. Replacing glyphs from an ASCII font would mean the original glyph would be unusable in cases where both Greek and English text would need to be written using that font, and would make things harder for everyone contributing.

Cultural References

If something like a piece of literature or culture is referenced in the script, prioritize using official translations if possible. E.g. in EoSD, Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" is directly quoted. If such a translation is difficult or impossible to access, you may translate from the original Japanese script.

New Tasklist


  • Transliterate character names of characters from games other than EoSD and PCB. This includes PC98, excluding HRtP characters.
  • Edit other translatable content that is not ASCII based.


  • Translate omake.txt
  • Anything else I may have forgotten


  • Complete all story scripts
  • Edit all menus
  • Pretty much everything else

Old Tasklist

This tasklist was left by the original translator, who has since abandoned their efforts, and is thus considered outdated. Feel free to start your translation from scratch, ignoring what is written below.


  • !Proper Line Breaks!
  • Spellchecking


  • Spellchecking
  • Proper Line Breaks
  • Complete Magic Team
  • Complete Scarlet Team
  • Complete Ghost Team
  • Complete Music Room


  • Proper Line Breaks
  • Spellchecking


  • Complete Sanae
  • Complete Youmu
  • Proper Line Breaks (though it is maybe useless)
  • Spellchecking