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OK, so what if Touhou got to see an English release if ZUN wanted to go commercial or joined Taito and allowed them to release Touhou? It'd be so cool, but nearly impossible in reality. But it's okay to dream! That's why we're bringing you the 90s patch. This is what it'd be like if the first five games were released in the US between 1997-1999 for the DOS, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation. If Taito didn't license Touhou, it'd be Sega (or Capcom or Konami but Sega works best.) Touhou and Sonic - what a team!


So, it's kinda like the 4Kids patch but it's more faithful to the source material (after all, Working Designs handled the development of the English releases.) The Japanese references would get changed to English once in order not to confuse kids. There'd also be a tie-in anime that, like the DiC Sonic cartoons, was never referenced in the games. (OK maybe only Sonic Underground when I mean DiC Sonic cartoons.)


  • Explain the Japanese cultural references
  • Add some Western ones (like anime kids would be familiar with)
  • No cursing
  • No religion (Sariel being an angel is fine. Hell would be changed to Hades)
  • Dialogue and some music titles would be different
  • VOICE ACTING. (Featuring the usual English dub actors at the time, and yes, David Humphrey is in it.)