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Recent changes

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Language variety policy

The translations in the en language code are fully in American English. In order to keep duplication of content to a minimum, all en-ca pages only contain the differences between Canadian English and English (American English). When modifying en-ca, please try to follow Canadian spelling and vocabulary where possible, but don't think too much about it - spelling discrepancies can always be corrected later.

Even though most countries outside America will follow British usage, such as this one with also some Americanisms, this language variety may not fit most of peoples needs outside Canada, the UK, and the US. In case you clearly want to create translations which use spelling or vocabulary from a different variety of English, please use a separate language code for your edits where you put only the differences between American English and your variety. These can then be combined by the end users using the patch stacking feature to form one fully localized translation.

Guidelines & Trivial Examples

  • CanE is mostly a mixture of BrE and AmE, along with unique Canadianisms. CanE mostly follows British usage in spelling, but still contain words that are spelled the American way. CanE also follows American punctuation and very little British vocabulary.
  • Only create translation boxes if there's appear to be a difference in spelling, word usage, grammar, etc.
    • Grammar may be the hardest part to tackle on tracing the differences because even from a Canadian ear, American grammar sounds and follows very clearly.
  • If there's a form of American slang on the English side, use Canadian slang that's equivalent.
  • Adding a hint of informal CanE is okay even though the English side is written formally.

Current status

  • Firstly going thru for spelling differences.