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Toho Project Google Translate Welcome to the portal.
Here you can enjoy the pleasure of experiencing the game of the Toho Project from Shanghai ARIS Vision Joy Company in the form of Japanese to English machine translation.
Since there is automatic translation process so far, there is progress. Please wait for it to finish warmly.
To enhance the amusement factor, please make minor editing and adjustment of the scenario.
--Google Translate Bot

10 appetite.PNG

A scenario

The East Crimson Demon Rural Township ~ Scarlet demonic embodiment

The East Ghostly Ghost Dream ~ The perfect cherry tree

The East Lengthy Evening Extract ~ Nights of everlasting

The East Flower Sculpture Mound ~ Illusion of cherry-blossom view

The East Sentence Flower Book ~ Ammunition Shoot

The East Wind God Recording ~ A mountain of religious belief

The East The Center Palace ~ Basement Belief spirit belief

The East Stellar Ship ~ An undefined fantasy object

Fairy Large War ~ Middle Eastern March

Dub le Spoiler ~ The East Sentence Flower Book

The East Hoorism The Temple ~ 10 appetite

The East Luminary Castle ~ Two-fold letter

The East Deep secretary ~ Rim Bo's urban legend

The East Odoru Navigation ~ The heritage of a fanatic kingdom

Soon come

  • Tohoshin mind-bowl - Hopeless costume
  • The east ha ha ha ha - General flower refutation
  • The east sky akira - Pocketed Four Seasons of Star

According to keikaku

  • East Extract Dream miss you - Unimportant Electric Power
  • Oriental fantasy days - Charlchtrott Powder Rasposi
  • The east Nonimpetitive rule - Follow the mystery of super-class Ginyor