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Walcum tae the Scots portal on thpatch, Heer, ye can find gemm progress, spellin conventions an recent activitie. Pan-dialek spellins at can be raed in onie dialek is uised heer, The'r nae ee-dialek spellins excep for mebbe twa-three instances. In-gemm text is for ordinar translaetit frae the English & Simple English translaets.


Icon th06.png TH06 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

  • Main stories, endins, Extras, stage tiytls & sangs is duin.
  • Images is bean wrocht on

Icon th07.png TH07 Perfect Cherry Blossom

  • Reimu's & Marisa's main scenarios is duin.
  • Sakuya's main storie & au the endins is bean wrocht on

Spellin conventions uised

On the hael, the spellin conventions uised is gey lik the aens uised on Scots-Online wi a puckle differs. Hepburn romanisaetion is uised for Japanese wirds & naems. For dialek pronunsiaetions, see the Scots-Online page an the DSL page on pronunsiaetions:

  • UY is uised for the vowel in wirds lik juyn (eng. join), puynt (eng. point), etc. Soondit /əi/ in maist dialeks, /ɔɪ/ in sum ither aens.
  • IY is uised for the vowel in wirds lik liyk (like), hiyd (hide), jiyl (jyle), giyd (guide), chiynj (chynge), miynd (mynd), biy (eng. buy), tiy (eng. tie), fiyv (5), fiyr (fire), etc. For ordinar soondit /əi/ whan short, /aɪ/ whan lang.
  • Present participle endins is spelt -an (still sayed different frae the verbal noun endin in sum dialeks)
  • J is uised for /dʒ/ in sum wirds lik chiynj, jerm (germ), jin (gin, the drink), etc.
  • AE is uised insteid o A-E in wirds lik haem, hael, baet, taen, aen (1), baen, caer, etc; but stage, page, etc. For ordinar soondit /e/. The AEN cluster is soondit /in/ in sum dialeks
  • AU is uised insteid o AW/AA in wirds lik au (aw/aa, awe), snau, bau, aufu (awfu/aafu), lau, drau, etc. Can be soondit /a(ː)/, /ɑ(ː)/ or /o̜(ː)/
  • -AK is uised insteid o -ACT in wirds lik akwal (actual), fak (fact), sek (sect), etc.
  • EI is uised for the vowel at can be soondit /i/ or /e/ in au wirds lik heid, deid, eit (eat), seit (seat), meit (meat), breid, mein (mean), bein (bean), etc.
  • U is uised for Aitken vowel 19 auwey in wirds lik muckle, buckle, cuttit, cuttan, dug, etc.
  • UE is uised for wirds wi /ju/ at isna soondit /jʌu/ in the north eist o Scotland, lik hueman (human), menue (menu), illuesion (illusion), etc.