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Recent changes

20 August 2022

    09:00Th08/Boundary Team's Scenario/tl ‎(4 changes; hist; -19) ‎    ‎[StarterBox12‎×4]

19 August 2022

    18:56Th08/Boundary Team's Scenario/tl ‎(76 changes; hist; +2,355) ‎    ‎[StarterBox12‎×76]

29 July 2022

    04:17Th06/Marisa's Scenario/tl ‎(62 changes; hist; +148) ‎    ‎[Ka Takane‎×62]

28 July 2022

    16:13Th06/Reimu's Scenario/tl ‎(47 changes; hist; +37) ‎    ‎[Ka Takane‎×47]
    16:09Th06/Marisa's Scenario/tl ‎(5 changes; hist; +12) ‎    ‎[Ka Takane‎×5]
     16:00Th06/Images/tl ‎(diff; hist; -1) ‎    ‎Ka TakaneShow user links (keep it consistent with the translation in scenarios)

Tagalog Translation Guidelines

  • If you are interested in translating any Touhou games into Tagalog, make sure you post your finished translation here.
  • And if you have a request for a certain translation of a game that is not on the list, feel free to inform me here.
  • Feel free to change or correct any of the current Tagalog translations.

List of Current Tagalog Translations

Icon th06.png Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Icon th08.png Imperishable Night

Akyuu Headphones.png Music titles Incomplete!