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This started out as both a commentary joke on tumblr ( http://drunkaya.tumblr.com/post/51727214436 ) as well an unrelated argument over some RL friends over translations and language limitations. This escalated to "you know, I'll do this." This is mostly because Drunk_Aya actually has some rudimentary knowledge of the construction of the Klingon language due to significant past experience from roleplaying in it years ago.

This translation is intended to give direct cultural differences between the Japanese language (which can be indirect often) and the Klingon language (which is extremely direct). This translation is also intended to assist in other translation projects as the completely different mindset would likely give other writers ideas to word something. Please note that this translation is intended to be shown to the kli.org's twentieth meeting conference (qep'a' cha'maHDIch) for review.

I do not mind others editing here (and if for some reason you know Klingon), and although this is quite hilarious, this being done in manner of scholarly purposes.

Neologisms used for this project

For those that have a preference to "canon" words and phrases, this list is intended to keep track of words who have been created due to the specific nature of this work. When possible, they are simply transliterated, such as Youkai ( ygh'qay) or compounded "mermaid" (ghot ghoti' or person fish). No actual "new" words are being created.

  • ygh'qay - Youkai - transliteration -
  • ghot ghoti' - Mermaid - compound - (person)(fish)
  • nuH nIt - Ordinary Weapon - compound - (weapon)(plain)
  • Devlu' - Guided, Hoaming - compound - (guide)
  • pu' - Laser, phaser - repurposed - (phaser), I would expect from the mindset of a Klingon that if he/she were to see the girl shoot out "lasers," that is what the warrior sees.