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5 October 2023

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o kama pona! ni li pali pi toki ante pi musi "Touhou Project" tawa toki pona.

sina ken pana e pona!

Welcome! This is a project to translate Touhou into Toki Pona.

You can help!

lawa (Guidelines)

[toki pona]

1. nimi ni li ken lon: nimi pu, en nimi ku suli, en "pake", en "powe", en "apeja", en "majuna". nimi ku lili ante li pona lon kepeken lili.

2. nimi jan o kepeken nasin pu pi ante toki en nasin lon lipu ni. o awen e nasin nimi tan toki Nijon tan ni: nasin nimi li lon ala toki pona.


1. Use only the following: The 120 "nimi pu", the 13 "nimi ku suli", and the words "pake", "powe", "apeja" and "majuna". Other "nimi ku lili" are okay when used sparingly.

2. Names of characters use the transliteration guidelines established in pu, as well as those on this page. Keep the order of names since Toki Pona does not have a set order.


Th07 translations are currently being worked on by 2x35 and jan Oka. If you'd like to join us in our efforts while maintaining a dialogue, DM zorbyte#4500 on Discord and ask to be added to the translations group chat.

As part of our efforts and desire for consistency in the game's translations, here are some rules we are mandating for Th07 translations:

You should opt to translating nouns to sentences (e.g. the name of the game which is "musi Tojo la ijo lawa lape li monsuta kon pi kama suno ~ kasi loje la ale ona li pona").

This practice is acceptable and more correct than using a standalone compound in Toki Pona, since an English sentence is not synonymous to a Toki Pona sentence. Sentences in TP, due to the nature of the language are more versatile and can be used in more places than one would consider appropriate in English.

This decision was made as a result of various recommendations given by the folks at the ma pona pi toki pona Discord server, the de facto hub for the Toki Pona community.