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12 June 2019

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10 May 2019

N   02:36Th17/Spell cards/zh-hans ‎(18 changes; hist; +1,596) ‎    ‎[Yanstime‎×18]
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8 May 2019

 N   09:48Th17/Images/zh-hans ‎(diff; hist; +4,085) ‎    ‎YanstimeShow user links (Created page with "東方Project<br /> 17th Project Shrine Maiden<br /> <br /> 本游戏纯属虚构,登场的人物、团体等均已进入幻想。<br /> <br /> Presented by<br /> 上海ア...")

23 April 2019

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8 April 2019

N   06:55Th143/Dialog/zh-hans ‎(58 changes; hist; +5,809) ‎    ‎[Yanstime‎×58]
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29 March 2019

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About the work

I, Lucsiro Touka (User:lcd.h) am currently adding existing translations into this wiki.

As the data in the simplified chinese touhou wiki are directly copied from the public translation data, which was originally stored in forums, pure text files, etc, contained lots of grammar mistakes, and the wiki editors did not do any correction (not to mention the imcompletion), I will not do a copy & paste work. I will type in word by word instead, in the progress of which take correcting and polishing work.

To possible future volunteers: I've completed things listed in the Archived progress part and my enthusiasm was burnt down once again, and I decided to give up for now. Please make sure you are not just doing a copy & paste work from Comicfishing, THP, Nyasama, Touhou tieba or anywhere as they are usually containing mistakes like I said in the last paragraph.

Gratitude to the translators

I AM NOT the original translator and below are their names, let me give my most sincere gratitude to them:

Icon th06.png Touhou 006 東方紅魔郷: KIDZX, 白い流星, ice, 光鳞
Icon th07.png Touhou 007 東方妖々夢: 白い流星, KIDZX, ice, 光鳞, Cute.Cynthia, 红魔馆の红茶
Icon th075.png Touhou 075 東方萃夢想: 光鳞, KIDZX, humanxx, tresl84
Icon th08.png Touhou 008 東方永夜抄: KIDZX, 白い流星, ice, 无忧子, 光鳞, 千日缘
Icon th09.png Touhou 009 東方花映塚: 光鳞, 虚构の偶像, mazhen8u8, 夢想天生, 神之七弦琴, akarimk2, Cute.Cynthia, ecthel_z, 无忧子, 白い流星, KIDZX, 蓝蓝路
Icon th095.png Touhou 095 東方文花帖: 白井功名, humanxx
Icon th10.png Touhou 010 東方風神録: humanxx, 芙兰朵露·恋
Icon th11.png Touhou 011 東方地霊殿: 格里菲因, asdfghj135, chc5672123, 芙兰朵露·恋, humanxx
Icon th12.png Touhou 012 東方星蓮船: 白い流星, makoto02, humanxx, ecthel, polaris, PPQ33
Icon th125.png Touhou 125 Double Spoiler ~ 東方文花帖: Moloch, AKQ, 白い流星
Icon th128.png Touhou 128 妖精大戦争 ~ 東方三月精: 冰结, Shoebill_stock
Icon th13.png Touhou 013 東方神霊廟: makoto02, 芙兰朵露·恋, chc5672123, 复活的孔子
Icon th14.png Touhou 014 東方辉針城: makoto02, innelysion

Archived progress

Items listed here are finished ones.

Commons-emblem-doc.svg Generic: Character names
Commons-emblem-doc.svg Generic: Hardcoded strings
Icon th06.png Touhou 006 : Stage titles / Main story(All) / Extra Story(All) / Spell Cards
Icon th07.png Touhou 007 : Stage titles / Main story(All) / Extra & Phantasm Story(All) / Spell Cards
Icon th08.png Touhou 008 :
Main story: Boundary team's, Magic team's, Scarlet team's
Extra story: Boundary team's, Magic team's, Scarlet team's