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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

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For your convenience, this wiki is now offering pre-packaged English patches based entirely on thcrap.
Please follow the instructions below.

NOTE: This method is NOT the recommended method for using thcrap, ESPECIALLY if you have more than one Touhou game.

It is recommended that you install thcrap following the instructions on the Download page so you can prevent duplication of content and have a central application to manage your patches for all your Touhou games.

Packages (lang_en based)

Mediafire Folder

(Package dates: 2018-05-03)


Each package contains a folder called "thcrap" and a launcher called "thxx (thpatch-en).exe".

1. Download the package.
2. Extract the folder and launcher into the directory of its respective game, where the original exe for the game lies.
3. Launch the game with thxx (thpatch-en).exe.


These standalone packages are entirely based on thcrap and all it's features.
They are self-updating, which means that every time you launch the game, they connect to the internet to check if new translatable content is available for download.
This is useful, because translated content from thpatch is never final and always due to changes and improvements.


It has come to our attention, that the self-updating nature of thcrap has lead to English static patches of the Touhou games becoming a thing of the past.
Though thcrap comes with a great set of features, including but not limiting to self-updating and patch stacking, some select users take issue with a few things about thcrap:

  1. Usability: thcrap_configure.exe sadly is not the most intuitive front end to use. This is one major point we aim to fix with the GUI. But until we have a working prototype, we just have to live with that scary black console window.
  2. Portability: In its current form, thcrap is like a patch central on your hard drive that creates shortcuts with absolute file paths to the respective games.
    Though this provides a central location to manage your patches, this comes with the issue that, if for example you wanted to take the patched game along with you on a USB-stick and show it to a friend, you will have to rerun thcrap-configure to generate the new shortcuts, or in the worst case, download all translated assets all over again.

Therefore, we are now offering easy to use, pre-packaged and pre-configured standalone patches for all supported English translated games.
These standalone packages are entirely based on thcrap and thus, self-updating, meaning that these packages are not static.

Please take note that this is not the recommended way to use thcrap.
These patches are only meant to fulfill the demand for people who want nothing more than to play the games in English and can do without any additional features or patches.