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8Gensokyo in the summer.

The sun had finally come back from its vacation, wiping away all of the mist in the air.

Thus, it shamelessly brought the Scarlet Devil Mansion and its few windows to light...

15<tl$Sakuya:> "Ah, sheesh. It's so hot, and there's so much work... <l$> It's a shame that the mist is gone."

18<tl$Sakuya:> "Ah, it's almost snack time... <l$> Well, I can prepare it immediately if I stop time."

22<tl$???:> "You done yet?"

25<tl$Sakuya:> "Yes, mistress, I'll be right there."

28<tl$Sakuya:> "Sorry to keep you waiting."

31<tl$Marisa:> "Thanks."

34<tl$Sakuya:> "Today, we've got a rare tea from the Kandy region."

(キャンディー is most likely "Kandy" rather than "candy" in this context.)

37<tl$Marisa:> "Way too red for my tastes."

40<tl$Sakuya:> "Not only that, the cake has some rare ingredients, too."

43<tl$Marisa:> "...What'd ya put in there? (^^;"

46<tl$Sakuya:> "Bamboo flowers, and such."

49<tl$Sakuya:> "They normally take 60 years to bloom, <l$> but I can get them right away with some time manipulation."

53<tl$Marisa:> "Does that make it any tastier?"

56<tl$Sakuya:> "Makes it rare."

60<tl$Remilia:> "Hey, what's with you acting as if you own the place? <l$> And why are you eating my snack?!"

64<tl$Marisa:> "'Cause it's yours."

67<tl$Sakuya:> "Ah, I prepared some for you too, mistress."

70<tl$Remilia:> "What's on the menu today?"

73<tl$Sakuya:> "A rarity."

76<tl$Remilia:> "Yay, it's my favorite!"

79<tl$Marisa:> "Well, ain't you a picky eater. (sweat)"

82<tl$Marisa:> "...Anyway, it sure is hot out today, huh?"

85<tl$Remilia:> "Oh, look who's talking. The mist made it cooler, <l$> but you made me get rid of it!"

89<tl$Marisa:> "...Felt like a good idea back then."

92Today, too, the summer-colored fantasy brought time to a peaceful halt. One can only wonder if its flow will ever resume.


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8Gensokyo in the summer.

The sun had finally come back from its vacation, wiping away all of the mist in the air.

Thus, it shamelessly brought the Scarlet Devil Mansion and its few windows to light...

15<tl$Marisa:> "..."

17<tl$Marisa:> "....."

19<tl$Marisa:> "Hmm..."

21<tl$Marisa:> "...Well, this might be pretty interestin'. <l$> I don't get a lot of it, though, 'cause it's in Esperanto."

25<tl$???:> "What, you're here again?"

28<tl$Marisa:> "I ain't."

32<tl$Sakuya:> "Don't come in here to read without permission. <l$> That counts as trespassing."

36<tl$Marisa:> "I come here all the time, so why don't you just <l$> go ahead and serve me some gross tea?"

40<tl$Sakuya:> "We only have good tea, I'm afraid."

43<tl$Marisa:> "And besides, books are meant to be read, right?"

46<tl$Sakuya:> "Can you even read this one?"

49<tl$???:> "Heeey, Sakuya? Where are you?"

52<tl$Sakuya:> "Ah, the mistress is calling. <l$> Hide here for a moment."

56<tl$Sakuya:> "I'm right here, mistress!"

60<tl$Remilia:> "Oh, there you are. Are you cleaning?"

63<tl$Sakuya:> "Err, yes. Quite diligently."

66<tl$Remilia:> "I'm going out for a bit. Please take care of the mansion while I'm gone."

69<tl$Sakuya:> "Make sure to take your parasol with you. <l$> It's really sunny today."

73<tl$Remilia:> "Of course. I'd be risking my life otherwise."

76<tl$Remilia:> "That aside, the library really smells of rats."

79<tl$Sakuya:> "Ah, don't worry about that.

<l$> Certainly, it might smell like dead rats,

<l$> but I assure you there are no dead rats here."

84<tl$Remilia:> "Well, clean it up either way. Bye."

87<tl$Sakuya:> "Take care, mistress."

90<tl$Sakuya:> "Now then, there's a live rat to take care of."

93<tl$Marisa:> "Who exactly?"

96This fantastic mansion seemingly stayed the same. And yet, the summer breeze carried some changes with it...


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Bad Ending No. 2 (Marisa)

8Inside the gloomy forest. A forest to which the sun had not yet returned.

12<tl$Marisa:> "Dammit, talk about frustratin'... <l$> It's really not like me to lose to such a small fry..."

15<tl$Marisa:> "Man, I really wanted to try saying something like that."

18A dark summer. It seems like these sunless days will continue on for a while.

21  BAD ENDING No.2   Try to clear the game without continues on Normal or higher!

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