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This page is a translated version of a page Th07/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Translations are from the Touhou wiki's "Perfect Cherry Blossom/Music" page.

Music titles translation
No. 1 Ghostly Dream ~ Snow or Cherry Petal


This is the title screen theme. The title theme, strongly influenced from the previous one, all in a Japanese style. This song completely removes any hint of the "upcoming storm of danmaku!" Frankly, I think this song isn't necessary, but it's also

meant to restrain the player's excitement for danmaku. (laugh)

No. 2 Paradise ~ Deep Mountain


This is the Stage 1 theme. As the title implies (for nothing at all to be there), this theme was composed with an image of nature that has yet to be discovered by humans. However, I personally didn't want it to be healing music, oddly enough, so

I made it somewhat rhythmical. But, it doesn't feel invigorating at all. (^^;

No. 3 Crystallized Silver


This is Letty Whiterock's theme. A goal of my music is to subtly blend Japanese and Western elements together (applies to the other songs too). This one's short because it's the theme for the Stage 1 boss, but I managed to express my image of the realm in this theme.

While the song is direct, it's a strange one that doesn't fit into any music genre.

No. 4 The Fantastic Tales from Tōno


This is the Stage 2 theme. This song is a weird one. Yes. My original intent with this was to make it highly folkish, but since it's too calm, it ended up half-folkish. I composed this with the image of Tōno village in mind. The melody is a bit nostalgic and makes you imagine that there used to be

old villages like this in Japan, too.

No. 5 Diāo Yè Zōng (withered leaf)


This is Chen's theme. I composed this title with the image of an energetic youkai girl in mind. This song is based purely on improvisation, because I found that if I think too much while composing the music tends to end up strange. Well, with the help of

more than a little booze... All in all, this is an honest song (^^;

No. 6 The Doll Maker of București


This is the Stage 3 theme. This makes you wonder if you're near the end of the game. This is because the demo was released very early and I had to finish it so it'd be ready in time. Due to that, I put the first pivotal moment in Stage 3. The mood's more serious than usual, too. However, that means it's similar to my older tunes. It might be just me,

but this song gives a nostalgic feeling.

No. 7 Doll Judgment ~ The Girl Who Played with People's Shapes


This is Alice Margatroid's theme. Alice is kind of a special character in this series, so I composed the theme with renewed vigor (not that I was lazy with the other songs). This theme's goal is to show that the characters' peace of mind despite the intensity of the fight. This peace of mind shows their virtue in my opinion... (the virtue is) not the

gothic-lolita costumes, I swear. (laugh)

No. 8 The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky


This is the Stage 4 theme. The style's more Chinese than Japanese. A wonderful place above the clouds. As the true beginning of this game, Stage 4 is far longer than the others. There's never been such a stratospheric (it's not that high) intrusion with violent yet sorrowful music, has there? While I composed it with "Journey

to the West" in mind, it doesn't resemble that.

No. 9 Phantom Band ~ Phantom Ensemble


This is the three Prismriver Sisters' theme. I tried to make this theme sound like it was being performed brightly and joyfully. A performance by happy-go-lucky sisters who love festivals and anything noisy. At the climax, each of them play their violin, trumpet, and keyboard as

they please. A veritable hodgepodge.

No. 10 Eastern Ghostly Dream ~ Ancient Temple


This is the Stage 5 theme. This theme expresses the nostalgia that's deep within every Japanese and the frantic feeling that arises when someone's approaching. The sounds of far-off Shinto flutes and bells conjure up images of the Netherworld.

Or maybe it's just me?

No. 11 Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?


This is Youmu Konpaku's theme. I tried to express both "A Tough Opponent" and "Childishness" with this theme. Perhaps this is the most boss-like theme in this game. While it uses guitars, I gave up trying to make it sound like rock music almost

immediately (laugh). The hook's melody resembles the youkai.

No. 12 Ultimate Truth


This is the Final Stage theme. The Final Stage is all about the final boss, so the mid-stage is only a token effort. Because of that, this song's rather short, but it's also refreshing and pleasant (maybe). The stage has visual imagery of flying over a sea of cherry blossoms;

I hope this song will give you the same impression.

No. 13 Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life


This is Yuyuko Saigyouji's theme. I gave this theme an oriental and melodious feeling while making it the "final" song. Having said that, the style of music is my usual fare. (laugh) Vehement yet elegant, powerful but ephemeral; I thought I'd make this theme

quite emotional.

No. 14 Border of Life


This is the ??? theme. An arranged version of Yuyuko's theme. I put more emphasis on the mysterious atmosphere in this one.

However, the melody itself is so harsh that it's almost tiresome. (laugh)

No. 15 Spiritual Domination


This is the Extra Stage theme. A high-paced theme (?) that's unusual for Touhou. It's obvious from the stage that the tempo and feel are the keys to this song. The tone turns around about 112 degrees in the middle of the song,

which is where Extra really starts. (laugh)

No. 16 A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy


This is Ran Yakumo's theme. I composed it to be more dazzling than fantastic. Hopefully, you'll get the sense of the energetic youkai from the song. In my opinion, when there's a long fight in a shooting game, the music should

repeat and sustain its tempo. That is, it ought to be like this theme.

No. 17 Spiritual Domination ~ Who done it!


This is the ??? theme. Another version of "Youkai Domination."

It's not that different to the original though...

No. 18 Necrofantasia


This is Yukari Yakumo's theme. Meant to be an arranged version of Ran's theme, it ended up quite different. This one has an ominous feeling. Or rather, she's the very embodiment of ominous. Even compared with the past characters, she has a devious appearance, a dubious character, and thoughtless danmaku.

The theme's just like her: devious. (laugh)

No. 19 Dream of a Spring Breeze


This is the ending theme. ...It's just, it feels kind of dark.

It's supposed to represent a peaceful, everyday life, I swear.

No. 20 Sakura, Sakura ~ Japanize Dream...


This is the credits theme. The imagery is based on the familiar song "Sakura, Sakura."

I think this song is kind of refreshing.

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