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This page is a translated version of a page Th07/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Music titles translation
No. 1 Ghost Ghost Dream ~ Snow or Cherry Petal


Title screen theme. While dragging the image of the previous song title song, Japanese style with Japanese style. This song, "Storm of barrage from now on!" Will completely shave off the atmosphere. Honestly, it is a song that seems to be good even if there is nothing,

It plays a role of soothes the rising barrage soul here (laugh)

No. 2 Unrestricted land ~ Deep Mountain


It is the 1st theme. Image name (There is nothing to be there) Street, untouched nature imagined I have it. But there it is, it personally oddly healing system I do not want to do it, so I finished it with lightness of a gentle degree.

However, there is no freshness (^ ^;

No. 3 Crystallized Silver


It is the theme of Letty · White Rock. (Not limited to this song) My songs are aiming for Japanese and Western creatures that are not blatant It is a very short song because it is a 1 boss, but as an entrance to this world view I tried to express it as I thought. Although it is a straight song, it is a mysterious thing that can not be applied to any genre

It is a song.

No. 4 Far from the wild fantasy story


It is the 2nd aspect theme. This is a strange song. Yes. Ethnic color It was planned to create a song that is high, but it was too calm and halfway Ethnic style. As the name of the song, I am imaging the Tono Towns. In the past, there was such a place in Japan, a retro melody to the extent

I intended to try it.

No. 5 Tea Aioestion (withered leaf)


It is the theme of Orange (Chen). I composed it with an image of a healthy yokai girl. Ad lib without any hesitation It is a song composed in a song. If you twist around it, it is amusing too much Because I knew it was good (sweat), try making it with a melody that was played improvised It was. I already loved a lot of sake ...

This is an obvious song to me by this (^ ^;

No. 6 Bucharest doll maker


It is the 3rd theme. Suddenly it is already the end? It is a song that feels like. Actually, since I will announce the trial version earlier this time, because I will not make it a half-hearted trial version I decided to bring the first milestone of the game to three sides. So, I tried a somewhat serious song. Although it is good, in fact, it is my oldest sort of my song. Therefore, maybe I feel like that

I will only be able to remember nostalgia.

No. 7 Doll Judgment ~ A girl who plays a person's shape


It is the theme of Alice Margatroid. Since Alice is a series of special characters, I put it in a mix and composed (In other words, it seems that other songs are getting out of hand) Even among the feeling of battle deadlocks, the songs that can afford each other a margin in their hearts I aim for it. The margin of this mind is their virtue.

... (virtue is not) gothic lolly (lol)

No. 8 City of the sky of flowers


It is a 4 theme theme. Chinese style rather than Japanese style. It is extreme and wonderful clouds. From the 4th side, it is finally the beginning of a real dream come true, only 4 sides It has become an overwhelmingly long stage. Once in the stratosphere with such a hard song that is not so high I wonder if there was a rush.

I am composing it by image of the West Journey. It does not matter at all.

No. 9 Ghost band - Phantom Ensemble


It is the theme of three prismatic river sisters. Anyway, I'm going to create songs that are bright and fun to play. Performance which we leave to the momentum of Noh weather three sisters who love festivals and noises I am going. Sabi is a violin, trumpet, keyboard and three people,

I am thinking, but I am playing with myself. Okonomi

No. 10 The East demon demon dream ~ Ancient Temple


It is a 5 theme theme. Nostalgia rooted in the utmost of Japanese people and someone who is just one size are approaching I tried to give you a feeling of frustration. Sounds like shoes and sounds of bells that can be heard far, somehow image of the future

To do. Just me?

No. 11 Widespread shooting bird thing ~ Till When?


It is the theme of Soukyu Youmu. I've tried expressing the strong enemy + childhood with songs. It might be the most bossish song. While using guitar, you are giving up rock, ha ha (laugh)

This chorus melody is reminiscent of youkai.

No. 12 Ultimate Truth


It is the theme of the final side. The final side is just a link to center the boss. Although songs are also short songs that are easy to play, it is a relatively fresh and pleasant song (maybe) The stage assumes an image that runs through the cherry blossoms at high speed.

I did, but did the song feel like that?

No. 13 Bloom gently, cherry blossoms of Sumizome ~ Border of Life


It is the theme of Saijiyuji Yuko (Saizo Shouji Yuyuko) theme. Anyway, I aimed for a song like Oriental style melodic last song. Saying something or something, no matter how you listen it is the usual song (lol)

Wonderfully elegant, vibrantly fragile, I wonder if it has become a song that can be sensed variously

No. 14 Border of life


Is it? Is it? Is it? The theme. It is another version of Yuiko's theme. A slightly mysterious atmosphere is emphasized.

The song itself is hard enough to be exhausted (lol)

No. 15 Madmen


It is the theme of the extra stage. It is a rare song with a strong running feeling to the east (??). I can understand by looking at the stage, but tempo and nori become important images It is. The melody will be transformed by 112 degrees on the way, but from there it will start the extra

Please think that it is dirty (laugh)

No. 16 Necro-Fantasy


It is the theme of Yakumo Ai (Yakumo Ran). I composed it with a dazzling image rather than an illusion. From the song itself, I wish I could feel a living good youkai. Where it will be a long-term battle with shooting, there are many repetitions and constant tones

I think that the child is a good feeling, so to such a song.

No. 17 YouTube Rampancy ~ Who done it!


Is it? Is it? Is it? The theme. It is a back version of a mystery..

Although the song has hardly changed, ...

No. 18 Necrofantasia


It is the theme of Yakumo purple (Yukari Yukari). I intended to arrange the indige theme, but to a different song and a different one. This person has a bit of mixed feelings. Or, the character itself seems to be a mass of disaster. Up to now Among the scenes, a stingy appearance, unreliable personality, insane barrage.

It is such a song 's song, it is very distracting (lol)

No. 19 Dream of the spring breeze


It is the ending theme. ... So it's dark. In the case of

It's peaceful everyday

No. 20 Sakura Sakura ~ Japanize Dream ...


It is the theme of staff roll. It is a song that imagined a nursery rhyme "Sakura Sakura".

It is a song that is clearer and clearer.

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