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This page is a translated version of the page Th07/Reimu's Endings and the translation is 100% complete.

Credits: TouhouWiki, S" (Simon Elén)

Good Ending No. 4 (Reimu-A)

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg end00.end.jdiff

8  This is the Hakurei Shrine, located at the edge of Gensokyo.

  Upon her returning, the shrine's maiden began to prepare for a

  flower viewing feast as though nothing had happened.

13  Indeed, the cherry trees in the backyard had fully blossomed   as though nothing were out of the ordinary.

18<c$Reimu:$12345678> "It really feels as though nothing had happened."

22<c$Marisa:$12345678> "Eh? <c$$12345678"> Was something going on?"

26<c$Reimu:$12345678> "You should get out more. While you were at home, <c$$12345678"> I was met with quite a bit of trouble.

30<c$$12345678"> Oh forget it."

33<c$Marisa:$12345678> "Hmm, is that so?"

37<c$Yuyuko:$12345678> "Not really. <c$$12345678"> Stuff like that is normal."

41<c$Reimu:$12345678> "Being a ghost, didn't you have any trouble getting here?"

44<c$Yuyuko:$12345678> "Not really, shrines do nothing to repel us. <c$$12345678"> Temples or churches are a different story..."

48<c$Youmu:$12345678> "Spring has come at long last. This isn't <c$$12345678"> the mistress' garden, so I won't have to clean it."

52<c$Reimu:$12345678> "Cleaning is your job, gardener. You can't refuse."

55<c$????:$12345678> "Ah, it's happening, it's happening."

59<c$Sakuya:$12345678> "Shouldn't we be visiting at night, mistress?"

62<c$Remilia:$12345678> "We won't see the cherries as clearly in the dark."

65<c$Reimu:$12345678> "Ah, yet another person to fill the role."

68<c$Sakuya:$12345678> "What role? Anyway, I brought drinks and sweets."

71<c$Reimu:$12345678> "What role but... *points at Youmu* Yours?"

74<c$Youmu:$12345678> "Eh..."

77<c$Yuyuko:$12345678> "Hey, compared to my expansive garden,

<c$$12345678"> this tiny patch, the size of a cat's forehead,

<c$$12345678"> shouldn't take much effort, right?"

81<c$Youmu:$12345678> "You're so mean, mistress..."

84<c$Reimu:$12345678> "And what do you mean by cat's forehead?"

87<c$Remilia:$12345678> "Ratsbane, eh."

90<c$Marisa:$12345678> "... Is it safe to eat this cake?"

93  In the end, the Saigyou Ayakashi blossomed, but not fully.

  The seal on it didn't break, so as always, everyone was

  greeted by the arrival of spring.

97  Gensokyo had already forgotten about the events of winter.   Such is the power of cherry blossoms.

101  Ending No. 4

Good Ending No. 5 (Reimu-B)

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg end01.end.jdiff

8  This is the Hakurei Shrine, located at the edge of Gensokyo.

  In the end, the Saigyou Ayakashi blossomed, but not fully.   The seal on it didn't break, so as always, everyone was

  greeted by the arrival of spring.

13  Upon her return, the shrine's maiden went   to check on the backyard.

17  No sign of the long winter was to be found.

21<c$Reimu:$12345678> "Wow, the snow sure melted quickly."

23<c$Reimu:$12345678> "Maybe I should tidy up the garden a little."

25<c$Reimu:$12345678> "... hmm, isn't this a little too warm for spring?"

28<c$????:$12345678> "That's because an entire winter's worth of spring <c$$12345678"> was released all at once."

31<c$Reimu:$12345678> "Was that supposed to make sense?"

35<c$Yuyuko:$12345678> "By the way, this garden is pathetic."

38<c$Reimu:$12345678> "Shut up, this is what a shrine should be like."

41<c$Youmu:$12345678> "If the Saigyouji garden was this tiny, I'd have it easy..."

44<c$Yuyuko:$12345678> "I'd go mad if I had to live in such a lowly place."

47<c$Reimu:$12345678> "Why did you come here, anyway?"

50<c$Yuyuko:$12345678> "Until the barrier between this world and the Netherworld <c$$12345678"> is repaired, there's a fine line between here and there."

53<c$Youmu:$12345678> "So we came to enjoy ourselves for a bit."

56<c$Reimu:$12345678> "Please fix the border as soon as possible, <c$$12345678"> it's dangerous."

59<c$Youmu:$12345678> "You're the one who tore it open."

63<c$Youmu:$12345678> "Speaking of barriers, the one here is incredibly strong..."

66<c$Reimu:$12345678> "That's what prevents people from coming and going as <c$$12345678"> they please. Don't get too close, it's dangerous for you."

70<c$Reimu:$12345678> "Or rather, I should say that the Netherworld's barrier <c$$12345678"> ought to be this strong."

73<c$Yuyuko:$12345678> "I don't think even SHE can form such a strong barrier."

76<c$Reimu:$12345678> "She? Who is 'she'?"

79<c$Yuyuko:$12345678> "The one I asked to affect repairs <c$$12345678"> to the Netherworld's barrier."

82<c$Reimu:$12345678> "Hey, if it's fixed while you're here, <c$$12345678"> would you be able to return home?"

85<c$Youmu:$12345678> "That won't be a problem, we can fly over it."

88<c$Reimu:$12345678> "... What a worthless barrier."

91  There are many borders in Gensokyo. Most of them, however,

  are too vague to work properly. Perhaps the only one

  that actually works is the one at the Hakurei Shrine.

95  Ending No. 5

Bad Ending No. 1 (Reimu)

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg end00b.end.jdiff

8    The Hakurei Shrine, covered in the white of snow.

11    Fleeing from the Netherworld, Reimu barely escaped

    with her life. All traces of the spring she had managed

    to gather were lost in the process.

15    Even so, the Saigyou Ayakashi didn't blossom,     and nothing remarkable happened.

19  <c$Reimu:$12345678> "Grr...

  <c$$12345678"> Ghosts are living in the warmth of our spring, and

  <c$$12345678"> we're still stuck in this cold."

23  <c$Reimu:$12345678> "It's kinda irritating.   <c$$12345678"> No, it's REALLY irritating."

27    The cherry trees in the shrine's backyard found it

    impossible to blossom buried under all the snow.

    The dismal sight upset Reimu more than ever.

30    Bad Ending No. 1     Try clearing the game without continues next time!