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This page is a translated version of the page Th07/Reimu's Endings and the translation is 97% complete.

Good Ending No. 4 (Reimu-A)

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8This is Hakurei Shrine, a shrine on the border of Fantasyland.

When the miko returned to her familiar home, she began to

prepare for the cherry blossom viewing as if nothing had happened.

13Yes, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom behind the shrine as if nothing had happened.

18Reimu: "In this way, it's as if nothing really happened."

22Marisa. What's going on?"

26Reimu: "You should get out of the house once in a while, it's been hard for a while.

30I've forgotten a lot about it.

33Marisa: "Oh, is that so?"

37Yuyuko: "Not really. It's rather normal."

41Reimu: "Is it safe for a ghost to be here?"

44Yuyuko: "Not that there's anything wrong with shrines, and temples and churches might give you some trouble, but..."

48Youmu: "It's springtime, and if it's not Yuyuko-sama's garden, I won't have to clean it up."

52Reimu: "Tidying up is your role as a gardener. Absolutely."

55???? "Oh, I'm trying, I'm trying."

59Sakuya - "Young lady, wouldn't you have preferred the night cherry blossoms?"

62Remilia: "You can't see well in the dark.

65Reimu: "Oh, another candidate for that role just showed up."

68Sakuya - What's your role? Anyway, I've brought you some drinks and something sweet."

71Reimu - "After all, (pointing to Youmu) it's your role."

74Youmu: "Eh."

77Yuyuko said, "Well, compared to our large garden, a garden the size of a cat's forehead is hardly worth the trouble, is it?"

81Youmu: "Yuyuko-sama, don't kill me~"

84Reimu: "What's as small as a cat's forehead?"

87Remilia: "No cats needed."

90Marisa, " that cake okay?"

93In the end, the Saiyuki Youkai bloomed, but it never reached full bloom. The seal was never broken, and spring came as usual.

97It was as if the fantasy land had already forgotten about the winter. That's how powerful cherry blossoms are.

101ENDING No. 4

Good Ending No. 5 (Reimu-B)

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8This is the Hakurei Shrine, a shrine on the border of the fantasy land.

In the end, the demon Saigyo bloomed, but it never reached full bloom.

The seal was never broken, and the spring came as usual.

13When the miko returned to her familiar home, she decided to take a look at the back of the shrine.

17There was no sign of the long winter.

21Reimu: "The snow disappeared so easily, didn't it?"

23Reimu: "Maybe I should clean up the garden a bit."

25Reimu - "...spring, or maybe it's just a little too hot."

28What? "A whole winter's worth of spring flowed out at once.

31Reimu: "Isn't it funny what you say?"

35Yuyuko: "And yet, it's a poor garden."

38Reimu: "You're so annoying, that's what shrines are for."

41Youmu: "It would be so much easier if the Saigyoji family's garden was like this..."

44Yuyuko: "This place is too small for me to go crazy in."

47Reimu: "What are you doing here?"

50Yuyuko: "Until we repair the wards of the underworld, the borders are fuzzy."

53Youmu: "I just came to visit."

56Reimu: "It's dangerous, so quickly re-draw the boundary."

59Youmu: "You broke it, though."

63Youmu - "And yet, the borders here are solid..."

66Reimu: "That's why it's not easy to come here or there. It's dangerous for you guys too, so stay away from it."

70I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.

73Yuyuko: "Even he might not be able to put up this many wards."

76Reimu: "Who's that guy?"

79Yuyuko said, "I'm requesting that the wards of the Underworld be redone now."

82"If they put a ward on you now, you won't be able to leave, will you?"

85Youmu: "Don't worry, we'll jump over the wards to get in."

88Reimu: "...weak warding."

91There are many boundaries in the fantasy land.

But most of the boundaries are very vague. Perhaps

the only real boundary is here at the Hakurei Shrine.

95ENDING No. 5

Bad Ending No. 1 (Reimu)

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8Hakuryo Shrine in the snow

11In the end, all of the spring that she had collected was taken away from her.

15But in the end, the Saiyuki Yoki did not bloom until it was in full bloom, and nothing happened...

19Reimu: "Damn, I can't believe the dead

are living warm lives and we're feeling

so cold underneath them."

23Reimu: "This is so annoying. I mean, it's annoying."

27The cherry blossoms behind the shrine were not only not in bloom,

but still covered with a lot of snow. The cherry blossoms were

once again a source of irritation for Reimu.

30BAD ENDING No.1 Aim for a no-continue clear!