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This page is a translated version of the page Th08/Boundary Team's Endings and the translation is 100% complete.

Credits: Excellen, Aya, Espr, wiki@pooshlmer

Bad Ending No. 9 (Boundary Team)

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg end00a.end.jdiff

8  The Hakurei Shrine at morning.

10  Morning came in the end, but nothing was settled.

  <l$Yukari:$12345678> "I'm a methodical person.   <l$$12345678"> All this activity doesn't suit me. Good night."   With that, she disappeared to... somewhere.

  Literally, somewhere.

16<l$Reimu:$12345678> "Uun, <l$$12345678"> guess it can't be helped when the moon's already set."

19<l$Reimu:$12345678> "Guess I'll have to come back tomorrow night."

22  Yukari will come back tomorrow night (which by now is really tonight).   Her innocent expression will be exactly the same as she says:

25  "Oh my, this is bad! The moon is strange!"

27  Bad Ending No. 9   Keep clearing stages, as far as you can go!

Normal Ending No. 5 (Boundary Team)

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8  The Hakurei Shrine at night.

10  The long-awaited full moon was bewitchingly illuminating Gensokyo.

  The chilly night was compensated for with alcohol.

  Tonight was a night where watching the moon was most enjoyable.

14  It's true that the full moon returned, but still...   The princess of that moon had hidden herself somewhere again.

19<l$Reimu:$12345678> "Hello. Watching the moon? <l$$12345678"> Oh my, there sure are a lot of people gathered here."

23<l$Marisa:$12345678> "Ah, the usual crowd. There's no place other <l$$12345678"> than the shrine where the moon looks so beautiful."

27<l$Reimu:$12345678> "Didn't you say the same thing about the cherry blossoms?"

30<l$Alice:$12345678> "The forest is shining in the moonlight, too. <l$$12345678"> We have to enjoy this long-awaited full moon together."

34<l$Reimu:$12345678> "It's all good. <l$$12345678"> Who's going to clean all this up?"

39<l$Yukari:$12345678> "Come on, Ran. <l$$12345678"> Don't leave anything lying around."

43<l$Ran:$12345678> "Understood~. <l$$12345678"> I'm watching the moon and drinking sake at the moment."

47<l$Yukari:$12345678> "Watching the moon and drinking sake, huh? <l$$12345678"> You have to let the moon reflect on your sake and drink it afterwards."

51<l$Reimu:$12345678> "You have to drink the moon, too."

54<l$Yukari:$12345678> "Yeah, the moon.

<l$$12345678"> The truth is, it contains an enormous power.

<l$$12345678"> Ran, you should also taste this power a little."

59<l$Ran:$12345678> "Is it okay to drink?"

62<l$Reimu:$12345678> "It's not only that moon..."

65<l$Yukari:$12345678> "You're right. We have to do something about that."

68<l$Ran:$12345678> "?"

71  The moon was charmingly glittering.   However, that light was shedding sorrow somewhere.

74  Yes, this recent moon looked flimsy.   Reimu thought that something was still being hidden...

77  Normal Ending No. 5   Try playing again without using a continue!

Good Ending No. 1 (Boundary Team)

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8  The Hakurei Shrine at night.

10  The true full moon had returned to Gensokyo.

  The previous moon was just a papier-mache toy.

  But in contrast, tonight's moon was brightly shining.

14  The moon's true power is that it boosts the purification rate of   the sunlight... to dispel the illusions of Gensokyo.

17  It's so like Gensokyo for this to happen on the night of a full moon...

21<l$Reimu:$12345678> "Today the moon is also clearly visible~. <l$$12345678"> Hey, I say that and suddenly a lot of people gather again."

25<l$Marisa:$12345678> "Ah, it's just the usual. <l$$12345678"> Come on, things like this are necessary once in a while."

29<l$Reimu:$12345678> "You keep saying 'it's the usual thing,' 'once in a while'... <l$$12345678"> could get a different excuse, you know."

33<l$Marisa:$12345678> "Oh well, it's okay. Is there something else? <l$$12345678"> Are you saying that Reimu's sake isn't good enough to drink?"

37<l$Reimu:$12345678> "Geez! It's the shrine's sake, just drink it!"

40<l$Alice:$12345678> "Shut up! <l$$12345678"> Won't you calm down a little and have some more sake?"

44<l$Marisa:$12345678> "I'm awake all this time now. <l$$12345678"> The noisy time as well as the unnoisy time became noisy."

48<l$Yukari:$12345678> "It's been a while since the last full moon. <l$$12345678"> I'll impartially support this degree of fun."

52<l$Ran:$12345678> "That aside, it makes you feel better."

55<l$Yukari:$12345678> "It's very rare for youkai like Ran to act like humans. <l$$12345678"> Must be because of the influence of the moon.

58<l$$12345678"> It would be great if there were some good regulations <l$$12345678"> for the drunkards."

61<l$Ran:$12345678> "Yukari-sama looks completely fine. As expected!"

64<l$Reimu:$12345678> "I don't know if being full of human traits is good or bad..."

67<l$Yukari:$12345678> "Oh my, the ghost burning with humanity is calling."

70<l$Reimu:$12345678> "No, not really. There's no human warmth in me."

74<l$Ran:$12345678> "I should make sure Chen doesn't get affected by the moon's miasma."

76<l$Chen:$12345678> "I'm carried away by the sake, <l$$12345678"> looking at the round moon makes my eyes spin~."

79<l$Yukari:$12345678> "Well, if your eyes are also spinning, I guess the moon suits you."

83<l$Reisen:$12345678> "The miasma of the moon? You make it sound like the moon is poisonous."

86<l$Kaguya:$12345678> "Oh, my. Did I say that to the humans?"

89<l$Reisen:$12345678> "Eh?

91<l$$12345678"> Er, that was rude of me."

94<l$Eirin:$12345678> "With this, the princess is finally playing outside again.

96<l$$12345678> You might say this has become something good."

99<l$Kaguya:$12345678> "You say this, but Eirin, weren't you the one who imprisoned her? Geez."

102<l$Eirin:$12345678> "She was imprisoned from the beginning, anyway."

105<l$Reimu:$12345678> "Please calm down.

107<l$$12345678"> For example, even if a messenger from the moon came, <l$$12345678"> she wouldn't know about Gensokyo."

110<l$Yukari:$12345678> "Yes, there's a big barrier, so there's no way she could enter."

113<l$Reimu:$12345678> "I'm glad that I'm in Gensokyo. It's really peaceful."

116<l$Eirin:$12345678> "I'm grateful as well.

118<l$$12345678"> This time, I tried putting a hideout above ground, but...

120<l$$12345678"> This entire planet was originally used as a hideout. Or a prison."

123<l$Reisen:$12345678> "That's somehow stupid.

125<l$$12345678"> Without this, we could play a little more. Hey, I wonder...

127<l$$12345678"> What about the circumstances that made you hide until now?"

130<l$Eirin:$12345678> "Oh, they're still valid.

132<l$$12345678"> The princess has been hiding for about a thousand years."

135<l$Kaguya:$12345678> "What are you trying to say?

137<l$$12345678"> I'm an eternal being. The past days are infinite.

139<l$$12345678"> That's why it won't have a meaning if we don't have fun now.

141<l$$12345678"> A thousand years or ten thousand years, <l$$12345678"> there's nothing in them matching this moment."

143<l$Kaguya:$12345678> "Even if it's one second ago, the past doesn't matter."

146<l$Reisen:$12345678> "Hey, that's my meatball~!"

149<l$Kaguya:$12345678> "I'm an eternal being."

152<l$Eirin:$12345678> "If the princess would consider such an act, I will do it as well."

155<l$Reimu:$12345678> "Hey! That was mine!"

158<l$Marisa:$12345678> "Surely these people can't be from the moon."

161  It's a night where the moon's power gets stronger.

  As soon as the youkai's true power returned, Gensokyo's

  strength came back.

165  This is the equilibrium of Gensokyo's power.

167  Humans are always food for youkai.   And humans exterminate youkai so they won't be eaten.

170  If the moon's power is ever in disorder, this balance will shatter.

172  Reimu felt that this incident was a threat in that way.

174  The heavens began to regain their balance by designating the people   who came from the outside to Earth as half-humans.

177  Good Ending No. 1   Thanks for playing! (The trial of guts lies ahead...)