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○東方花映塚 (Touhou Kaeidzuka: Eastern Flower Viewing Mound) ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

Character Intros and Spoilers

Team Shanghai Alice Leader ZUN
There's lots of extreme spoilers here, even about the ending.
Only look at it if you've given up on clearing it, or just don't mind that sort of thing.

	    Move down 60 years from here

0. Table of Contents
1. All Character Settings

1. All Character Settings

 Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise
Reimu Hakurei

Race: Human
Ability: Flying in the air

The all-too-familiar shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine located on the border of Gensokyo. The Hakurei Shrine itself exists simultaneously in both Gensokyo and the Outside World.

She has always been able to bring incidents to closure with her intuitions, but she hasn't the slightest idea of the cause of this flower incident.
In multiplayer games such as this installment of the Touhou Series, it's hard to pinpoint which character is the main character. However, even though Reimu doesn't stand out at all, why does she always look like one?

 Ordinary Magician
Marisa Kirisame

Species: Human
Ability: Ability to use magic

A somewhat ordinary magician living in Gensokyo. She also has a mania for collecting things.
She lives in the Forest of Magic where humans rarely visit, and leads a carefree life while researching magic.

Every action she takes is for herself, and she solves incidents just because she wants to do so.
This time, as disaster has covered all of Gensokyo evenly, she decided to sweep across the place.

 Perfect and Elegant Maid
Sakuya Izayoi

Species: Human
Ability: Manipulating time

There's a scarlet mansion on the edge of a lake in Gensokyo. She's a maid working there.

She heard something was going on, so she just thought she'd go out and have a look; she didn't particularly think something dangerous was happening. This is also why nobody in the Scarlet Devil Mansion was particularly upset about the flower incident.

Half-human Half-phantom
Youmu Konpaku

Species: Half human and phantom
Ability: Handling sword techniques

A gardener of Hakugyokurou in the Netherworld.
Originally, she's the swordsmanship teacher of her mistress.

Knowing that flowers are in full bloom in Gensokyo, she came to watch the scenery. Though she saw lots of ghosts hidden behind the flowers, she pretended not to see them.

 Lunatic Moon Rabbit
Reisen Udongein Inaba

Species: Moon Rabbit
Ability: Manipulating insanity

A rabbit from the moon.
In her red eyes dwell far greater power of insanity than the rabbits of the earth.

Flowers are blooming all over Gensokyo so the rabbits of Eientei went into an uproar. This couldn't be left uninvestigated, so she went out to investigate.
While she's at it, since Tewi disappeared, she's also going to bring her back if she can.

 Little Ice Fairy

Species: Fairy
Ability: Ability to manipulate cold

An ice fairy who usually stays at the lake, which is like her headquarters. She's basically just a fairy, so she's an idiot who loves pranks.

Since the flowers are blooming so much, lots of people are coming to the lake; this leads to the fairies being even more troublesome than usual, so she decided to join them and be a bother as well."

 Poltergeist Keyboardist
Lyrica Prismriver

Species: Poltergeist
Abilities: Performing illusionary notes

The third daughter of the Prismriver Sisters, who are always
busy going to and fro to perform in concerts.
Specializing in keyboards, she uses illusionary sounds lost from this world.

She didn't think much of the "flower incident"; all she saw was Gensokyo
in a hubbub, so she went out to collect sound material without telling her sisters.

 Poltergeist Trumpeter
Merlin Prismriver

Species: Poltergeist
Abilities: Performing maniac notes

The second daughter of the Prismriver Sisters, who are always
busy going to and fro to perform in concerts.
Specializing in brass instruments, she uses sounds that can uplift the soul.

She has absolutely no interest in the flower incident.

 Poltergeist Violinist
Lunasa Prismriver

Species: Poltergeist
Abilities: Performing melancholic notes

The oldest daughter of the Prismriver Sisters, who are always
busy going to and fro to perform in concerts.
Specializing in stringed instruments, she uses sounds that depress the spirit.

She has nothing to do whatsoever with the "flower incident".

 Night Sparrow Apparition
Mystia Lorelei

Species: Night Sparrow
Abilities: Driving people insane by singing

A troublesome youkai who doesn't do much else other than singing.
People will start going mad if they hear her song.

She loves festivals and events with lots of noise and action the most.
Gensokyo, which is caught up in the "flower incident" is like a playground for her.

 White Rabbit of Good Fortune
Tewi Inaba

Species: Youkai rabbit
Ability: Conferring good luck to humans

A youkai-powered rabbit who cared about her health and lived long.
In Eientei, she's a leader of plenty of earthborn rabbits.

This time, she went outside to have fun with the rabbits that is so excited with unnatural scenery without telling the members of Eientei.

 The Traditional Reporter of Fantasy
Aya Shameimaru

Species: Crow Tengu
Ability: Manipulating wind

A tengu who has been in Gensokyo for over 1000 years, when oni were still around.
Her origin is a crow. She has the ability to manipulate wind.
Her character is honest but not rigid. She is polite to strong people, and deals more firmly with weak people. However, she is always polite when conducting an interview.

Although her powers are among the top class in Gensokyo, she never uses them just to show off. This isn't only a characteristic of hers, but of tengu in general.

She usually lives on a mountain where the wind always moves at the same speed and the same direction. She loves gossip and is always gathering information exchanged with her fellow tengu. During any exchange, information is warped, and almost all of their stories end up exaggerated.

She is the biggest connoisseur of rumors about the girls of Gensokyo among the tengu. Through observing for herself and collecting information from colleagues, barely a moment passes when she isn't obtaining material. However, much of her material is mingled with rumor.

She writes up her non-periodical newspaper, Bunbunmaru Newspaper, and distributes it among the tengu. It's a newspaper chock-full of rumors.

As the current disaster started up, the tengu were overjoyed. There was much new material to be obtained, based on which they can write up their newspapers.

 Little Sweet Poison
Medicine Melancholy

Species: Doll
Ability: Manipulating poison

A doll thrown away into a lily-of-the-valley field; over the long years she became a youkai.
Since a few hundred years has still not passed from the time she became youkai, she is a novice youkai.
She possesses ability to manipulate poison

Certain kinds of ingredients, taken from a plant, can drive animals mad. She learned that through experience, and established a method of manipulating humans as she pleases.

In addition, as she is not a living being, poison is harmless against her.

Dolls are usually manipulated by humans. Because of this, she wishes for doll emancipation, but there aren't many dolls who agree with her. To begin with, other dolls don't move on their own...

The suzuran, which weren't expected to bloom, have begun blooming all at once this year. In addition to that, even autumn flowers which weren't supposed to bloom are blooming too. She learned that there are many powers she has never seen in Gensokyo.

 Flower Master of the Four Seasons
Yuuka Kazami

Species: Youkai
Ability: Manipulating flowers

A youkai that lives in Gensokyo. She has the ability to manipulate flowers.
She loves seasonal flowers, so throughout the year she moves to the respective places where the flowers grow: spring flowers for spring, summer flowers for summer, autumn flowers for autumn, and although there aren't many, winter flowers for winter.

This time, as she witnessed Gensokyo being overtaken by flowers, she wasn't surprised at all and very well understood the situation. Although she understood it, she thought that it'd be paradise if it was always this way.

The outbreak must eventually be resolved. She decided that she would enjoy this outbreak while she can. It'd be a waste to not enjoy this once-every-sixty-years outbreak.

Without a destination in mind, she enjoyed the flowers as she slept and awoke, as her pattern continued.

 Guide of the Sanzu River
Komachi Onozuka

Species: Shinigami
Ability: Manipulating distance

A youkai that provides passage for the river between Gensokyo and the other side.
She has the ability to manipulate distance.

When a person dies, their spirit must cross the river to the Netherworld. Komachi will then lecture them on how to cross the river. The width and depth of the river changes depending on her mood. Also, if someone has done too much evil during their lifetime, they may even not be able to cross the river.

A shinigami judges one to be good or bad not by the amount of crimes, but by money. That is to say, not the money that the deceased may have had while they were alive, but rather the total amount of those who yearned and missed that person from the bottom of their hearts. By the way, judging the amount of crimes of the dead is not Komachi's job and would be handled after crossing the river, but that's a story for another time.

After death, when she requests a passage fee from them, people tend to be surprised since the money they have on hand doesn't correspond to their own assets, but on the assets of his or her surrounding friends.

Very rich people tend to be despised during their life, and are astonished to see how little they have after death.

Komachi always demands those she guides to pay all the money they have, and anyone who hesitates to pay the full sum is dropped into the river midway through the journey. The river is made infinitely wide, and the unfortunate spirit is soon consumed by huge fishes and water dragon which were extinct in world of the living.

The reason Gensokyo got buried under a sea of flowers this time was because her workload went way beyond what she could handle. There were so many dead spirits that some of them were not handled in time and were left in Gensokyo, and in this puzzled state these dead spirits possessed nearby flowers.

Komachi thought that it was just a temporary issue, and worked at her own pace without the slightest bit of worry. However, it soon caught the eye of her boss, Eiki, and she got a good scolding because of that.

 Highest Judge of Paradise
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu

Species: Yama
Ability: Establishing things as clear good and evil

One of the gods that resides in hell and judges the deceased. She possesses ability to establish things as clear good and evil. Her real name is Eiki Shiki, and the "Yamaxanadu" is a title that she carries in her job as a Yama. Basically the title represents the place they're in charge of.

Unlike humans, she has a criteria of right and wrong in her own mind. Her judgement cannot be overturned by the deceased. Her criteria is quite complicated, and the seriousness of the crimes factor in everything from why they occurred to the personal history of those involved.

The minimum requirement of lying to her, in order to appear as a good person, is not letting her discover that lie. If discovered it is a huge deduction.

Her usual routine is to find faults of the deceased and decide where they will be sent to: Hell, Heaven, or somewhere else. Due to her job, she tends to be somewhat moralistic.

It was when Komachi did not ferry the deceased to her that she noticed something was wrong in Gensokyo. Suspicious, she looked at Gensokyo only to find out that it was blanketed by flowers.

All kinds of flowers were blooming at the same time - spider lilies, sunflowers, lilies of the valley, lotus blossoms, and cherry blossoms. As she was digesting this, both living humans and youkai attacked her, seething with anger.

These assaults immediately made her realize what was going on.
Now it is "that year", 60 years since the previous one.

All these flowers were possessed by spirits of the deceased, and the reason they weren't processed properly was because Komachi was being lazy.
Komachi, being too easygoing, only thought "ah, it's beautiful" even when the flowers were filling the whole place.

It's not like she can restore the flower-covered Gensokyo, but time will eventually bring it back to normal. There was little to no harm.

However, a human who's been charged with a crime is before her. With her pride, she couldn't let her pass through her place.