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This page is a translated version of a page Th095/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Music titles translation
No. 1 Tengu's hand book ~ Mysterious Note


  Title, theme of menu screen. It is the usual song. This time it feels a little dark and a retro feeling, you appear like a youkai I did it. Noza is a mysterious part of youkai. Never monitor

And speaker has not passed away so be relieved.

No. 2 Wind circulation ~ Wind Tour


  It is shooting song 1. The game of this time is not a song like a regular boss fight, but a more everyday feeling Because I wanted to put out, like this. I feel quite calm, but the actual sentence is affordable. Subject from me

It is like going out to chill out.

No. 3 Tengu is watching ~ Black Eyes


  It is shooting song 2. I gave a curious strange character like scary. Even though you kidding and eating are a natural youkai, somewhere cheerful and personnel The place where good seems to be, but the image of the fantasy tengu. It is a feeling that this song mixed its fear, cheerfulness, and spirit

I think so.

No. 4 A night not sleeping in the east country


  It is shooting song 3. I prepared it as a song to be used after the middle stage. In the case of Make boss feel intimidating while giving a feeling that both boss and sentence are enjoying It is a difficult thing. This song is conscious of it, although it is light and bright, the boss seems to be strong

I wrote it looking as if I could see it. Especially piano.

No. 5 Retrospective Kyoto


  The theme of shooting song 4. I prepared it as a song to use for the second half. In the case of When I imaged the retro Japan, like this in me. The city of Kyo where snow falls. Little night road with less popularity. But, the retro quality of this song is my retro ... ....

If you listen to this song somehow it reminds me of the past.

No. 6 Aeolus girl


  The theme of shooting song 5. In the case of I think that this song is a theme song of Soshuhana, so it can not be added I am included.

Although it is rarely used in this volume :-)

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