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# Name Owner
Level 1
3 Flight "Star on the Earth" Wriggle Nightbug
4 Dark side "Dark side of the Moon" Rumia
5 Butterfly Storm " Wriggle Nightbug
6 Night symbol "Midnight Bird" Rumia
Level 2
13 Snow Card "Diamond Blizzard" Cirno
14 Cold "Cold Snap" Letty Whiterock
15 マ イ ナ ス K Cirno
16 Winter note "Northern Winner" Letty Whiterock
Level 3
22 Optical symbol "Amaterasu" Keine Kamishirasawa
23 Ticket "Dolls In Sea" Alice Margatroid
24 The ticket "Showa no rain" Keine Kamishirasawa
25 The spell "Straw Doll Kamikaze" Alice Margatroid
26 A fairy tale "Mitsudo no Hikari" Keine Kamishirasawa
27 Red mark "Doll Milla Seti" Alice Margatroid
28 The "Kingdom of the Evil Tree" Keine Kamishirasawa
Level 4
32 Kirishima "gashing garden" Medicine Melancholy
33 Tetrisky 'Frustar Escape' Tewi Inaba
34 Ticket "Rougetsu Flower Market (Rocket In Mist)" Reisen Udongein Inaba
35 Poison Poison "Poison Breath" Medicine Melancholy
36 Wave note "Invisible Half Moon" Reisen Udongein Inaba
37 Delirium "Intu Delirium" Medicine Melancholy
38 Debt "Masaru Ohyuki-san's medicine" Tewi Inaba
39 Crazy "Dream of Winds (Dream World)" Reisen Udongein Inaba
Level 5
42 Day & Round "Hydrogenous Prominence" Patchouli Knowledge
43 Chinese Colorful Lotus Palm Hong Meiling
44 Water & Tick "Frogystic Rain" Patchouli Knowledge
45 Caixiang "flying leaves" Hong Meiling
46 Mon & Tree "Satellite Sunflower" Patchouli Knowledge
47 Saiwa "Rainbow Colored Tai Chi" Hong Meiling
48 Day & Month sign "Royal Diamond Ring" Patchouli Knowledge
Level 6
52 Hitoshi sword "Tenchi return" Youmu Konpaku
53 The star "Overlap Flight" Chen
54 Impera sword "Shura no blood" Youmu Konpaku
55 Spirits of God Chen
56 The heavenly star sword "Like Nirvana Lonesense" Youmu Konpaku
57 Cats Chen
58 Four life swords "Reflectance of sentient beings heartless" Youmu Konpaku
Level 7
62 The Maiden "The World Nightmare" Remilia Scarlet
63 Tunnel "Tunnel effect" Sakuya Izayoi
64 The red mark "Bloody Magic Square" Remilia Scarlet
65 Emptiness "Inflation Square" Sakuya Izayoi
66 Red bat "Vanpirushunite" Remilia Scarlet
67 Silver note "Perfect Maid" Sakuya Izayoi
68 The demon "Remilia stalker" Remilia Scarlet
Level 8
72 Yasama "Mortar of death" Yuyuko Saigyouji
73 The tight note "The secret key of Odajo" Ran Yakumo
74 Bow Tie "Death Spear of Feng Shui Huang Print" Yuyuko Saigyouji
75 "80 million" Ran Yakumo
76 Death "Life of a drunkard, A dream of death" Yuyuko Saigyouji
77 Superman "flying service small angle" Ran Yakumo
78 "Dead Butterfly Float" Yuyuko Saigyouji
Level 9
82 New theme "Ilmenite of the Moon" Kaguya Houraisan
83 Tyrant "Butterfly Butterfly Nightmare" Eirin Yagokoro
84 New problem "Aja no Akashi" Kaguya Houraisan
85 Wrought "mercury sea" Eirin Yagokoro
86 New problem "One piece ceiling of the Kinkakuji" Kaguya Houraisan
87 The secret medicine "Sengakamaboko" Eirin Yagokoro
88 New problem "Mysterium" Kaguya Houraisan
Level 10
92 Lie "Tan of Wolf" Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
93 Death song "Passing of Yae Fog" Komachi Onozuka
94 Trial of the "Ten King Referee" Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
95 Ancient rain "Rain of travel of Hades Nakajima" Komachi Onozuka
96 Referee "Guilty Owa Not Guilty" Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
97 Death Price "Price of Life" Komachi Onozuka
98 Judgment of the trial "Pine Pear Trial - Shooting Pill -" Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
Level Ex
101 Contraindications "Forbidden Fruit" Flandre Scarlet
102 Contraindications "Forbidden Play" Flandre Scarlet
103 The boundary "boundary between color and sky" Yukari Yakumo
104 Boundary "boundary between wave and grain" Yukari Yakumo
105 Precious man "Saint-Germain advice" Fujiwara no Mokou
106 Penglai "Musue Uruako and the Five Greater Rui Turtle" Fujiwara no Mokou
107 Democracy "Bizarre Troubles" Suika Ibuki
108 "Million Ghosts" Suika Ibuki
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