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This page is a translated version of a page Th10/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Music titles translation
No. 1 Sealed and gods


  It is the theme of the title screen. In the case of The usual song ... is it? I tried making it slightly exaggerated by Japanese-style god saying the theme. Although it is a song of a fairly odd bizarre rhythm, as long as I hear it all the time

come. Especially debugging.

No. 2 Love God ~ Romantic Fall


  It is one theme. This is also a long time. In the case of It's a melodic part that suddenly drops the tempo of the game, it's nervous Saying unfavorable songs ...... 1 side fighting 1,2 in the east

I think that it is a song like that, how is it?

No. 3 Because Princess Inada is scolded


  It is the theme of Akiko. It is a song with a good tempo compared to the road. The image of harvest festival, I tried to put in the image of God that is immature and brain-weather. Because it is eastern that the game can be played with such a tensionless song, Normally it is difficult for boss fighting with such a light song.

It's a short loop, but the boss game itself is also short.

No. 4 Passionate path ~ Dread Road


  It is the theme of the second side. It is a dark song as opposed to 1 side. I think that it's a good song that can take both Western and Oriental style. Because the boss is gothic lolly style, it became a song like this. From a little mysterious intros to a sabi where visibility opens

The part is quite comfortable.

No. 5 Dark side of fate


  It is the theme of Kajiyama Hina. In the case of By saying Gothic lolly style, I thought I was going to feel more painful However, if I was thinking about my preference and the whole game, I fell like this I arrived.

Well, it's two bosses. A person who seems to be slightly weak ... ....

No. 6 Gensonko gods love in Gensokyo


  It is the theme of the third side. It is the first song to infiltrate the mountain of youkai. The Gensokyo clan of Kotecote is bursting I will. Premier melodic songs are prepared in a beautiful valley where your youkai lives


If you feel a feeling of liberation on 3 sides, as opposed to the bad feelings of 2 faces

I hope.

No. 7 Rikunosuke Akutagawa's Kappa ~ Candid Friend


  It is the theme for Kawashiro. I will listen to this song well, so try putting your emphasis on not getting bored It was. For that, I tried using strange phrases and rhythms What is it? This song is supposed to listen for a long time. Hearing for the first time From the impression of when I am listening, it gradually changes.

Will it finally sound like a pretty song?

No. 8 Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall


  It is the theme of the 4th aspect. When there is a waterfall there are two images of a splendid large waterfall and a subtle thin waterfall However, this time the image of the former waterfall was imaged. Always the east is always a dark feeling, so make a fresh feeling somehow I tried it, how?

Autumn waterfall. I think fall is the most visible fall.

No. 9 Yokai no Mt ~ Mysterious Mountain


  It is the theme of Muneyamaru. Similarly the theme of the sentence Fujin girl is an image of a sentence being a newspaper reporter I made this, but this time the image of youkai "Tengu" from ancient Japan We emphasized. If you feel somewhat old-fashioned and nostalgic, you are a member of youkai too.

Oh, I feel nostalgic.

No. 10 Original landscape of Japan seen by a girl


  It is the theme of the 5th page. The Japanese-style component is dense overall on this occasion. The more you go to the second half, the more Japanese style it is. This song has less Japanese-style ingredients compared to others, but it feels nostalgic and dark The melody and rusty feeling of the rust smells like latter half. Listening in conjunction with game play is even more late (it is the second half).

Even so, it seems to be more gorgeous than Moriya's shrine, Hakurei Shrine ... ....

No. 11 Faith is for transient human beings


  It is the theme of Sanae Kozo. It is a feeling that the metal content has increased at once, but as it tries to make it heavier It is my habit of accidentally overdoing. To Even if it is a melody, this is the heaviest in this game. From here onwards it gets brighter at a stroke, and the last one gets out of something ... ....

It is promised in Gensokyo that a strong guy does not feel tension.

No. 12 Grave of Beijing Grave of Being


  It is the theme of the 6th aspect. Because the stage is short, the song is also short. On the final side the race boss fight will be long It is short because we will have to shorten your journey from. It is awkward. Now I tried out the feeling that the song will start something from now on.

Even though something starts and nothing is already the final side.

No. 13 The Shabby Rubbish Battlefield - Suwa Foughten Field


  It is the theme of Yasaka Kanako. It is a mysterious God that makes all human beings and youkai ally with overwhelming power. Parts that make you feel the fear of God and parts that make you feel the weight of history It is made up of. In any case, it is a song with plenty of playful mind. Sanae

It is a musical difference of a big difference, but this may be the difference between humans and God.

No. 14 Hare's day tomorrow, yesterday's day


  It is the theme of the extra stage. I wrote to make the most enjoyable songs in this game. Okonomiyaki, octopus grilled, seasoned in seasoned soba noodles Grilled goose roast. Moreover, it is strangely expensive. With a junk food of such a food stand, canned beer while looking at the precincts.

I love the shrine's festival day. It is one of how to enjoy beer.

No. 15 Native face


  It is the theme of Mr. Suwako. It is a song that is enjoyable and has a sense of speed. Moreover, the main melody is Japanese style I tried putting a childish feeling in it. Suwako is perfect. Contrary to such a bright song, in fact it is a piano song in hell. This song is also a song that can be afforded more than Kanako.

Rather it seems to be a shaman. Especially super fast piano.

No. 16 Shrine at the foot


  It is the ending theme. In the case of There are many three time races throughout this time. It's Japanese style I feel that it fits the game exactly. Too dark, not too bright, self assertion. If so make it a song like air so you can use it for any occasion.

..., but the effect is light in any situation. I was in trouble.

No. 17 God gives rain of grace ~ Sylphid Dream


  It is a staff roll theme. I rain God and rain. Any story with this story Although there is no clerk, rain was the most obvious as God 's grace Because .... Apart from blowing the wind like a tengu in addition to the wind God,

There is also a meaning to it. Speaking of agriculture it is rain. So, rain.

No. 18 Player's score


  It is a game over theme. In the case of I'm lonely because the game over is silent. Wonder, I got lonelier. In the case of


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