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# Name Owner
Stage 1
1 Leaf Sign ‘Falling Leaves of Madness’ Shizuha Aki
3 Autumn Sign ‘Autumn Sky’ Shizuha Aki
5 Autumn Sign ‘The Autumn Sky and a Maiden's Heart’ Minoriko Aki
7 Plenty Sign ‘Owotoshi Harvester’ Minoriko Aki
9 Bumper Crop ‘Promise of the Wheat God’ Minoriko Aki
Stage 2
11 Bad Luck Sign ‘Bad Fortune’ Hina Kagiyama
13 Bad Luck Sign ‘Biorhythm of the Misfortune God’ Hina Kagiyama
15 Flawed Sign ‘Broken Amulet’ Hina Kagiyama
17 Scar ‘Broken Charm of Protection’ Hina Kagiyama
19 Evil Spirit ‘Misfortune's Wheel’ Hina Kagiyama
21 Fate ‘Old Lady Ohgane's Fire’ Hina Kagiyama
23 Wound Sign ‘Pain Flow’ Hina Kagiyama
25 Wound Sign ‘Exiled Doll’ Hina Kagiyama
Stage 3
27 Optics ‘Optical Camouflage’ Nitori Kawashiro
29 Optics ‘Hydro Camouflage’ Nitori Kawashiro
31 Flood ‘Ooze Flooding’ Nitori Kawashiro
33 Flood ‘Diluvial Mere’ Nitori Kawashiro
34 Drown ‘Trauma in the Glimmering Depths’ Nitori Kawashiro
35 Water Sign ‘Kappa's Pororoca’ Nitori Kawashiro
37 Water Sign ‘Kappa's Flash Flood’ Nitori Kawashiro
38 Water Sign ‘Kappa's Great Illusionary Waterfall’ Nitori Kawashiro
39 Kappa ‘Monster Cucumber’ Nitori Kawashiro
41 Kappa ‘Exteeeending Aaaaarm’ Nitori Kawashiro
42 Kappa ‘Spin the Cephalic Plate’ Nitori Kawashiro
Stage 4
43 Crossroad Sign ‘Crossroads of Heaven’ Aya Shameimaru
45 Crossroad Sign ‘Saruta Cross’ Aya Shameimaru
47 Wind God ‘Wind God Hidden Among Tree Leaves’ Aya Shameimaru
49 Wind God ‘Tengu's Fall Wind’ Aya Shameimaru
50 Wind God ‘Storm Day’ Aya Shameimaru
51 ‘Illusionary Dominance’ Aya Shameimaru
52 ‘Illusionary Dominance’ Aya Shameimaru
53 ‘Peerless Wind God’ Aya Shameimaru
54 Blockade Sign ‘Mountain God Procession’ Aya Shameimaru
56 Blockade Sign ‘Advent of the Divine Grandson’ Aya Shameimaru
57 Blockade Sign ‘Terukuni Throughout the World’ Aya Shameimaru
Stage 5
58 Esoterica ‘Grey Thaumaturgy’ Sanae Kochiya
60 Esoterica ‘Forgotten Ritual’ Sanae Kochiya
61 Esoterica ‘Secretly Inherited Art of Danmaku’ Sanae Kochiya
62 Miracle ‘Daytime Guest Stars’ Sanae Kochiya
64 Miracle ‘Night with Bright Guest Stars’ Sanae Kochiya
65 Miracle ‘Night with Overly Bright Guest Stars’ Sanae Kochiya
66 Sea Opening ‘The Day the Sea Split’ Sanae Kochiya
68 Sea Opening ‘Moses's Miracle’ Sanae Kochiya
69 Sea Opening ‘Moses's Miracle’ Sanae Kochiya
70 Preparation ‘Star Ritual to Call the Godly Winds’ Sanae Kochiya
72 Preparation ‘Summon Takeminakata’ Sanae Kochiya
74 Miracle ‘God's Wind’ Sanae Kochiya
76 Great Miracle ‘Yasaka's Divine Wind’ Sanae Kochiya
Stage 6
78 Divine Festival ‘Expanded Onbashira’ Kanako Yasaka
80 Weird Festival ‘Medoteko Boisterous Dance’ Kanako Yasaka
81 Weird Festival ‘Medoteko Boisterous Dance’ Kanako Yasaka
82 Rice Porridge in Tube ‘God's Rice Porridge’ Kanako Yasaka
84 Forgotten Grain ‘Unremembered Crop’ Kanako Yasaka
85 Divine Grain ‘Divining Crop’ Kanako Yasaka
86 Sacrifice Sign ‘Misayama Hunting Shrine Ritual’ Kanako Yasaka
88 Mystery ‘Kuzui Clear Water’ Kanako Yasaka
89 Mystery ‘Yamato Torus’ Kanako Yasaka
90 Heaven's Stream ‘Miracle of Otensui’ Kanako Yasaka
92 Heaven's Dragon ‘Source of Rains’ Kanako Yasaka
94 ‘Mountain of Faith’ Kanako Yasaka
96 ‘Virtue of Wind God’ Kanako Yasaka
Extra Stage
98 God Sign ‘Beautiful Spring like Suiga’ Kanako Yasaka
99 God Sign ‘Ancient Fate Linked by Cedars’ Kanako Yasaka
100 God Sign ‘Omiwatari that God Walked’ Kanako Yasaka
101 Party Start ‘Two Bows, Two Claps & One Bow’ Suwako Moriya
102 Native God ‘Long-Arm and Long-Leg’ Suwako Moriya
103 Divine Tool ‘Moriya's Iron Ring’ Suwako Moriya
104 Spring Sign ‘Jade of the Horrid River’ Suwako Moriya
105 Frog Hunting ‘Frog Is Eaten by Snake due to the Croak’ Suwako Moriya
106 Native God ‘Seven Stones and Seven Trees’ Suwako Moriya
107 Native God ‘Kero-chan Braves the Wind and Rain’ Suwako Moriya
108 Native God ‘Red Frogs of Houei Four’ Suwako Moriya
109 ‘Suwa War ~ Native Myth vs Central Myth’ Suwako Moriya
110 Scourge Sign ‘Mishaguji-sama’ Suwako Moriya