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From th105 English Static Patch.

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The Forest of Magic.@

 The forest sheltered all creatures in it from any harmful light.@
Still, the forest couldn't live without any light at all.


At the same time, rain was essential for the creatures of the forest.@

 The drizzle that only fell around her had let up considerably.@
She'd succeeded in winning back the summer heat.


Marisa "Hmm, where did I put those books I borrowed from the library?"@

 As soon as she got back from Heaven, Marisa started really cleaning out her room.
It had been a few years since the last time.


Marisa "Man, it's so hot. Summer's really hot." Well, cleaning up might open up a draft in here."


When the earthquake happened, she was afraid

 she might get buried by the piles in her room.@
That's why she started a frenzy of cleaning.


Marisa "I wonder if my house would get as smashed up

       as the shrine if there were an earthquake.@
It was totally destroyed..."


Marisa "Well, as long as I'm safe, I'm not scared of any earthquake.@

       Even if my house got leveled,
I can always just build another one."


Marisa "... what did she say?@ Even if you beat me, you can't prevent the earthquake."


Marisa "Who was she, anyway?@

       Did she start all this just because she wanted to play?@
That pisses me off the more I think about it."


Tenshi had the Hinanawi's power to prevent earthquakes,

 but she had said it wasn't time to use it yet.@
Marisa had given up and gone home to get ready for an earthquake.


Marisa "If you have the power to prevent earthquakes, why not use it?@ I don't think I could convince someone as weird as her to do it."


Marisa "I guess I'll leave this to Reimu for now... @

       I'll just make sure to enjoy this summer.@
This wonderful summer without rain."


Marisa started shoring up her house for the big earthquake that could happen any time.

 As long as she lives in this country, she'll have to be ready for earthquakes.
Maybe you could say the celestial had warned her about that.


The earth here is alive. Just as it was billions of years ago, when the gods created the earth.

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