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From th105 English Static Patch.

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Summer at the Scarlet Devil Manor.@

 It was a devil's manor, on the shores of a lake.@
The entire manor was enveloped in mist, keeping temperatures cool.


It had been several days since she'd gotten back,

 but the weather still hadn't returned to normal.@
 Maybe beating that oni wasn't enough.@
Or maybe this really was just a natural phenomenon.


Patchy "... this is it...@ This is what that oarfish was talking about...


The book she was reading was on earthquake portents - that is,

 a catalog of strange events that can be used to predict earthquakes.
Things like catfish going crazy and fish driving themselves onto land.


Patchy "'There are many sightings of strange-colored clouds.'@

       'Oarfish begin appearing.'@
I see..."


Patchy "But why are people's temperaments being sucked out... ?@ Somebody has to be behind it."


Sakuya "Miss Patchouli.@ Are you alright!?"


Patchy "What's the matter? You're awfully upset."@ Sakuya "Well, I heard there was a great earthquake while I was gone."


Patchy "... a great... earthquake... ?"@

Sakuya "The shrine was destroyed.

It doesn't appear the manor's taken any damage, though."


Patchy "I didn't notice at all.@

       Could that have really happened?"@
Sakuya "You were deep in concentration... What are you researching?"


Patchy "Oh, well. Just a little about earthquakes."@

Sakuya "Really? You mean, when the earthquake hit..."@

Patchy "It's just a coincidence. I'm sure it's just a coincidence."


Patchouli couldn't get something she'd heard

 during the earlier fight out of her head.
 "But, say I wanted to break the shrine - I wouldn't be late, would I?"
She'd been sure she'd gotten the wrong person.


If so, then why was that oni in heaven?

 Unable to shake that gut feeling, she gave Sakuya this order:
"Go have the shrine maiden see what's above the clouds."

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