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Versus Reimu Hakurei


Clear sunny skies harm living creatures from time to time. Sunlight is one of those harmful substances that you can't hide from.

Versus Marisa Kirisame


Drizzle that humidifies the air is the book's worst enemy. I imagine they get moldy in your house too.

(The word for drizzle is kirisame, so there's a double meaning here.)

Versus Sakuya Izayoi


The cloudy skies that block harmful rays are uninterestingly plain. However, overcast is the gentlest weather to all living things.

Versus Youmu Konpaku


Azure is the color of a sky that works hard to bring forth a good light. That's almost like avoiding, don't you think?

Versus Alice Margatroid


Falling hail cannot adapt to the warm summer air. It had no effect other than causing damage.

Versus Patchouli Knowledge


Hah! What was I doing?

Versus Remilia Scarlet


The deep fog strips away people's eyesight and all their mobility. That can only mean death.

Versus Yuyuko Saigyouji


Snow that remains on the ground is a sign of evil As there is almost no difference between snow and rain.

Versus Yukari Yakumo


The rain that falls when it's sunny is the deceitful weather. It is what they call a fox's wedding, after all.

(Sun showers are also called "fox's wedding" in Japan, since foxes can take the form of girls in order to trick men in folklore.)

Versus Suika Ibuki


In sparse rainfall, small drops are different from large drops. You are still causing strong winds and little rain. Why don't you return home?

Versus Aya Shameimaru


The tempest shows no contempt for the weak, for it is the weather of natural selection. "In a storm, only the strong grass remains." That is the providence of this world.

(A Japanese idiom rooted in the Book of Later Han)

Versus Reisen Udongein Inaba


At the beginning of summer on sunny days,

you can see strong winds blowing mist on the mountain very well.

It seems comfortable, but the mountain air also blows down to the base.

Versus Komachi Onozuka


The river mist that rises from the temperature difference between

the water and air is the mist that appears early in the evening.

Truly, it resembles the boat ride to the land of the dead.

Versus Iku Nagae


It may be possible to prepare for the typhoon in advance, but to tell the truth we still fear its arrival.

Versus Tenshi Hinanawi


A seven-colored curtain!? The sky still has colors that I haven't seen after all.

Versus <anyone>


The weather is of the atmosphere, so it, like humans, has its own personality. You can't call yourself a magician if you can't read the atmosphere.


Whatever the weather, it doesn't matter to me if I stay at home.

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