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From th105 English Static Patch.

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Summer at the Hakurei Shrine.@

 It was the shrine at the eastern border of Gensokyo, but now it's broken down.@
It still serves its purpose as a shrine, but not as a place to live.


Everyone's localized weather phenomena was also beginning to

 fade back into normally variable weather.@
Constant sunshine would have been better for rebuilding the shrine, though...


Tenshi "... oh, does that pillar go over there?"@

Reimu "Make sure you put it all back together, okay?"@

Tenshi "It shouldn't take long for my heavenly maidens to fix a shrine like this."


Reimu "... I don't wanna hear that from the person who broke it in the first place.

       Don't rest until everything is back to normal!@
Tenshi "But, I'm stopping for today when that pillar is in place."


Reimu "Why? The day's still young.@

       You're the one who broke it, so I'm not letting you go back
to Heaven until it's fixed, got it?"


Tenshi "Oh, that's exactly what I... uh, I mean.@

       Don't get so bent out of shape.@
It's sunny now, but <color 0000FF>it</color> will be coming soon."


Reimu "... hmmm.

       I guess a walking weather forecast like you would know."@
Tenshi "Who are you calling a weather forecast?"


Reimu "... it was so sunny today, but it's really coming down this evening."@ Tenshi "That's because it was so humid today."


Reimu "So, some strange lady told me there could still be an earthquake... "@

Tenshi "Strange lady?"@

Reimu "She was swimming in the clouds, saying an earthquake would come to Gensokyo."


Tenshi "Oh, you're talking about the oarfish?"@

Reimu "Hmm, maybe? She was all fluffy and wavy."@

Tenshi "Yes, if an oarfish says it, it must be true."


Tenshi "The oarfish swim through the thunder to tell people

       an earthquake is coming.@
What the oarfish said was... "


Tenshi "An earthquake will happen soon.@

       One that's not big enough to destroy a shrine like this."@
Reimu "Hmm. Maybe I'd better stock up on emergency supplies... "


Tenshi "But, it's the perfect time! The shrine's already destroyed."@

Reimu "Yeah, thanks to you."@

Tenshi "Since the shrine's already destroyed, what's the worst that could happen?"


Reimu "... can't you do something?"@

Tenshi "Oho, I said it was the perfect time, didn't I?@

I can make earthquakes happen, and prevent them, too."


Tenshi "Let's put down a keystone before we finish rebuilding the shrine."@

Reimu "A keystone?"@

Tenshi "One of the stones I always have around."


Tenshi "When you put a keystone in the ground, it grows deep underground

       and pushes down on the big catfish's head.@
That will prevent earthquakes."


Reimu "Huh, maybe we could dig a hot spring, too."@

Tenshi "Still, that'll make the catfish mad, so if you take out the keystone,

it'll squirm around and a huge earthquake will happen."


Reimu "But, as long as we don't take it out, it's okay, right?@

       Make sure you put in one of those keystones!"@
Tenshi "Yes, as long as you don't take it out, it's okay."


And so the shrine was gradually rebuilt under the celestial's care.

 The keystone Tenshi installed brought a sense of peace to Gensokyo.
But, at the same time...


There was a lingering trace of unease.

 Reimu thought she'd have to watch over the shrine more closely
once it was rebuilt.

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