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From th105 English Static Patch.

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Summer at the Scarlet Devil Manor.@

 It was a devil's manor, on the shores of a lake.@
The entire manor was enveloped in mist, keeping temperatures cool.


According to rumor, odd weather abounded; there was snow in the Netherworld, hail in the forest, and endless sunshine at the shrine.


Remilia had no way of investigating the cause of all this.


Remi "There are too many books here. I wonder what's written in all of them..."


Remi "'100 Varieties of Soybeans'

     'The Fourth Most Efficient Aria'@
I bet even I could write a book like this."


Remi "I wonder where I can find a book about weather..."


Patchy "The weather books are straight up that way."@ Remi "Oh, thanks."


Patchy "Put your books back where you found them, okay?@

        They're all sorted now."@
Remi "Really? I already forgot where I found them."


Patchy "Mmm... don't worry about it.@ Just tell me what you want and I'll research it for you."


Remi "Aww, I wanted to try doing the research this time."@

Patchy "... you must be bored."@

Remi "Incredibly."


Patchy "Well, then, why don't we get two cups of tea from Sakuya?"@ Remi "Yes, let's make it three."


Vampires don't like sun or rain.

 It was usually misty around the Scarlet Devil Manor,
but localized rain showers had been popping up all around Gensokyo.


Remilia thought if she could find out what was making it rain

 like that, she could meet the enemy on her own terms.
After all, she knew where her enemy was.

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