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From th105 English Static Patch.

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 This is one of the worlds in Heaven where celestials live.@
It was full of beautiful flowers, beautiful song, and, of course, delicious sake.


You could dance and dance until you couldn't remember what day it was.@

 You could drink and drink until you got tired and fell asleep.@
That's what life is like in this world above the clouds.


Suika "I guess we couldn't even get everyone together up here~@

       That's kinda pathetic."@
Tenshi "Well, you should've worked harder! It's all your fault."


Suika "But there's lots of people who have it out for you...@

       I can't miss a chance to chase them away."@
Tenshi "Why not try clearing up that grudge while you're at it?"


Alice "In any case, you really are quite strong.@

       Isn't it hard to fight when the ground's shaking to and fro, though?"@
Tenshi "I don't think I'd lose to you even if I didn't cause earthquakes, though."


Patchy "I lost this time since you had home advantage,

       but I wonder what would have happened in my library..."@
Marisa "The bookshelves would've collapsed and you'd be buried in books."


Marisa "An earthquake in a messy room would be really scary, so..."@

Tenshi "No, you can't just leave it at that.

If there's nothing in the room, it's harder to avoid falling things."


Marisa "Oh really?@

       So maybe I shouldn't clean my room, then?"@
Sakuya "No, I really think you'd better."


Reimu "Anyway, how is this a construction celebration party? It's just a regular party."


Suika "But isn't it more interesting when you can't tell

       what the theme of the party is right away?"@
Yuyuko "... ... the food is awfully modest, though."


Tenshi "Yeah, there isn't a lot of food in Heaven.@

       The peaches above our heads are about it."@

Sakuya "I thought that might be the case,

so I caught some fish in a stream on the mountain."


Marisa "Wow, that's really thinking ahead."@

Alice "Isn't that an awfully large catfish?@

How could you catch that on the way here? Didn't you just bring it?"


Sakuya "Why don't we try making some catfish?"@

Suika "Yeah, that'd be great!"@

Tenshi "Hmm, do catfish taste good?"


The party drank the night away with Sakuya's catfish and Suika's sake.

 Parties in Heaven usually aren't this lively.
Tenshi felt, for once, that she'd had an interesting day.


But, how long would Suika remain in Heaven? That was the one thing Tenshi was a little worried about.

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