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This page is a translated version of a page Th11/Marisa's Endings and the translation is 100% complete.

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Good Ending No. 04 (Marisa & Alice)

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#0@0The geyser.

#0@1The water around the geyser was too hot to bathe in.

#0@2However, the mysterious spirits that had appeared before were starting to decrease in number.


#0@3"Man, it's hot around here."


#0@4"Well, it's being heated by that hell crow's power.


#0@5Fusion energy, was it?


#0@6It's got to be really hot."


#0@7"What's nuclear fusion energy, anyway?"


#0@8"I don't really know, but it's like the power of the Sun, right?"


#0@9"I wonder if I could get her to turn the heat down.


#0@10This is too dangerous to get near.


#0@11Even for a youkai."


#0@12"Why don't you go ask her?"


#0@13"I wish we had some kind of heat knob...


#0@14Oh, I know!"




#0@16All these phantoms..."


#0@17"Remembering all those spirits soaking in the geyser gave me an idea.


#0@18If we stick some cold phantoms in it, won't it cool off?"


#0@19"Even if it does... Who'd want to get in a hot spring full of ghosts?


#0@20Come to think of it, the spirits from before disappeared.


#0@21My dolls aren't going out of control, either."


#0@22"Hm. I guess it's over."


#0@23"Aw, no way. The ghosts are getting away!"


#0@24"Well, it's too hot, isn't it?


#0@25Why don't we go get some eggs to boil in the springs?"


#0@26"Yeah! We can make money on hot springs eggs. Fusion energy's amazing."

#0@27They understood the geyser was because of the hell crow's excess heat,

#0@28but why did the spirits suddenly disappear?

#0@29They didn't know why, but the hot spring stayed like Marisa wanted, and Alice's dolls stopped going out of control, so they let it be.

#0@30What's more, the underground youkai seemed content, and didn't seem to be plotting anything.

#0@31The geyser had probably caused the spirits to appear somehow, Marisa and Alice concluded.

#0@32But soon after, the hell crow said something unexpected.

#0@33She had gotten her nuclear fusion power from a mountain god.

#0@34Once they heard that, the two set out for the mountain shrine.

#0@35They wanted to share some of that power, too.

#0@36<c$Ending No.04 — Fusion eggs? They're still just hot spring eggs.$>

#0@37<c$Congratulations, all clear! Just as I'd expected!$>

Good Ending No. 05 (Marisa & Patchouli)

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#0@0The magic library.

#0@1A dark library in the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

#0@2A great number of unique and unusual books were collected here.

#0@3If you did serious research, you could obtain any knowledge, from how to build a rocket to how to make a great stew.


#0@4"Evil spirits... Evil spirits... Evil spirits...


#0@5In the end, they're phantoms who haven't crossed the Sanzu River for some reason."


#0@6"If a youkai takes away their body before the death gods can ferry them, they become evil spirits.


#0@7Hm, hm... eh?


#0@8‘This most frequently happens when a youkai cat called a kasha steals their body.’..."


#0@9"...That cat..."


#0@10"What about cats?"


#0@11"I think that cat was the one who sent up those spirits... What on earth is that?"


#0@12"I caught it near the geyser.


#0@13I can't tell whether it's an evil spirit or just a phantom though."


#0@14"Stop bringing weird things into my library.


#0@15It's easy to tell the two apart, anyhow."


#0@16"Oh, really? Sorry, I guess I'm behind on my reading."


#0@17"Phantoms are cold to the touch. Evil spirits are hot."


#0@18"Let's see... Whoa, it's cold!


#0@19Then, that means this is just a phantom."


#0@20"Oh, don't leave it there! Go take it back to where you found it.


#0@21Don't you know abandoned pets are a problem nowadays?"


#0@22"Yeah, that was a real problem underground."


#0@23"The cats run wild controlling evil spirits, and the crows use fire to go on a rampage...


#0@24None of this would have happened if the Palace of the Earth Spirits would take proper care of their pets."

#0@25The geyser hadn't stopped, but the evil spirits had disappeared.

#0@26They geyser had erupted to disperse excess heat from the Blazing Hell.

#0@27Since the geyser itself wasn't a threat, Marisa and Patchouli decided to leave it alone.

#0@28Lately, it seems a lot of pet owners were tiring of the pets they'd adored so and letting them run free.

#0@29Those pets could gain the power to lengthen their own lives and

eventually become youkai, and they might even turn against their

masters in the end.

#0@30To all you pet owners, please remember this whenever you see a youkai:

#0@31That youkai might've been someone's pet, once upon a time.

#0@32<c$Ending No.05 — The Palace's pets were probably youkai from the start.$>

#0@33<c$Congratulations, all clear! Just as I'd expected!$>

Good Ending No. 06 (Marisa & Nitori)

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#0@0The geyser.

#0@1Geysers form when water that's pooled underground is heated, and the steam pressure forces it to burst out above ground.

#0@2This energy that usually just made hot water burst out at regular intervals was now the herald of something truly great.


#0@3"What're you doing?"


#0@4"The god of the mountain said that fusion energy will

change the kappa's future, but I don't really know

how we should use it."


#0@5"But, I know this geyser was created with fusion energy.


#0@6So, I thought I'd try to draw energy from the geyser."




#0@7"What's that?"


#0@8"It's called a turbine. It's like a water wheel.


#0@9If the energy of the geyser turns the turbine, it'll make a lot of electricity."


#0@10"Isn't that too many, though?


#0@11The geyser won't even be able to come out at this rate...


#0@12Why not just put a water wheel under the waterfall?"


#0@13"Mm. The energy conversion rate does seem pretty low."


#0@14"Aah, there's lots of things I'd try if I had fusion energy..."


#0@15"Well, why not just tame that crow, then? Seems easy enough."


#0@16"Oh? Will you do it for me, then? I don't wanna go underground."


#0@17"Oh well, I guess I'll go down one more time.


#0@18But, if it goes well, you have to share some of the energy with me."

#0@19Marisa's second underground excursion went off smoothly.

#0@20What's more, the hell crow, Utsuho, listened to what Marisa said patiently.

#0@21To animals, weak people are just prey, but they're submissive to stronger people.

#0@22Utsuho could control nuclear fusion, but to use it in practical applications she had to get certain atoms from the mountain god.

#0@23In other words, she couldn't just keep making reactions forever.

#0@24Marisa thought she had no choice but to visit the mountain god and ask her for fusion energy.

#0@25Still, the mountain god didn't have any reason to give it to her.

#0@26<c$Ending No.06 — Fusion energy is the hope for the future.$>

#0@27<c$Congratulations, all clear! Just as I'd expected!$>

Bad Ending No. 10 (Marisa & Alice)

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#0@0The geyser.

#0@1If you looked close, you could see a swarm of ghosts, or something.

#0@2Were they vengeful spirits?


#0@3"Hmm. I don't really think those guys there are just ghosts.


#0@4Something's different, but I don't know what."

#0@5In any case, she thought she'd try to learn the difference between

#0@6vengeful ghosts and phantoms, but Alice made her put it off.

#0@7First, she'd have to make them stop appearing.

#0@8<c$Ending No.10 — Leave research for your free time.$>

#0@9<c$Try to clear without using continues!$>

Bad Ending No. 11 (Marisa & Patchouli)

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#0@0The geyser.

#0@1If you looked close, you could see a swarm of ghosts, or something.

#0@2Were they vengeful spirits?


#0@3"These are vengeful spirits?


#0@4They're just floating around in the hot spring...


#0@5Doesn't look like they hold a grudge, or anything."

#0@6According to Patchouli, if these spirits clung to something from their life, they would come to bear a grudge against the world.

#0@7Even if they looked like simple, carefree spirits...

#0@8<c$Ending No.11 — Maybe the ghosts will make the spring cold.$>

#0@9<c$Try to clear without using continues!$>

Bad Ending No. 12 (Marisa & Nitori)

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg e05.msg.jdiff

#0@0The geyser.

#0@1It takes energy to heat that much water.

#0@2That must be the energy the kappa were talking about.


#0@3"Hm, it sure is a lot of energy.


#0@4Maybe enough to pile it as high as a mountain.


#0@5I gotta get my hands on it...


#0@6Will Nitori really share it with me, though?"

#0@7Marisa had been forced to go underground by a youkai, but next time she thought she'd sneak in of her own will.


#0@8<c$Ending No.12 — The ultimate water heater.$>

#0@9<c$Try to clear without using continues!$>

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