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This page is a translated version of a page Th11/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Translations are from the Touhou wiki's "Subterranean Animism/Music" page.

Music titles translation
No. 1 Awakening of the Earth Spirits


  This is the title theme.

Well, it's the same feeling as always. One thing that's very cave-like about caves is the sounds that echo around in them, so I did my best to make it cave-like.

Caves are great.

No. 2 The Dark Blowhole


  This is the first stage theme. Since it's in a cave, I made it darker than my usual stage 1 themes.

It's cute, with a little uneasiness to it... Well, the good rhythm hides the uneasiness and makes a trap out of it.

I think I'd like to try a horror game with a sense of speed to it, too.

No. 3 The Sealed Youkai ~ Lost Place


  This is Yamame Kurodani's theme.

I thought I'd try making it cool for a stage one song. It's a very simple song with that particular game music feel to it. I think it's best if a simple melody helps bring the game

action to a climax.

No. 4 The Bridge People No Longer Cross


  This is the second stage theme.

We're going down deeper and deeper. It's not too bold and very ambient, so it's the traveling song of traveling songs. Somehow it feels kind of Japanese, but that wasn't on purpose, hence the "somehow."

By the way, this has nothing to do with anything, but caves are great.

No. 5 Green-Eyed Jealousy


  This is Parsee Mizuhashi's theme.

She's a youkai with a wounded heart. So, I thought I'd like to make her a melodious song, and this is how it ended up. You wouldn't think it's a song for a shooting game, but when I tried to think

of something good for a shooting game it settled down into something like this.

No. 6 Walking the Streets of a Former Hell


  This is the third stage theme.

It has that peaceful brawl feeling of a certain Edo street. It's best to be light and cheerful, after all, isn't it? This song also has a very nostalgic feel to it.

I'd love to swagger down the city streets with as much excitement as this song has sometime.

No. 7 A Flower-Studded Saké Dish on Mt. Ooe


  This is Yuugi Hoshiguma's theme.

I was aiming for a strong, very playful image. In fact, Yuugi is teaching herself how to fight without spilling a drop of the saké from her cup. She must be bored.

Somehow, I think the oni of Hell have more fun than humans.

No. 8 Heartfelt Fancy


  This is the fourth stage theme.

I tried not to make it too one-sidedly Japanese. The Palace of the Earth Spirits is surprisingly Western. The people who live there are probably fancy, too.

But, it's a cat house. I want to be tamed by the cat.

No. 9 Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye


  This is Satori Komeiji's theme.

She's the master of the Palace of the Earth Spirits. She's a little fancy and loves animals. Actually, she should be the highest ranked enemy in Subterranean Animism, but it looks like fighting isn't her specialty.

I tried to make the song dramatic and otherworldly, too.

No. 10 Lullaby of Deserted Hell


  This is the fifth stage theme. Since people stopped being condemned to the hellfires, the oni don't visit anymore either, so this place has become the playground to spirits and animals. Actually, I'm thrilled whenever I see something like a building people have abandoned. The grounds of Former Hell must be enveloped in the sort of loneliness that surrounds ruins... is what

I thought of as I made this.

No. 11 Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer!


  This is Orin's theme.

This is the theme for a cheery, yet bizarre cat. Since stages 4 and 5 were pretty heavy, I tried to clear it up in a flash. The cart Orin's pushing is a wheelbarrow. What's it carrying, you say?

Best not to ask such questions, I think.

No. 12 Hellfire Mantle


  This is the last stage's theme.

I tried to make it feel like an end-of-game song. Flying through lava is standard fare for shooting games. I guess if there's anything in particular I'm trying to say, it's that it's

not unusual for shrine maidens to fly above lava like this. Crows, too.

No. 13 Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion


  This is Utsuho Reiuji's theme.

I tried to make it as modern, light, and simply boss-like as I could. In fact, she's not that great a youkai, for a last boss. She was originally just a bird. She's just really, really powerful. But I understand very well that even a fool that

possesses great power can't cause too much harm. Ah, even if it's the power of dreams.

No. 14 Last Remote


  This is the extra stage theme.

It feels like it's rushing you along for some reason, but there's no real reason to hurry, and everyone's acting carefree. Even Reimu can't compete with the Moriya Shrine crowd in terms of not having a

care in the world. The song title has no relation to a certain shooting game.

No. 15 Hartmann's Youkai Girl


  This is Koishi Komeiji's theme.

I tried to make it eerie and have the aura of a broken girl. I think the eeriness is fitting for an extra boss. Actually, I think a garden with roses strewn all about where thorns can prick

you is really fitting for a battle, but for some reason it's the shrine this time.

No. 16 The Earth Spirits' Homecoming


  This is the ending theme.

The theme here's staying up all night drinking and then making your lonely way home. The vengeful spirits head back into the depths of the earth, saying to themselves, "Aw, the festival's over," and "I guess we'd better be getting back now."

Those vengeful spirits are such old fogeys.

No. 17 Energy Daybreak ~ Future Dream...


  This is the staff roll theme.

I made it the same as always. Well, for the most part. It has that "This is the end~" feeling.

It's the ending, but the song title is Daybreak. It's not Tamiaki.

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