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This page is a translated version of a page Th12/Marisa's Endings and the translation is 100% complete.

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Good Ending No. 03 (Marisa-A)

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#0@0The Hakurei Shrine.

#0@1It's a shrine on the eastern edge of Gensokyo.

#0@2There was little shade of snow left on the shrine grounds.

#0@3The cherry blossoms would probably be out soon.


#0@4"Maaakaiiii, la la laaaa~"


#0@5"Well, you're in a good mood."


#0@6"Yeah, something good happened."


#0@7"Was it that treasure ship? You were saying you were gonna sneak on board."


#0@8"Ah, it wasn't a treasure ship."


#0@9"I knew it."


#0@10"That ship was headed for Makai.


#0@11They were flying off to save their friend there."


#0@12"In Makai?


#0@13Why are you in such a good mood, then?"


#0@14"I rode along with them all the way to Makai, so I found a lot of neat stuff."


#0@15"This is a magic stone, and this is a Makai mushroom. I even got some Makai crackers at a souvenir stand."


#0@16"Hm, Makai. I don't think I'd want to go there."


#0@17"They let me ride back on that ship, and they even said they'll take me to Makai again any time I want to go.


#0@18I'll be able to get all kinds of rare stuff now!"




#0@20So it was a Makai cruise ship, not a treasure ship."


#0@21"But, if that ship can go back and forth to Makai so easily,


#0@22why would they let you ride with them?"


#0@23" 'cuz we had a fight, and I won."


#0@24"I knew it.


#0@25I just knew you'd end up fighting someone on that ship."


#0@26"She was the captain, actually."

#0@27Marisa asked Byakuren to let her continue to go freely between Gensokyo and Makai.

#0@28Byakuren liked Marisa's direct personality, so she asked Murasa to let her go wherever she pleased.

#0@29As a fellow magician, Byakuren told Marisa to come see her if she ever had any trouble.

#0@30"Of course - I broke your seal, after all," Marisa said, and resolved to make as much of Byakuren's offer as possible.

#0@31But there was still the question of the UFOs she'd used to break the seal.

#0@32Byakuren wasn't any help figuring out why they looked that way.

#0@33Marisa thought there was still some mystery to be solved.

#0@34<c$Ending No.03 — Makai tours: Reasonable prices!$>

#0@35<c$Congratulations, all clear! Just as I'd expected!$>

Good Ending No. 04 (Marisa-B)

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#0@0Marisa's house.

#0@1A gloomy, musty place stacked high with various items.

#0@2Many items of unknown origin and purpose lay sleeping here, including many useless things even Marisa wouldn't touch.


#0@3"What the heck?


#0@4It was flying earlier, but now it won't move at all."


#0@5"What'd they call it... the Soaring Vault?


#0@6A part of a storehouse that flew through the sky...


#0@7I wonder if I can make it fly again somehow?"




#0@9The top of the UFO is opening?


#0@10Is there something inside?"


#0@11"Huh? Is this a li'l snake toy...?


#0@12What's this doing in there?


#0@13Hm, doesn't look alive..."


#0@14"What a creepy piece of treasure.


#0@15Whatever, it looks kind of valuable.


#0@16I hope Reimu will exorcise it if it's cursed."

#0@17Marisa took the snake toy out of the UFO and started in shock.

#0@18The flying, UFO-shaped treasure had turned into a simple piece of wood in the blink of an eye.

#0@19Marisa looked speechlessly at the magical object before her. She was quite impressed.

#0@20This was certainly some very powerful item.

#0@21Putting the snake back inside restored its UFO-like appearance.

#0@22Marisa was absolutely sure that this was some sort of treasure.

#0@23However, one doubt remained with her.

#0@24She didn't know whether the wood or the snake was the treasure.

#0@25Marisa's intuition told her it was the wood fragment.

#0@26Those youkai had called it part of the Soaring Vault, after all.

#0@27The wood fragment seemed more like a piece of a storehouse.

#0@28She tried various ways to make the wood fragment change its shape, but in the end it only reacted to the snake.

#0@29As soon as she gave up trying to make it change, she noticed something extremely surprising and disturbing.

#0@30"Th-that little toy is moving!"

#0@31The snake moved suddenly as if it had come back to life, and then headed to the window as if to escape!

#0@32Dumbfounded, Marisa noted that the treasure looked like a snake again as she chased after it.

#0@33The snake was rather quick and made it to the window in the blink of an eye.

#0@34Then it suddenly changed shape into a bird and disappeared into the night sky. Marisa watched it, dumbstruck.

#0@35"I-I'll have to thoroughly investigate this, whatever it is!"

#0@36<c$Ending No.04 — Continued in the Extra Stage.$>

#0@37<c$Congratulations, all clear! Just as I'd expected!$>

Bad Ending No. 09 (Marisa-A)

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg e02.msg.jdiff

#0@0Hokkai, a part of Makai.

#0@1Marisa was caught by Byakuren, and was unable to return home.

#0@2At first, she was happy about it, but...


#0@3"This is so boring, I'm gonna die.


#0@4I'm sick of being in a world with nothing in it.


#0@5I just wanna go home soon..."

#0@6Youkai quietly went on with their lives all around her.

#0@7A world without any conflict was like Hell for Marisa.


#0@8<c$Ending No.09 — She's too young to be able to enjoy boredom.$>

#0@9<c$Go for a one-credit clear!$>

Bad Ending No. 10 (Marisa-B)

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg e03.msg.jdiff

#0@0Hokkai, a part of Makai.

#0@1Marisa was caught by Byakuren, and was unable to return home.

#0@2At first, she was happy about it, but...


#0@3"There's no point in getting all this treasure if I can't even get back home.


#0@4There's no way for me to study it here."

#0@5Marisa's mistake had been not realizing her escape route had been cut off while she was distracted by treasure.

#0@6She decided to focus on how to get back home for now.

#0@7<c$Ending No.10 — Others will tire of your caution.$>

#0@8<c$Go for a one-credit clear!$>

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