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This page is a translated version of a page Th12/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Music titles translation
No. 1 Shadow of blue sky


  It is the theme of the title screen. In the case of Well as usual. I tried to make it feel a bit worse. I want to walk upwards but I'm afraid of being seen by strange people

I will walk forward and look forward.

No. 2 In the spring of Minato


  It is one theme. In the case of I wanted to start with a light and comfortable song so it looks something like this. Well, the shooting is not as good as the brighter one? Even if a person whose hobby preferences change according to the mood at that time.

The songs are refreshing. I want to jump out of the window.

No. 3 Small small general advise


  It is the theme of Nazurin. In the case of Is it like a boss? Anyhow it does not look. There are things mice have entered in the kotatsu that I used to have. Sometimes I was bitten. Blood stopped stopping and I was absent from elementary school.

Mice are really strong and dangerous. Anyhow it does not look.

No. 4 Close and cloud passage


  It is the theme of the second side. In the case of I tried to give a floating feel different from the first side. I am swimming in the clouds where youkai are. It seems to be comfortable when you imagine, but it will actually be cold.

I guess the clothes will freeze. I wonder if the guts are enough.

No. 5 Pay attention to the umbrella for 10 years


  It is a theme of Masayoshi small umbrella. In the case of How many umbrellas do you buy in a lifetime? I forgot to place it on the train, or buy a plastic umbrella for sudden rain at the destination. Anyway, I feel like I'm having fun but suddenly feeling depressed

I made it with an image of selfish Umbrella ghost.

No. 6 Sky Ruin


  It is the theme of the third side. In the case of I tried out a slightly mysterious atmosphere without losing lightness. If it says to float in the air, it is still Laputa - but the trick is already over

You did it, did not you.
Then speaking of the ruins ... Rapu

No. 7 Father's father and a high-school girl


  It is the theme of cloud unity and Yunsan. In the case of Because it was a fun character, I felt songs fun and felt old. It's nice to be stupid or occasional centimeters. Because Yunzan is made of clouds, even if two or more people come out at the same time

There is no need to worry if four arms come out. Eye power flash!

No. 8 A journey across the space-time of a ghost liner


  It is the theme of the 4th aspect. In the case of Traveling is good, is not it? The most exciting time when I am on a ride. Even if it is a ship of a ghost captain famous for being sunk well. This song gives us a sense of excitement that expectations and anxiety are intermingled as much as possible

I saw it.

No. 9 Captain Murasa


  It is the theme of Murasa Mizuna. In the case of It is the captain of a famous boat ghost that sinks often. Songs are made with images as captains, so they are good looking for no good. But everyone calls me murasa, but since Murasa is the name of youkai

In fact it is not called by name.

No. 10 Devil local city Esoteria


  It is the theme of the 5th page. In the case of It is an irregular rhythm song, but it is surprisingly stingy. Feeling like Makaikai. When listening with the sound effect during playing, the excitement from the middle is intense So, I definitely want to listen while playing.

The name of the song comes from a combination of rural and urban feeling.

No. 11 Tiger pattern of Bishamonten


  It is the theme of Tiger Maru. In the case of I quietly gave a strong feeling. Feeling like a boss in the second half. It is a feeling that there is dignity rather than fear. However, the lunar lunar laser is scary.

It is an old killer that requires high reflexes.

No. 12 Fire of the Jurisdiction


  It is the theme of the 6th aspect. In the case of It is a wasteful tense feeling. In a short stage the difficulty level is not high, but I feel tense. In the case of

My heart sounds awesome.

No. 13 Emotional skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind


  It is the theme of Holy White Lotus. In the case of From quiet heart sounds suddenly made the world feel like opening. It is a tired Rasubosu song, maybe. Overall the Japanese style and melodic, the rust is singing as if everyone

I made it like a melody. Human, emotion exposed and GO!

No. 14 UFO Romance in the Night Sky


  It is the theme of the extra stage. In the case of UFO is cute. From here we will send you with this cute little strange stuff. I made it with the aim of a pop feeling.

After all UFO is pop.

No. 15 peaceful alien


  It is the theme of enamble beasts. In the case of It is a song that was fierce youkai youkai. It made old-fashioned Japanese fear and sorrowful music. I guess you are feeling extra boss anyway.

It is also extra that it is full of ad lib in a one - shot and one - shot recording.

No. 16 Monsters Monastery


  It is the ending theme. In the case of As it is always the theme of the shrine, it is a rare temple. In the case of There is a dark image of the temple from the shrine.

It is rude to say that it is dark. With a boring image (it is a joke)

No. 17 Sky Dream on the way home on the sky


  It is the theme of staff roll. In the case of It is arranged by the skyscraper of emotion. In the case of I feel like I am on the quiet side of the trip.

Look up, see UFO in the night sky.

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