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This page is a translated version of a page Th12/Sanae's Endings and the translation is 100% complete.

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Good Ending No. 05 (Sanae-A)

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#0@0The Moriya Shrine, up on the mountain.

#0@1Cherry blossoms were blooming at its foot, but the mountain tops were still cold and covered

#0@2with traces of snow. Few humans ever came this far, even when there wasn't snow.


#0@3"It looks like it was pretty rough.


#0@4Youkai hunting is a tough job."


#0@5"Yes, it really was.


#0@6I started chasing a ship, but before I knew it I'd been brought to a world I couldn't escape from."


#0@7"So, I asked a human there for help and made it home somehow."




#0@9So, this is in return for that favor, then?"


#0@10" ‘Help Wanted Building Myouren Temple, Now Seeking Wood & Clay Workers’ "


#0@11"Well, uh, she said she wanted to build a temple, so I thought it would be nice to help her out.


#0@12Look, they need people of your and Lady Suwako's talents."


#0@13"It's just a lot to ask in return for a ride on a ship."


#0@14"But, I didn't have anyway to get home.


#0@15"Well, anyway... Ah, what was her name again?"


#0@16"Byakuren. Byakuren Hijiri."


#0@17"How suspicious."


#0@18"You said she was sealed underground for a long time, but the first thing she wants to do is build a temple?"


#0@19"Hm, that's a good point.


#0@20I was worried about how to get home from Makai, so I forgot."


#0@21"No matter, why don't we help her out, anyway?


#0@22That will let us size up this Byakuren person."


#0@23"Oh, thank you!"


#0@24"You're gonna help out, too."


#0@25"Well, uh, I'm not that good at manual labor..."

#0@26And so the Myouren Temple was built by Kanako and Suwako.

#0@27It was completed in a flash. Suwako made the earth flat, brought down the ship, and it was finished.

#0@28Kanako gazed intently at Byakuren and the youkai around her.

#0@29Byakuren was revered by the youkai.

#0@30Kanako thought it was odd that a monk that'd build a temple like this would be so revered by youkai.

#0@31Byakuren always dealt frankly and truthfully with youkai and humans.

#0@32She turned to the doubt-filled Kanako and thanked her profusely.

#0@33"You're the god of the mountain, right? I could tell just by looking at you."

#0@34So saying, she began explaining her circumstances.

#0@35Where she was born,

#0@36the sort of life she'd lived,

#0@37and why she'd been sealed away.

#0@38Kanako didn't sense a shred of falsehood in her story.

#0@39"This monk is certainly no ordinary person."

#0@40Kanako was even more convinced they'd need to exercise caution.


#0@41<c$Ending No.05 — Byakuren is really a nice person.$>

#0@42<c$Congratulations, all clear! Just as I'd expected!$>

Good Ending No. 06 (Sanae-B)

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#0@0The sacred palanquin ship, a ship that soars through the sky.

#0@1It wasn't a treasure ship; just an otherwise ordinary ship that could fly through the sky.

#0@2It must be nice to fly through the sky once in a while.


#0@3"Wow, this flying ship sure is nice."


#0@4"You don't surprise easily, do you?"


#0@5"Well, what's a UFO or two nowadays?"




#0@7"Things like this are called UFOs.


#0@8At least, where we come from."


#0@9"I see."


#0@10"It means ‘unidentified flying object.’ "


#0@11"So, I know what this ship is, but what were the tiny UFOs?"


#0@12"Tiny UFOs... Unidentified flying objects?


#0@13Are you talking about the pieces of the Soaring Vault?"


#0@14"I've got one!"


#0@15"Good job. See, one of these.


#0@16It doesn't look like part of a vault to me at all."




#0@18It's shabby now, but it was once part of a wooden storehouse."


#0@19"Eh? Wooden? This thing?"


#0@20"It does feel kind of woody, but..."


#0@21"A circular storehouse? It must've been ahead of its time."


#0@22"Eh? Circular?


#0@23No, just a plain, simple storehouse. Is it already old-fashioned?"






#0@25"Eh? Did I say something odd?"

#0@26The three continued to talk past each other for a while.

#0@27Suwako had thought there was one mystery left in the report Sanae had given and decided to ride the flying ship for herself.

#0@28That mystery was the matter of the circular UFOs.

#0@29She couldn't imagine these being parts of a storehouse.

#0@30Suwako had thought Byakuren's group was still hiding something.

#0@31However, she was mistaken.

#0@32The truth was that the flying wooden fragments didn't look like flying saucers to Byakuren's group.

#0@33The UFO Sanae had caught looked like a normal piece of wood.

#0@34That's why their conversation wasn't getting anywhere.

#0@35Sanae and Suwako never realized this, and disembarked from the ship feeling unsatisfied.

#0@36They decided to believe storehouses were round in Byakuren's time.

#0@37<c$Ending No.06 — Who's the culprit behind the UFOs?$>

#0@38<c$Congratulations, all clear! Just as I'd expected!$>

Bad Ending No. 11 (Sanae-A)

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#0@0Hokkai, a part of Makai.

#0@1Sanae was caught by Byakuren, and was unable to return home.

#0@2She had no choice but to listen to Byakuren's speech...


#0@3"Hmm, I guess not all youkai are bad.


#0@4I don't want to think of them as being the same as gods, though."

#0@5Sanae quietly listened as Byakuren spoke.

#0@6At first she just wanted Byakuren to send her home, but over time she came to sympathize with the youkai.

#0@7<c$Ending No.11 — So, when do I get to go home?$>

#0@8<c$Go for a one-credit clear! $>

Bad Ending No. 12 (Sanae-B)

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#0@0Hokkai, a part of Makai.

#0@1Sanae was caught by Byakuren, and was unable to return home.

#0@2She had nothing to do but pour out her feelings to Byakuren.


#0@3"You see, humans live in constant fear of youkai.


#0@4So, we can't have someone like you just running amok.


#0@5By the way, how can I get back to my world?"

#0@6Sanae realized that she was surrounded by youkai.

#0@7She only then realized that trying to defy them all could very well cost her her life.

#0@8<c$Ending No.12 — It's not good to be too stubborn.$>

#0@9<c$Go for a one-credit clear!$>

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