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Did you mean: ==Good Ending No. 05 (Sana'a)==

Good Ending No. 05 (Sanae-A)

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#0@0Moriya shrine on the top of the mountain.

#0@1Cherry blossoms also bloom at the foot, but snow still remains cold on the top of the mountain.

#0@2Even without snow, few people climbed up to here.


#0@3"It sounds tough.


#0@4The job of exterminating youkai "


#0@5"Yeah was really hard.


#0@6At first it was only chasing the ship, but once I noticed I was taken to a world where I can not return anymore. "


#0@7"So I asked someone who was there and managed to come back."




#0@9So the price is the price? "


#0@10"" Civil worker seeking wish for the building of Nirenji temple ""


#0@11"Well, because I say I want to build a temple instead I would like you to help me with that.


#0@12Look, Kanako and Suwako are good at that hand. "


#0@13Auto corrected to: However, I just got quite expensive just by getting on board a ship


#0@14"Because, there was no way to go home"


#0@15"How did you say that, then?"


#0@16"White lotus, Holy white lotus"


#0@17"Suspicious stuff"


#0@18"Although I was told that it was sealed for a long time, the seal could be solved What I do first is the construction of a temple. "


#0@19"That's right.


#0@20I was just thinking about returning from Makai and forgotten. "


#0@21"Okay, let's take on that job.


#0@22So I'll figure out who that white lotus is. "


#0@23"Thank you"


#0@24"You also help me"


#0@25"Er, force work is kinda ..."

#0@26Construction of Nagarenji was done by Suwako and Kanako hands.

#0@27The temple was completed in no time. Or, if Suwako is the earth As I flew, the ship came down in the sky, so it was nearly complete.

#0@28Kanako gazed at the white lotus and the youkai around it.

#0@29White lotus was loved by youkai.

#0@30Kanako said "A monk who builds such a temple is a youkai ...?" I wondered.

#0@31White lotus is nothing but a lie, she was in contact with youkai and human beings with a toothless clothing word.

#0@32White lotus thanked that kind of shame, thanked him deeply.

#0@33"You are the god of this mountain, you see it by just looking at it."

#0@34As I said, Hayaran started talking about herself.

#0@35Where you were born,

#0@36What kind of life is sent,

#0@37And why was it sealed?

#0@38I could not feel any lies in the words of Baroen.

#0@39"This monk is not just a man"

#0@40Kanako felt more vigilance is necessary.


#0@41Ending No.05 No, white lotus is a nice person

#0@42Congratulations all clear! You are ashamed!

Good Ending No. 06 (Sanae-B)

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#0@0A ship flying in the sky, a sacred ship.

#0@1It is not a treasure ship or anything, apparently just a ship flying normally in the sky It seems that it was.

#0@2It will be nice to fly once in a while.


#0@3"Oh, the flying boat is also comfortable."


#0@4"I am not surprised."


#0@5"Well well, one or two UFOs now"




#0@7"We call such a UFO.


#0@8Between us. "




#0@10"It's an unidentified flying object"


#0@11"So, I knew this ship, but what is a small UFO?"


#0@12"Small UFO ...... Unidentified flying object?


#0@13Is that about fragments of the skull? "


#0@14"I caught it!"


#0@15"Thank you for your hard work, here it is.


#0@16Even if you look at it you can not see the fragments of the warehouse. "


#0@17"Is that so?


#0@18It certainly looks crunching, but in the past it was a wooden storehouse. "


#0@19"What? Wood? Are you?"


#0@20"The touch feeling is like wooden ... ...."


#0@21"It was quite avant-able to say that it is a disk-shaped storehouse"


#0@22"What? Disk form?


#0@23No, it would be normal plain warehouse? I wonder if it is already old? "






#0@25"Huh? Did you mention something surprising?"

#0@26Three conversations never got in touch until the end.

#0@27Suwako who heard the Rice seedlings reports, leaving one serious mystery I thought, I got on this ship.

#0@28The mystery is a disk shaped UFO.

#0@29I certainly can not believe this is the warehouse.

#0@30Suwako thought that the white lotus still hid something.

#0@31But that was a mistake.

#0@32Actually, for the white lotus, the sky-flying wood piece is not visible to the disc shaped UFO It was.

#0@33The UFO seized Rice seedlings seemed to be just a piece of old wood.

#0@34Therefore, the talk did not engage well.

#0@35Rice seedlings and Suwako are not aware of the fact until the end, indigestion Leave the ship as it is.

#0@36They were convinced by saying that the warehouse of the time of the White Lotus was a discoid shape.

#0@37Ending No.06 Is the culprit of UFO different?

#0@38Congratulations all clear! You are ashamed!

Did you mean: ==Bad Ending No. 11 (Sana'a)==

Bad Ending No. 11 (Sanae-A)

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#0@0One corner of the Makai world, the legal circle.

#0@1Rice seedlings can not be caught by white lotus and can not return.

#0@2There was no choice but I was listening to Hakuren's story ... ....


#0@3"Ha, youkai are not only bad people, are not they?


#0@4I still do not want to think that God and youkai are together. "

#0@5Rice seedlings is adultly listening to the story of White lotus.

#0@6At first it was to get it back to the original world, but before getting in touch It began to be in sync with the youkai.

#0@7With Ending No. 11, when can we go home?

#0@8Aim for clear in no continuation!

Bad Ending No. 12 (Sanae-B)

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#0@0One corner of the Makai world, the legal circle.

#0@1Rice seedlings can not be caught by white lotus and can not return.

#0@2There was no choice, I was talking about my thought to Hakuren ... ....


#0@3"Therefore, humans are living in fright about youkai every day.


#0@4That's why you are in trouble if you are rampaging like you guys.


#0@5By the way, how do I get back to the original world? "

#0@6I noticed that Rice seedlings are the only youkai being around.

#0@7Here, your life might be dangerous against the people So I realized it this time.

#0@8Ending No. 12 Stubbornness is Loss

#0@9Aim for clear in no continuation!

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