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This page is a translated version of the page Th12/Spell cards and the translation is 98% complete.
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# Name Owner
Stage 1
1 Stick Spell "Sticky Stick" Nazrin
3 Steal Spell "Sticky Fingers" Nazrin
5 Steal Spell "Sneaky Snitcher" Nazrin
7 Squeak Spell "Cheese Detector" Nazrin
9 Squeak Spell "Ultimate Cheese Detector" Nazrin
10 Pest Spell "Annoyance" Nazrin
Stage 2
11 Joke Spell "Boy are my arms tired..." Kogasa Tatara
13 Joke Spell "Change in weather makes you rich" Kogasa Tatara
15 Stand-Up Spell "What's the deal with airline food?" Kogasa Tatara
17 Stand-Up Spell "A guy walks into a wet bar..." Kogasa Tatara
19 Rainbow Spell "How do you wrap a cloud?" Kogasa Tatara
21 Umbrella Sign "What goes up when rain comes down?" Kogasa Tatara
23 ZUN Spell "Can you dodge rain?" Kogasa Tatara
25 Farce Spell "No really, what's the deal with airline food?" Kogasa Tatara
Stage 3
27 Iron Fist "YOU WANT SOME OF THAT?!" Ichirin Kumoi
29 Bro Fist "YEAHH! 'MURICA!" Ichirin Kumoi
30 Bro Fist "Live for ultimate bromance!" Ichirin Kumoi
31 Knuckle Fist "Goes well as sandwich" Ichirin Kumoi
33 Cloud Spell "Muffy-Puffy" Ichirin Kumoi
34 Cloud Spell "Pinky-Minky" Ichirin Kumoi
35 Hand Smash "Smashy-Smashy" Ichirin Kumoi
37 Confidential "UFO Catcher" Ichirin Kumoi
39 Sandbag "Annihalation of permeated granulation" Ichirin Kumoi
41 The RAGE "Pon-De-Ring-ze!!" Ichirin Kumoi
42 The RAGE "Golden Pon-De-Ring-ze!!" Ichirin Kumoi
Stage 4
43 Keelover "Lift ye anchor!" Minamitsu Murasa
45 Keelover "Drop ye anchor!" Minamitsu Murasa
46 Keelover "Here cometh the BIG anchor!" Minamitsu Murasa
47 Arryematie "There be gold in this bootie" Minamitsu Murasa
49 Arryematie "HAR YAR YAR" Minamitsu Murasa
51 Harbor Spell "Avast, ye scurvy dawgs!" Minamitsu Murasa
53 Harbor Spell "Shiver me timbers" Minamitsu Murasa
54 Harbor Spell "Yohoho and a bottle of milk" Minamitsu Murasa
55 Poet Spell "Groop, I implore thee" Minamitsu Murasa
56 Poet Spell "Rending thee in the Gobberwarts" Minamitsu Murasa
57 Poet Spell "My Favorite Bathtime Gurgles" Minamitsu Murasa
Stage 5
58 Power Lantern "Ultimate Cheese" Nazrin
60 Power Lantern "Ultimate Cheese" Nazrin
61 Power Lantern "Ultimate Cheese" Nazrin
62 Power Lantern "Radiant Cheese" Shou Toramaru
64 Power Lantern "Radiant Cheese Gun" Shou Toramaru
65 Power Lantern "Radiant Cheese Gun" Shou Toramaru
66 Light Spell "Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Ti-" Shou Toramaru
68 Light Spell "Tiger Robocop" Shou Toramaru
70 Hip Art "Cats be snippin'" Shou Toramaru
72 Excellent Light "Tromp them clothes together, man" Shou Toramaru
73 Excellent Light "Ickin' tie, man" Shou Toramaru
74 Light Spell "Tuned in to the jazz" Shou Toramaru
76 Light Spell "Cool and Groovy" Shou Toramaru
77 "Complete and utter Radness" Shou Toramaru
Stage 6
78 Hive "Purple Swarm" Byakuren Hijiri
80 Bad Omen "I have a bad feeling about this" Byakuren Hijiri
81 Bad Omen "Tell me how you really feel" Byakuren Hijiri
82 Hive "Hostile Takeover" Byakuren Hijiri
84 Hive "Invasion of the 1 inch whatevers" Byakuren Hijiri
86 Dark Hive "Talk like bees, look like people" Byakuren Hijiri
88 Dark Hive "Colony" Byakuren Hijiri
89 Dark Hive "I am the Brainwasherrrrrr!" Byakuren Hijiri
90 Devotion "Queen of the Galaxy" Byakuren Hijiri
92 Devotion "Queen of the Dark Matter" Byakuren Hijiri
93 Devotion "Queen of the Universe" Byakuren Hijiri
94 Byakuren Hijiri
95 "And that was that! At." Byakuren Hijiri
96 Alien Queen "Bea Crane Hissyfits" Byakuren Hijiri
97 Starship "It came from another Planet" Byakuren Hijiri
99 Starship "The ALIENATOR" Byakuren Hijiri
100 Starship "The ALIENATOR" Byakuren Hijiri
Extra Stage
101 Umbrella Spell "Ellah Ellah Ellah Ehh Ehh" Kogasa Tatara
102 Surprise Spell "Actually pretty funny" Kogasa Tatara
103 Serious Spell "But seriously, what IS the deal with airline food!" Kogasa Tatara
104 Nineties Spell "I Love 1993!" Nue Houjuu
105 Newsgroup Spell "The Jihad to Destroy Barney" Nue Houjuu
106 Prank Call "Bel-Air" Nue Houjuu
107 Sega Spell "SAY-GUH!" Nue Houjuu
108 UFO "Unidentified Flying Object" Nue Houjuu
109 Shapeshifter "The Name's S!" Nue Houjuu
110 Shelly Sign "Outcast Alien" Nue Houjuu
111 Outcast "Nobody Likes Me" Nue Houjuu
112 "I Wanna Go Back" Nue Houjuu
113 End Spell "Goodbye for Now" Nue Houjuu