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This page is a translated version of the page Th123/Cirno's Endings and the translation is 100% complete.
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---Hakurei Shrine, the eastern border of Gensokyo.@

There was something there more annoying than the incessant chatter of cicadas.@

This annoyance, however, is integral to this story.


Reimu "So? What about Daidarabocchi?"@ Cirno "Daidarabocchi's this giant youkai!"


Reimu "I... I see..."@ Cirno "Um, it looks like a giant doll..."


Marisa "Huh..."@

Cirno "Anyways, it's huge and it can move around on its own!@

If that thing goes out of control, Gensokyo's in danger!"


Reimu "A large doll...@ are you talking about this, perhaps?"


Reimu "Hisou Tensoku, a giant automated youkai-type doll."@ Cirno "Hisou Tensoku?"


Reimu "It's a large doll designed by the Kappa."@ Cirno "Kappaaa?"\


Reimu "Everyone's seen this.@ If you go to the foothills right now, you can see it."


Cirno "What? Everyone's seen this? Boring."


Cirno "Hii-soou... Tenn-sooo-kuu...@ Hmmn?"\


Reimu "Its movements are really realistic.@ I heard it's operated by steam power."


Cirno "What... is this?" Reimu "You mistook this for Daidarabocchi, didn't you?"


Cirno "Huh? Is that what happened?"@

Reimu "Well in any case, it's just a giant doll.@

No need to be afraid."


Cirno "Huh? No, this isn't what I saw!@ This is totally different!


Reimu "Eh?"@

Cirno "It was more realistic, and it looked more threatening!@

Anyways, this is wrong! Totally different!"


Reimu "I see...@ Walk me through your story."