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From th123 static patch

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---Hakurei Shrine, the border of Gensokyo.@

The heat of summer heightened the contrast between the blacks and greens of the shrine.@ Were the cicadas to stop chirping, one would perhaps stop thinking and lose sight of reality.@

To be, and not think--- a simple task for an object, but a difficult one for humans.


Marisa "Hey, seen this news article?"@

Reimu "Looking at that now.@

The 47th day of the Sankuu Shogi Contest, right?"

(Sankuu means three-space and could be an archaic spelling for "3D-Shogi".)


Marisa "Yeah, guess you can't help but look at a game like that with no winners or losers.@

       Went into thousands of moves one time and no one ever noticed.@
       Kept on repeating over and over.@
No, I'm not talking about that. Look at this!"


Reimu "Futuristic Water Youkai Bazaar...@

       massive sale of all sorts of rare items,
       from inventions by the Kappa to Shirikodama..."\

Marisa "Looks interesting. Wanna go?@

We might find something nice."\


Reimu "I dunno... the Kappa's inventions are kinda shady."@ Marisa "No way."


Reimu "Besides, who is she trying to appeal to, starting a shop out of the blue?"


Marisa "Isn't it because she doesn't have enough money to maintain her fusion reactor?"


Reimu "That'd be reasonable. Oh, it talks about giant dolls here."


Marisa "Lemme see.@

       "Giant Youkai Automated Doll Hisou Tensoku Unveiled to Public."@
"You can see it from far away, so come and take a look."


Reimu "It's not being sold?"@

Marisa "I don't know, are they trying to?@

       I feel like it's just something to see,
judging from what this article says."


Reimu "I saw it when it was still being tested.@

       It moves pretty realistically.@
I wonder how they control it?"


Marisa "I dunno. It's too big for strings..."@ Reimu "How nice..."


---A newcomer to the Mountain, Moriya Shrine.@

The alpine summer was cool, mocking the sweltering heat of the foothills.@

Here lived two gods and one perso... no, three gods.


Suwako "Hisou Tensoku's just an ad for the Kappa.

       It moves pretty realistically though, doesn't it?"
Sanae "It's uselessly realistic. I wanted a huge robot."


Kanako "Huh. She made something like that? If I had designed it, it would have been more practical."


Suwako "Forget practicality. I think it moves more realistically

       if it doesn't think about anything.@
       The Kappa's design is wonderful.@
The doll is completely empty on the inside."


Sanae "Doesn't think? What do you mean...?"@ Kanako "I see. We'd have problems if it suddenly developed cognition."


Suwako "Precisely. We can't have something that large becoming sentient.@

       If this doll acts in a meaningful manner and
       repeats those actions, it will eventually develop sentience.@
That's why she needed to create a doll that can't think."


Sanae "I see. But how does she recreate those realistic movements, then?"


Suwako "Nuclear power, naturally."@

Sanae "Can nuclear power do everything?@

I have no idea what it is."


Kanako "It's just light, infinitely expanded.@

       They need to convert it into something else
       for that huge doll to move.@
You know, like heat or light..."


Suwako "Uh, actually...@

       It's just using the water vapor from the underground geysers.@
Increase the vapor, and the doll's arm raises, and vice versa."


Sanae "So that's just..."@

Kanako "Like a giant balloon, right?"@

Suwako "Hisou Tensoku really is remarkably empty, isn't it?"


Sanae "I really wanted to have a giant robot battle or something."@

Suwako "You don't want to battle, you just want to ride it, don't you?"@ Sanae "What... what's wrong with that?@

It's always been humanity's dream to make a giant robot."


Kanako "A doll that gathers humans together.@

       I'm sure the youkai of Gensokyo are interested in this too.@
       That Kappa has got some sharp marketing skills."@
Suwako "That's because I advised her."

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