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This page is a translated version of a page Th123/Spell cards and the translation is 100% complete.

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Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Story mode
common-0 "Spiritual Strike Talisman" Common
common-1 "Magic Potion" Common
common-2 "Stopwatch" Common
common-3 "Hakurouken" Common
common-4 "Sacrificial Doll" Common
common-5 "Grimoire" Common
common-6 "Custom Parasol" Common
common-7 "Soul Torch" Common
common-8 "Left-Handed Folding Fan" Common
common-9 "Ibuki Gourd" Common
common-10 "Tengu Fan" Common
common-11 "Spell-Breaking Drug" Common
common-12 "Yesterday's Money" Common
common-13 "Divine Raiment of the Dragon Fish" Common
common-14 "Sword of Scarlet Perception" Common
common-15 "Illness Recovery Charm" Common
common-16 "Frozen Frog" Common
common-17 "Dragon Star" Common
common-18 "Control Rod" Common
common-19 "Three Heavenly Drops" Common
common-20 "Catfish's Great Earthquake" Common

Reimu Hakurei

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Story mode
reimu-0 Amulet "Youkai Repelling Charm" Reimu Hakurei
reimu-4 Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal -Circle-" Reimu Hakurei
reimu-8 Divine Spirit "Fantasy Seal -Blink-" Reimu Hakurei
reimu-12 "Most Evil Surprise Miko Orbs" Reimu Hakurei
Skill cards
reimu-111 Rain Dance Reimu Hakurei
Spell cards
reimu-204 Dream Sign "Evil-Sealing Circle" Reimu Hakurei
reimu-207 Barrier "Expanding Barrier" Reimu Hakurei

Marisa Kirisame

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Story mode
marisa-0 Star Sign "Eccentric Asteroid" Marisa Kirisame
marisa-4 Light Flow "Shooting Echo" Marisa Kirisame
marisa-8 Magic Sign "Magical R360" Marisa Kirisame
Skill cards
marisa-110 Magical Waste-Recycling Bomb Marisa Kirisame
Spell cards
marisa-204 Love Sign "Non-Directional Laser" Marisa Kirisame
marisa-209 Star Sign "Gravity Beat" Marisa Kirisame
marisa-212 Light Sign "Earthlight Ray" Marisa Kirisame
marisa-214 Magic Waste "Deep Ecological Bomb" Marisa Kirisame
marisa-219 Perverse Love "Easy-Harvest Master Spark" Marisa Kirisame

Sakuya Izayoi

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Skill cards
sakuya-108 Dancing Star Sword Sakuya Izayoi
sakuya-109 Misdirection Sakuya Izayoi
sakuya-110 Parallel Brane Sakuya Izayoi
sakuya-111 Time Paradox Sakuya Izayoi
Spell cards
sakuya-206 Silver Sign "Silver Bound" Sakuya Izayoi
sakuya-209 Time Sign "Sakuya's Special Stopwatch" Sakuya Izayoi
sakuya-210 Light Speed "C. Ricochet" Sakuya Izayoi
sakuya-211 Time Sign "Imaginary Vertical Time" Sakuya Izayoi
sakuya-212 Watch "Lunar Dial" Sakuya Izayoi

Alice Margatroid

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Story mode
alice-0 Doll "Semi-Automaton" Alice Margatroid
alice-4 Knight "Doll of Round Table" Alice Margatroid
alice-8 Sacrifice "Suicide Pact" Alice Margatroid
alice-12 Testing "Level Titania" Alice Margatroid
alice-16 Testing "Goliath Doll" Alice Margatroid
Skill cards
alice-108 Doll Ambush Alice Margatroid
alice-110 Doll Archers Alice Margatroid
Spell cards
alice-210 Lance Sign "Cutie Phalanx" Alice Margatroid
alice-211 Dolls "Lemmings' Parade" Alice Margatroid

Patchouli Knowledge

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Story mode
patchouli-0 Fire Sign "Ring of Agni" Patchouli Knowledge
patchouli-4 Water Sign "Princess Undine" Patchouli Knowledge
Skill cards
patchouli-110 Wipe Moisture Patchouli Knowledge
patchouli-111 Sticky Bubbles Patchouli Knowledge
patchouli-112 Static Green Patchouli Knowledge
patchouli-113 Fall Slasher Patchouli Knowledge
patchouli-114 Diamond Hardness Patchouli Knowledge
Spell cards
patchouli-206 Water Sign "Jelly Fish Princess" Patchouli Knowledge
patchouli-211 Fire Water Sign "Phlogistic Pillar" Patchouli Knowledge
patchouli-212 Earth & Metal Sign "Emerald Megalith" Patchouli Knowledge
patchouli-213 Sun & Moon Sign "Royal Diamond Ring" Patchouli Knowledge

Youmu Konpaku

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Skill cards
youmu-108 Phosphoric Slash Youmu Konpaku
youmu-110 Slashing a Flower Upon One's Head Youmu Konpaku
Spell cards
youmu-208 Voidness Sword "Slash Clearing the Six Senses" Youmu Konpaku
youmu-212 Reincarnation Sword "Slash of Circular Vicissitude" Youmu Konpaku

Remilia Scarlet

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Skill cards
remilia-108 Trickster Devil Remilia Scarlet
remilia-110 Vampire Kiss Remilia Scarlet
remilia-111 Stigmanizer Remilia Scarlet
Spell cards
remilia-207 Destiny "Miserable Fate" Remilia Scarlet
remilia-208 "Millennium Vampire" Remilia Scarlet
remilia-209 Devil "Remilia Stretch" Remilia Scarlet

Yuyuko Saigyouji

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Skill cards
yuyuko-109 Land of Death Yuyuko Saigyouji
yuyuko-110 Gifts to the Deceased Yuyuko Saigyouji
yuyuko-111 Sense of Elegance Yuyuko Saigyouji
Spell cards
yuyuko-206 Spirit Butterfly "In the Moment Where a Butterfly's Wings Flap" Yuyuko Saigyouji
yuyuko-209 Cherry Blossom Sign "Sense of Cherry Blossom" Yuyuko Saigyouji
yuyuko-219 "Resurrection Butterfly" Yuyuko Saigyouji

Yukari Yakumo

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Skill cards
yukari-109 Boundary of Intellect and Feet Yukari Yakumo
yukari-110 Eyes that View Change Yukari Yakumo
yukari-111 Chimera Wings Yukari Yakumo
Spell cards
yukari-206 Fantasy Nest "Flying Glow Worm's Nest" Yukari Yakumo
yukari-208 Magic Eye "Laplace's Demon" Yukari Yakumo

Suika Ibuki

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Skill cards
suika-108 Foot Bellows Suika Ibuki
suika-110 Oni God's Will-o'-Wisp Art Suika Ibuki
suika-111 Kidnapping Oni Suika Ibuki
Spell cards
suika-205 Oni God "Missing Purple Power" Suika Ibuki
suika-212 Big Four Arcanum "Knock Out In Three Steps" Suika Ibuki

Reisen Udongein Inaba

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Skill cards
reisen-111 Ocular Spectrum Reisen Udongein Inaba
Spell cards
reisen-204 Red Eye " Lunatic Blast (Viewing the Circle Moon)" Reisen Udongein Inaba
reisen-210 Shortsight " X-Wave (Ultrashort Brainwave)" Reisen Udongein Inaba
reisen-211 Farsight " Infrared Moon (In the Red Moonlight)" Reisen Udongein Inaba

Aya Shameimaru

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Skill cards
aya-108 Maple Fan's Wind Aya Shameimaru
aya-111 Tengu's Gravel Aya Shameimaru
Spell cards
aya-206 "Illusionary Dominance" Aya Shameimaru
aya-207 Wind Sign "Tengu Newspaper Deadline Day" Aya Shameimaru
aya-208 Crow Sign "Daymare in the Dark Night" Aya Shameimaru
aya-212 Squall "Sarutahiko's Guidance" Aya Shameimaru

Komachi Onozuka

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Skill cards
komachi-109 Sanzu Boat Komachi Onozuka
komachi-111 Spirit-Detaching Scythe Komachi Onozuka
Spell cards
komachi-206 Death Sign "Scythe of Final Judgement" Komachi Onozuka
komachi-207 Soul Sign "Scythe of Roaming Spirits" Komachi Onozuka

Iku Nagae

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Skill cards
iku-108 Able-Swimming Dragon Fish Iku Nagae
iku-109 Celestial Maiden's Strike Iku Nagae
iku-110 Whiskers of the Dragon God Iku Nagae
Spell cards
iku-208 Angel's Raiment "Veils Like Time" Iku Nagae
iku-209 Thorn Sign "Thundercloud Stickleback" Iku Nagae
iku-211 Orb Sign "Orb of the Five-Clawed Dragon" Iku Nagae

Tenshi Hinanawi

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Skill cards
tenshi-108 Sword of Karma Tenshi Hinanawi
tenshi-109 Awakening of the Earth Spirits Tenshi Hinanawi
tenshi-110 Scarlet Sword Temperament Tenshi Hinanawi
tenshi-111 Ascension Thrust Tenshi Hinanawi
Spell cards
tenshi-207 "Sky of Scarlet Perception of All Mankind" Tenshi Hinanawi
tenshi-208 Sword Skill "Sword of Ebullience" Tenshi Hinanawi
tenshi-209 Weather "Scarlet Weather Stimulation" Tenshi Hinanawi

Sanae Kochiya

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Story mode
sanae-0 Snake Sign "Great Snake Swimming in the Clouds" Sanae Kochiya
sanae-4 Miracle "Miracle of Fafrotskies" Sanae Kochiya
Skill cards
sanae-100 Wind Calling Sanae Kochiya
sanae-101 Omikuji Bomb Sanae Kochiya
sanae-102 Sky-God Summon: Thrust Sanae Kochiya
sanae-103 Earth-God Summon: Shield Sanae Kochiya
sanae-104 Wave Calling Sanae Kochiya
sanae-105 Sky Serpent Sanae Kochiya
sanae-106 Sky-God Summon: Wind Sanae Kochiya
sanae-107 Earth-God Summon: Iron Ring Sanae Kochiya
sanae-108 Star Falling Sanae Kochiya
sanae-109 Cobalt Spread Sanae Kochiya
sanae-110 Sky-God Summon: Onbashira Sanae Kochiya
sanae-111 Earth-God Summon: Shield Sanae Kochiya
Spell cards
sanae-200 Prayer "Charm of Good Commerce" Sanae Kochiya
sanae-201 Esoterica "Gray Thaumaturgy" Sanae Kochiya
sanae-202 Esoterica "Forgotten Ritual" Sanae Kochiya
sanae-203 Omikuji "Random Omikuji Barrage" Sanae Kochiya
sanae-204 Sea Opening "The Day the Sea Split" Sanae Kochiya
sanae-205 Sea Opening "Moses's Miracle" Sanae Kochiya
sanae-206 Miracle "Daytime Guest Stars" Sanae Kochiya
sanae-207 Miracle "Night with Overly Bright Guest Stars" Sanae Kochiya
sanae-210 Esoterica "Nine Syllable Stabs" Sanae Kochiya


Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Story mode
cirno-0 Ice Sign "Icicle Fall" Cirno
cirno-4 Freeze Sign "Minus K" Cirno
Skill cards
cirno-100 Icicle Shoot Cirno
cirno-101 Midsummer Snowman Cirno
cirno-102 Little Iceberg Cirno
cirno-103 Freeze Touch Me Cirno
cirno-104 Frost Pillars Cirno
cirno-105 Ice Charge Cirno
cirno-106 Icicle Bomb Cirno
cirno-107 Icicle Rise Cirno
cirno-108 Freezing Lasers Cirno
cirno-109 Ice Kick Cirno
cirno-110 Frozen Technique Cirno
cirno-111 Icicle Sword Cirno
Spell cards
cirno-200 Ice Sign "Icicle Machine Gun" Cirno
cirno-201 Frost Sign "Frost Columns" Cirno
cirno-202 Ice Clump "Cold Sprinkler" Cirno
cirno-203 Cold Body "Super Ice Kick" Cirno
cirno-204 Freeze Sign "Perfect Freeze" Cirno
cirno-205 Ice Sign "Fairy Spin" Cirno
cirno-206 Blowing Ice "Ice Tornado" Cirno
cirno-207 Ice Sign "Sword Freezer" Cirno
cirno-208 Ice Clump "Great Crusher" Cirno
cirno-210 Freeze Sign "Freeze Atmosphere" Cirno
cirno-213 Cold Sign "Insta-Freeze Beam" Cirno

Hong Meiling

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Story mode
meiling-0 Colorful Flip "Fluttering Petals and Falling Leaves" Hong Meiling
meiling-4 Colorful Sign "Extreme Color Typhoon" Hong Meiling
Skill cards
meiling-100 Spiral-Light Steps Hong Meiling
meiling-101 Crimson Cannon Hong Meiling
meiling-102 Yellow Quake Kick Hong Meiling
meiling-103 Fragrant Wave Hong Meiling
meiling-104 Intense Rainbow Fist Hong Meiling
meiling-105 Crimson Energy Release Hong Meiling
meiling-106 Earth Dragon Wave Hong Meiling
meiling-107 Water Taichi Fist Hong Meiling
meiling-108 Kick of Showering Brilliance Hong Meiling
meiling-109 Tiger Chi Release Hong Meiling
meiling-110 Sky Dragon Kick Hong Meiling
meiling-111 Colorful Rain Hong Meiling
Spell cards
meiling-200 Colorful Sign "Colorful Light Wind Chime" Hong Meiling
meiling-201 Colorful Sign "Colorful Light Chaotic Dance" Hong Meiling
meiling-202 Chi Sign "Star Bullets" Hong Meiling
meiling-203 Star Chi "Earth-Moving Star Bullets" Hong Meiling
meiling-204 Attack Sign "Roc Fist" Hong Meiling
meiling-205 Fiery Attack "Roc-Killing Fist" Hong Meiling
meiling-206 Rainbow Sign "Intense Rainbow Fist" Hong Meiling
meiling-207 Chi Sign "Earth Dragon Sky Dragon Kick" Hong Meiling
meiling-208 Colorful Flower "Rainbow Taijiquan" Hong Meiling
meiling-209 Flowery Sign "Colorful Light Lotus Flower Palm" Hong Meiling
meiling-211 Chi Sign "Fierce Tiger Energy Release" Hong Meiling

Utsuho Reiuji

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Story mode
utsuho-0 Heat Sign "Break Prominence" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-4 Atomic Fire "Uncontainable Nuclear Reaction Dive" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-8 "Hot Jupiter Descent Model" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-12 Atomic Fire "Artificial Sun's Spot" Utsuho Reiuji
Skill cards
utsuho-100 Flare Up Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-101 Ground Melt Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-102 Break Sun Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-103 Shooting Star Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-104 Rocket Dive Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-105 Hell Geyser Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-106 Shooting Star Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-107 Retro Atomic Model Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-108 Melting Pummel Kick Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-109 Radiant Blade Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-110 Hell Wave Cannon Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-111 Vengeful Nuclear Spirits Utsuho Reiuji
Spell cards
utsuho-200 Explosion Sign "Mega Flare" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-201 Explosion Sign "Giga Flare" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-203 Blazing Star "Fixed Star" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-204 Blazing Star "Ten Evil Stars" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-205 Nuclear Sign "Creeping Sun" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-206 "Hell's Artificial Sun" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-207 Geothermal "Nuclear Blaze Geyser" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-208 Light Energy "High-Tension Blade" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-209 Crow Sign "Yatagarasu Dive" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-210 Atomic Fire "Uncontainable Nuclear Reaction Dive" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-211 Control "Self Tokamak" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-212 "Subterranean Sun" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-213 Light Cover "Nuclear Heat Visor" Utsuho Reiuji
utsuho-214 "Abyss Nova" Utsuho Reiuji

Suwako Moriya

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Story mode
suwako-0 Clap "Daidarabotchi's Worship" Suwako Moriya
suwako-4 Divine Tool "Moriya's Iron Ring" Suwako Moriya
suwako-8 "Hellish Heat Geyser" Suwako Moriya
suwako-12 "Magma Amphibian" Suwako Moriya
suwako-16 "Divine Battle Above Gensokyo" Suwako Moriya
Skill cards
suwako-100 Ancient Geyser Suwako Moriya
suwako-101 Giant Toad God Suwako Moriya
suwako-102 Lake of Great Earth Suwako Moriya
suwako-103 Native God's Scourge Suwako Moriya
suwako-104 Water Frog God Suwako Moriya
suwako-105 Ancient Iron Ring Suwako Moriya
suwako-106 Ancient Jade Suwako Moriya
suwako-107 Scourged Earth Suwako Moriya
suwako-108 Rain-calling Frog Suwako Moriya
suwako-109 Mr. Long-Arm and Mr. Long-Leg Suwako Moriya
suwako-110 Stone Frog God Suwako Moriya
suwako-111 Mishaguji Scourge Suwako Moriya
Spell cards
suwako-200 Native God "Moriya God" Suwako Moriya
suwako-201 Spring Sign "Suwa Clear Water" Suwako Moriya
suwako-202 Party Start "Two Bows, Two Claps, and One Bow" Suwako Moriya
suwako-203 Native God "Froggy Braves the Wind and Rain" Suwako Moriya
suwako-204 Divine Tool "Moriya's Iron Ring" Suwako Moriya
suwako-205 Spring Sign "Jade of the Horrid River" Suwako Moriya
suwako-206 Frog Hunt "The Snake Eats the Croaking Frog" Suwako Moriya
suwako-207 Native God "Lord Long-Arm and Lord Long-Leg" Suwako Moriya
suwako-208 Scourge God "Mishaguchi-sama" Suwako Moriya
suwako-209 Native God "Red Frogs of Houei 4" Suwako Moriya
suwako-212 Frog Nap "Can Always Hibernate" Suwako Moriya

Giant Catfish

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name Owner
Story mode
namazu-0 Catfish "See? The World is Shaking!" Giant Catfish
namazu-4 Catfish "The Earth Liquefies into Mud!" Giant Catfish
namazu-8 Catfish "I'm Charging Up!" Giant Catfish
namazu-12 Catfish "All-Electrical for Ecology!" Giant Catfish
namazu-16 Great Catfish "With This Ends the Fleeting World!" Giant Catfish