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Music titles translation
No. 1 Newshound


No. 2 The Mystery in Your Town


No. 3 Youkai Modern Colony


  The second event coverage theme. From here on, we enter the intermediate stage and the quality of youkai changes. The intermediate stage with many classical youkai. The youkai who lost their dignity living happily at the shadow of Gensokyo seems just like a youkai space colony. Let's do the coverage on such youkai with gusto and put them up on centre stage.

Plenty of room yet, plenty of room.

No. 4 Nemesis' Stronghold


  The third event coverage theme. Okay, now we're into the advanced levels. From here on, shot counts in the hundreds is common, right? I've wrote this with the image of you facing your tough news coverage opponent in mind. The melody's a bit manly handsome, but I'm quite confident that I've made the sounds and rhythm produce a slightly cute feel.

Wow, the advanced levels are tough!

No. 5 Bell of Avīci ~ Infinite Nightmare


No. 6 Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain


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