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This page is a translated version of a page Th125/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Music titles translation
No. 1 News Hound


  It is the theme of the title screen. In the case of It is the usual song, but you can always feel like you can sortie out I got it.

The rate that the menu screen has become higher than usual game is high.

No. 2 A mystery case in your town


  It is the theme 1 of coverage. It is the theme when the interview was still calm. Cheerful as triumphant I gave a feeling. Once it is the theme for beginner stage. Since the song is longer than the time to clear 1 stage, if you are a good person

It may end with only the prelude.

No. 3 Youkai Modern Colony


  It is the theme 2 of coverage. The quality of youkai changes from here, and it goes to intermediate level. A classy yokai is a large intermediate level. The youkai who lost dignity in the shadow of Gensokyo It seems as if you are a space colony of youkai like you live happily. Let's interview such monsters and let them stand on the stage stage.

I still have plenty of room, plenty.

No. 4 Nemesis Fortress


  It is the theme 3 of coverage. Come now is a high-level edition. Three figures of photographs are Zara from this neighbor. I imaged and wrote the appearance of confronting an opponent who seemed to be strong. It is a slightly guy-looking melody, but slightly with sound and rhythm I think whether a cute feeling comes out.

Gee, the upper class is tough.

No. 5 Bell of Mind ~ Infinite Nightmare


  It is the theme 4 of coverage. Ringing that bell makes us happy in this world, but the afterlife continues to suffer The worst hell that goes on, an indiscriminate bell that falls into Hell Nozama. Probably because many people are listening to the longest listening time I reduced it and made me feel less tired.

Indeed no hell. Huh ha ha, do your best at all!

No. 6 Yokai no Mt ~ Mysterious Mountain


  It is the theme 5 of coverage. It is the theme of ugly conflict between Tengu. Actually, the two do not get along well, just being trained It is just trying to improve photography technology, right? Once at the final level, the difficulty level is never high, so far

For those who came, it will be an easy victory.

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