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This page is a translated version of a page Th128/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Translations are from the Touhou wiki's "Fairy Wars/Music" page.

Music titles translation
No. 1 An Ice Fairy in Spring


  This is the title screen theme.

It turned out with a pretty care-free and airy feel. There's no particular sense of tension, and it uses the same melody as always,

with a feel that adds more fairy-ness, which differs from humans.

No. 2 The Refrain of the Lovely Great War


  This is the first stage theme. This song was once recorded for the Three Fairies tankoubon. I'd originally planned to use it as a stage one theme, so this song must be satisfied to finally have that wish granted. Game music is perfected when listened to during game play.

Some people probably get impressions different than those they got by listening to it on CD.

No. 3 Staking Your Life on a Prank


  This is the first and second stage boss theme.

This is the theme for battles with the Three Fairies. It has a very boss-ish feel to it, but it's also very liiiight.

Maybe it's a cute feel that accompanies the enemy's attacks in your little argument.

No. 4 Year-Round Absorbed Curiosity


  This is the stage 2 theme.

The atmosphere changed from that of stage 1, to that of an evening. This song has the title screen theme's melody. I think it has a much more mysterious and nostalgic feel.

After all, evening is very mysterious and nostalgic.

No. 5 A Midnight Fairy Dance


  This is the stage 3 theme.

The melody is a little jazzy and adult-y. Night is the time for adults. Or the time of youkai. It's the time when good children are in bed and the youkai come out to whittle away the night.

Or when adults come out. Well, they come out undoubtedly.

No. 6 Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars


  This is the third stage boss theme. It's for the last boss battle, but players can reach it quickly, so it was hard to decide how heavy the song would be. Starting with max power is too wearing, so I made it have a slow and happy feeling in the beginning, and a fast and hot feeling in the ending.

The tone is fairy-like, but the song itself is rather hot-blooded.

No. 7 Loose Rain


  This is the extra stage theme.

It turned out feeling like being rushed uselessly in the introduction, but the whole song has a prank-like feel to it, fitting for the extra stage. It gave an image of flight in the falling petals of cherry blossoms.

(Needless to say, I was rushed by the schedule during the composition.)

No. 8 Magus Night


  This is the extra boss theme. At first I planned to make it an arrangement of "The Witches' Ball." Since I composed it only with the impression left in my mind, it became a completely different song after all... "A song arranged by the original composer can't be an arrangement" may mean this.

Anyway, isn't this a cool song? It's no problem if the song is good.

No. 9 An Ice Fairy in Spring - still -


  This is the ending theme.

This is a different version of the opening theme. It's a little more adult-y.

An adult man still talking of fairies is hopeless, right?

No. 10 Player's Score


  This is the name entry theme.

This is a liiittle bit lighter, to fit the game's theme.

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