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This page is a translated version of a page Th128/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Music titles translation
No. 1 Spring ice-ins


  It is the theme of the title screen. In the case of I felt warm in the brain weather. There is not much tension feeling, to the usual melody,

Feel like to have a different fairy part different from humans.

No. 2 Cute Big War Refrain


  It is one aspect of the theme. This song is a track included in Toho Mitsunori Shimbun. Because it was a song made with schedule to use for all sides from the beginning, that wish is This song will be expected if it is granted. Game music is completed by listening while playing the game.

Some people will have a different impression than when hearing on CD.

No. 3 Mischiefing your life


  It is the theme of the 1st and 2nd bosses. In the case of It is a song when fighting three fairies. Although it feels like a boss anyhow, I feel a lot of Karuui feeling.

With a feeling like a small quarrel, along with the enemy 's attacks, it seems cute is appearing.

No. 4 Curiosity curious all year long


  It is the theme of two sides. In the case of Changing the atmosphere with one side, in the evening wind. The melody of the title screen is used. I think that something pleasant and nostalgic is getting stronger.

Because I miss you evening, I miss you.

No. 5 Fairy dance at midnight


  It is the theme of the three sides. In the case of I made it a bit jazzy and made an adulty melody. Speaking of the night is the time of adults. Or time of youkai. A good child is a sorrow time, youkai comes out if you sit up late at night.

Or an adult comes out. That's right.

No. 6 Goblin big war ~ Fairy Wars


  It is the theme of the three-sided boss. Although it is Rasubosu match for the time being, since it reaches immediately, the weight of the song Where it is difficult to place is difficult. I suddenly get tired of MAX power, so slowly enjoying the opening stages, I made it feeling hot in the late stage at high speed.

The sound is fairy style but it is quite a hot song.

No. 7 Loose rain


  It is the theme of EXTRA. In the case of Although I felt a feeling that was hurry wasted in the intro, Overall it seems like a mischievous feeling like EX. Cherry blossoms in the image of flying in the blizzard.

(It goes without saying that, at the time of composition, it was urgently scheduled)

No. 8 Magus Night


  It is the theme of EXTRA boss. In the case of I started making it as an arrangement of witches' balls. Because I wrote it with just the image remaining in the bottom of my heart completely different song ...... Is this thing that it does not arrange when the composer himself arranges it?

Well, it is a cool song. Even if the music is good anything is OK.

No. 9 Spring ice - static -


  It is the ending theme. In the case of It is another version of the opening. It became a little mature. In the case of

Even if you become an adult, it seems you are saying Fairy Mr. Fairy.

No. 10 Player's score


  It is the theme of name resist. In the case of

I also made it a little more in line with the game.

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