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This page is a translated version of a page Th128/Spell cards and the translation is 100% complete.

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Translations are from the Touhou wiki's "Fairy Wars/Spell Cards" pages.

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# Name Owner
Stage A1-1
1 Moon Sign "Lunatic Rain" Luna Child
5 Moon Sign "Luna Cyclone" Luna Child
Stage A1-2
9 Shooting Star "Petit Comet" Star Sapphire
13 Stardust "Sprinkle Piece" Star Sapphire
17 Star Sign "Twinkle Sapphire" Star Sapphire
Stage A1-3
21 Sunlight "Sunshine Blast" Sunny Milk
25 Light Sign "Rutile Flection" Sunny Milk
29 Sunfire "Ice Dissolver" Sunny Milk
33 Sky Sign "Elfin Canopy" Sunny Milk
37 Team Tech "Fairy Overdrive" Fairies
41 "Three Fairies" Fairies
Stage A2-2
45 Rainbow Light "Prism Flash" Sunny Milk
49 Light Fairy "Diamond Ring" Sunny Milk
53 Light Sign "Blue Deflection" Sunny Milk
Stage A2-3
57 Starlight "Star Laser" Star Sapphire
61 Light Sign "Triple Meteor" Star Sapphire
65 Starfire "Ice Dissolver" Star Sapphire
69 Bright Star "Orion Belt" Star Sapphire
73 Team Tech "Fairy Overdrive" Fairies
77 "Three Fairies" Fairies
Stage B1-1
81 Sun Sign "Aggressive Light" Sunny Milk
85 Sun Sign "Direct Sunlight" Sunny Milk
Stage B1-2
89 Shooting Star "Comet Stream" Star Sapphire
93 Stardust "Star Piece Shower" Star Sapphire
97 Star Sign "Shooting Sapphire" Star Sapphire
Stage B1-3
101 Moonlight "Silent Storm" Luna Child
105 Light Sign "Bright Night" Luna Child
109 Moonfire "Ice Dissolver" Luna Child
113 Sky Sign "Break Canopy" Luna Child
117 Team Tech "Fairy Overdrive" Fairies
121 "Three Fairies" Fairies
Stage B2-2
125 Moonlight "Dark Stillness" Luna Child
129 Hindering Light "Moonlight Wall" Luna Child
133 Night Sign "Night Fairies" Luna Child
Stage B2-3
137 Starlight "Star Storm" Star Sapphire
141 Light Sign "Extensive Meteor" Star Sapphire
145 Starfire "Ice Dissolver" Star Sapphire
149 Bright Star "Great Triangle" Star Sapphire
153 Team Tech "Fairy Overdrive" Fairies
157 "Three Fairies" Fairies
Stage C1-1
161 Star Sign "Starlight Rain" Star Sapphire
165 Star Sign "Red Star" Star Sapphire
Stage C1-2
169 Flickering Light "Fatal Flash" Sunny Milk
173 Light Fairy "Cross Diffusion" Sunny Milk
177 Light Sign "Yellow Deflection" Sunny Milk
Stage C1-3
181 Moonlight "Silent Flower" Luna Child
185 Light Sign "Full Moon Night" Luna Child
189 Moonfire "Ice Dissolver" Luna Child
193 Falling Light "Triple Light" Luna Child
197 Team Tech "Fairy Overdrive" Fairies
201 "Three Fairies" Fairies
Stage C2-2
205 Moonlight "Moon Stillness" Luna Child
209 Light Barrier "Wall Break" Luna Child
213 Moonlight "Silent Cyclone" Luna Child
Stage C2-3
217 Sunlight "Sunshine Needle" Sunny Milk
221 Light Sign "Hyper Inflection" Sunny Milk
225 Sunfire "Ice Dissolver" Sunny Milk
229 Violent Light "Sunburst" Sunny Milk
233 Team Tech "Fairy Overdrive" Fairies
237 "Three Fairies" Fairies
241 Light Sign "Mysterious Beam" Marisa Kirisame
242 Light Blast "Shoot the Little Moon" Marisa Kirisame
243 Magic Bullet "Test Slave" Marisa Kirisame
244 Closure Sign "Big Crunch" Marisa Kirisame
245 Love Sign "Master Spark-like Flashlight" Marisa Kirisame
246 Unsealed Magic "Open Universe" Marisa Kirisame
247 Magic Cross "Grand Cross" Marisa Kirisame
248 Shooting Star "Super Perseid" Marisa Kirisame
249 "Blazing Star-like Tag" Marisa Kirisame
250 "Fairy Destruction Ray" Marisa Kirisame