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This page is a translated version of a page Th13/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Translations are from the Touhou wiki's "Ten Desires/Music" page.

Music titles translation
No. 1 Spirit of Avarice


  The theme for the title screen.

The same melody as always. This time, I bring it with darker colors. I tend to feel that STGs are liked more when they have a dark world view, rather than a pop one.

This game isn't dark at all, though.

No. 2 Night Sakura of Dead Spirits


  The first stage theme.

It's been a while since we last went to the Netherworld. Since this time, the theme concerns both the PCB world and the UFO world, the Netherworld had to be there. It sounds melodious, but I made it rhythmical so

that I won't forget that it’s a first stage song.

No. 3 Ghost Lead


  Yuyuko Saigyouji's theme.

Not really an easy piece to classify. Since I had to bring out the fact that she's only a first stage boss, I stopped myself from arranging a previous song of hers.

In this game she just acts as a "nameless npc villager" who helps the protagonists on their way.

No. 4 Welcome to Youkai Temple


  The second stage theme.

Normally a temple's nice and quiet in the morning. But in a temple that Youkai live in, it's noisier from night to daybreak. Youkai that live in the temple... Doesn't that bring up all sorts of images?

Using that image, I made it my own sort of Japanese song.

No. 5 Youkai Girl at the Gate


  Kyouko Kasodani's theme. Do people still shout "Yahoo" when they go to the mountains? Or do you feel embarrassed all of a sudden and can't find the courage to shout? Well of course the Yamabiko get bored, it's lucid for them to go in to Buddhism from the boredom. By the way, if you try to relieve stress by shouting "Idiot!" out toward the open sea,

you'll startle the fishermen.

No. 6 Let's Live in a Lovely Cemetery


  The third stage theme. Cemeteries that appear in games—unless it's a horror game—tends to make you imagine of a comical one. So there's no meaning in making the music too dark and heavy too. So I brushed it up with a comical feel as much as I can.

I can't resist this nostalgic feeling (Personally too).

No. 7 Rigid Paradise


  Yoshika Miyako's theme.

Although she's a Jiang Shi, she was based on a zombie, so her theme's introduction is a little exotic. But then as I was writing it I noticed that the introduction has something of an Egyptian feel, sort of like a pyramid or something.

But that would be a mummy, not a zombie...

No. 8 Desire Drive


  The fourth stage theme.

I made it a flowing song to completely switch away from the first half of the game. It feels nice to rush through a narrow space at high speed. This is okay in caves, but don't run in halls in school or in the work office.

Caves are nice. (You shouldn't run in a limestone cavern, either.)

No. 9 Old Yuanxian


  Seiga Kaku's theme.

She's a wicked hermit. Kind of like a magician that does a large assortment of tricks. So, I aimed for a suspicious song where you never know what's going to fly out at you next. Being able to pass through walls would be useful for running away,

but it's not too useful for fighting, is it? It'd be a critical hit to a nurikabe, though.

No. 10 The Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum


  The fifth stage theme.

Since we just came barreling through a narrow cave, I decided to write a nice, expansive song to contrast it. It's so stimulating to find such enormous spaces underground, isn't it?

I wanted to compose something that'd make you feel that kind of excitement.

No. 11 Omiwa Legend


  Mononobe no Futo's theme.

Since it's Ms. Mononobe, the title is pronounced "Oomiwa Shinwaden." I get the feeling there aren't many games that are themed around the time between the Tumulus periods and Asuka periods. Maybe people just can't picture an image of them?

This song was written with only the sound of Asuka in mind. Asukaaaaa!

No. 12 Starry Sky of Small Desires


  The sixth stage theme.

You're usually pretty exhausted by the time you reach stage 6, so this song's just a connector.

It's not really clear where this is, but it's probably inside the

Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum. That mystery space.

No. 13 Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator


  Toyosatomimi no Miko's theme.

The motif's based on a historical figure everyone knows. I figured it'd be rude if it wasn't a powerful, cool song, so it turned out like this. He's suddenly been made into a fictional character recently, so I used the opportunity

to move him to Gensokyo. Many thanks~

No. 14 Youkai Back Shrine Road


  The extra stage theme.

You never know what kind of retro youkai might pop onto the road with this song. Youkai always seem to have such fun no matter the circumstances. That's probably because they're enlightened by knowing exactly what their purpose in life is.

In that case, there's one way to be sure to enjoy life. Accept whatever you've got now.

No. 15 Futatsuiwa from Sado


  Mamizou Futatsuiwa's theme.

It's full of that old tanuki feeling. Both foxes and tanuki are seen as tricksters, but of the two, tanuki seem more laid-back, right? So, they're probably not well suited toward danmaku battles, but

as expected, the danmaku morphed into something else and...

No. 16 A New Wind at the Shrine


  The ending theme.

It's a liiiiiiiight ending.

You know, Reimu and company haven't been doing much incident solving lately.

No. 17 Desire Dream


  The staff roll theme.

This is a different version of "Desire Drive." The sense of speed has mostly been lost, but maybe it has a floating feeling now instead.

Lately I've been wondering if there's a real point to the staff roll.

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