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The Human Village.

As always,\. the calls of shopkeepers fill the air.\.

The excitement over watching duels has mostly died down.


There is no trace of the Menreiki here.


The Myouren Temple.\.

The number of stalls has declined, and as always the sound of sutra chanting can be heard. <balloon> The spirits of the ancestors return easily,

so the echo of the spirits's voices can also be heard.\.


There is no trace of the Menreiki here either.


The Divine Spirit Mauosoleum.\.

The shouting of the Taoists can be heard.\. They're probably training. <balloon>

Other than curious humans,\. there are few visitors.


There is no trace of the Menreiki here either.


The Hakurei Shrine.


The normally deserted shrine,\. returned to its state of few visitors after the dueling fad ended.


However,\. today was different.


Kokoro: "Thank you very much~" Audience: *clap clap clap*


Reimu: "This is wonderful!\.

To think so many visitors would come."\.

Kokoro: "I'm so glad I can perform Noh at the shrine."


Reimu: "No, no,\. Kagura is an offering to the gods.\. So it's obvious that you should do it at the shrine."


Reimu: "I never once thought it'd be a tool to reel in worshipers though."


Hijiri: "At any rate,\. it's good that she stabilized."

Miko: "Indeed,\. it's because my mask fixed her."

Hijiri: "It's because the teachings of Buddha worked on the Menreiki main body."


Kokoro: "Today I have a new play to perform.\.

It's about the strange and amusing religious war that happened this summer.

The title is: 'Shinkirou ~ The Tower of the Heart's Beauty'."


She learned joy from victory,\. frustration from defeat,\.

sorrow from isolation,\.

and anger from her religious enemies.


Kokoro fought a variety of religious representatives,\.

and studied many emotions. <balloon> She's especially stable compared to when her masks themselves were her emotions.\.

She should no longer run wild.


Her offerings of kagura at the shrine continued throughout

the summer.\. They continued well past everyone getting bored of them.\.

The shrine should also have profited during this time.


How long they will continue...\. is unknown.

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