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This page is a translated version of a page Th135/Spell cards and the translation is 100% complete.

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# Name OwnerComment
Reimu Hakurei
player-reimu(0)-1 Youkai Buster Reimu Hakurei

Throws out a bunch of talismans that fly in a

straight line. It shoots upwards or downwards if equipped to up or down respectively. It has good bullet speed and damage so it's really an all-around move that does not have

a weakness except its consumption.

player-reimu(0)-2 Quick-Witted Consecration Talismans Reimu Hakurei

Throws out several talismans and creates a

barrier using them as the corners. The barrier itself is sturdy and can be troublesome but one fault is that the amulets at the corners are weak points and

removing them will destroy the barrier.

player-reimu(0)-3 Mid-Air Ascension Kick Reimu Hakurei

A quick kick upwards from a backflip which

is also known as a somersault. Kicking an opponent who's high in the air iseasy. You can go down below the opponent in this air battle so it's an indispensable and

aggressive move.

player-reimu(0)-4 Dimensional Point Rift Reimu Hakurei

First a marker is placed.

You then warp to the marker with the second input and assault with a dive kick. You can warp from below upwards if the marker is in a low position. You can also make fun of your opponent with this movement that completely ignores

the laws of physics.

player-reimu(0)-5 Yin-Yang Shot Reimu Hakurei

Throw a slow yin-yang orb that bounces off

the floor and ceiling(?). It can become a Super Yin-Yang Orb which accelerates faster if it passes through a barrier with a forward shot. The orb is blunt and weak so it's possible

for an opponent to break it with a direct hit.

player-reimu(0)-6 Frontal Defense Talisman Reimu Hakurei

A frontal shot that fires amulets which then

divide into small bullets and shoot forward over a wide area. They're weak after spreading out but their number provides cover and you can use the time

delay to launch additional attacks.

player-reimu(0)-7 Floating Wall Jump Reimu Hakurei

By making a foothold in the barrier in the

air, you can track and hit someone with your body anomalously.

When you press any button when the second jump happens, you can change the

timing/trajectory of your jump.

player-reimu(0)-8 Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal" Reimu Hakurei

Moves in the Spell Card system are declared

with the first use and activated with the second. A powerful yet disposable special move as that it corners the opponent with strong rapid-fire homing bullets. One of the signature moves, of the Hakurei

Shrine maiden.

player-reimu(0)-9 Treasure "Ying-Yang Asuka'i" Reimu Hakurei

You shoot a huge Yin-Yang Ball in the

direction of the button input to crush the opponent. It is possible to fire in a chosen lateral orbit.

It is now time! Kimero! Hakurei Shoot!

player-reimu(0)-10 Divine Arts "Omnidirectional Dragon-Slaying Circle" Reimu Hakurei

Reimu forms a barrier with her at the center

to stop all who come near her. It's an attack with a wide scope. The ones who jump into this are attacked back instead. People will often aim to bring about a counterattack after it ends but it doesn't

work out that well.

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg data/actor/reimu.nut.jdiff

ID Text

"Fantasy Nature"

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# Name OwnerComment
Marisa Kirisame
player-marisa(1)-1 Witch Leyline Marisa Kirisame

A high-speed body blow on a broom.

You can choose to what degree of strength you'll charge forth with and how much you'll accelerate by placing it in either the front or the back.

Long brooms can also be used in this way.

player-marisa(1)-2 Rising Sweep Marisa Kirisame

A quick vertical slash with a broom

enchanted with magic. She takes a course that dips down for a moment but even then can she get a surefire attack on her opponent. This move that leaves a long trail of light that is fantastic in appearance and good

for popularity.

player-marisa(1)-3 Witching Blast Marisa Kirisame

Fires a powerful missile by using her broom

like a gun barrel. The huge explosion can blows away everything around it. It has large range since the angle can be adjusted whether it's in the top or bottom

slot but there are still some blind spots.

player-marisa(1)-4 Strato Fraction Marisa Kirisame

Shot bullets from the sky come down as

shooting stars. The downside is that the positions of the bullets that fall are random at best but it's a good move that can accommodate your needs since it's able to attack from

top to bottom.

player-marisa(1)-5 Sweep Aside Marisa Kirisame

Performs a huge spin on the spot using the

broom's thrust. A powerful and perfect move that uses momentum to pummel the enemy. It can take near-countless trajectories since it's affected by your momentum right before


player-marisa(1)-6 Powerful Drug Marisa Kirisame

A bottle explodes after a fixed time or on

contact after it is thrown. It can withstand impacts and rebounds. You can throw it in any direction based on where it is equipped. It however has a weird aim and hard to use

since there is no ground for it to land on...

player-marisa(1)-7 Luminary Shot Marisa Kirisame

Marisa fires a magic missile from her finger.

The number of the missiles is in conjunction with the charge of the missiles. The maximum charge time of the missiles. Input the move again to remain it in location.

You can change the firing technique.

player-marisa(1)-8 Love Sign "Master Spark" Marisa Kirisame

Magic of intense light and heat.

One of Marisa's signature moves. It takes some time to develop the laser but its damage and penetrability makes it unmatched by any other.

Note: Resolve with firepower when in


player-marisa(1)-9 Comet "Blazing Star" Marisa Kirisame

Evacuate from the battle area and return

with a power-filled charge. She's too preoccupied with her forward assault so the angle cannot be adjusted at all and impossible to stop Marisa while is charging.

Note: resolve with speed when in trouble.

player-marisa(1)-10 Star Sign "Satellite Illusion" Marisa Kirisame

When you summon the satellite, the satellite

automatically attacks the enemy you are near to while conforming to it. It becomes a challenge to you when it is finished rotating. Normally, the attack begins with a declaration timer. Note that the declaration time is shorter than the spell card use


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ID Text


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# Name OwnerComment
Ichirin Kumoi
player-ichirin(2)-1 Hanging Cloud's Iron Hammer Ichirin Kumoi

Unzan's proud fist hammers down from the

sky. Its judgement is said to be as huge as its appearance. You can choose where it will drop based on where it is equipped. You should start with this if you don't know how to play with Unzan. Men have talked with fists since ancient


player-ichirin(2)-2 Handful of Floating Cloud Ichirin Kumoi

Catch the opponent and throw her down

with Unzan's outstretched arm. It has an exciting appearance but you can block it normally. It looks like a grab that would ignore defense but it isn't? Could this be Unzan's kindness? ...never mind.

Grab and grab the opponent assertively.

player-ichirin(2)-3 Small Thunder Cloud Ichirin Kumoi

The electrically-charged Unzan releases his

built up energy, electrifying the area aroundhim. Any button can be used to finish the attack. If the skill is equipped to the forward slot, Unzan will separate from Ichirin and they can attack separately, but until Unzan

returns, Ichirin's movements will be limited.

player-ichirin(2)-4 Raging Running Cloud Ichirin Kumoi

Unzan punches holes in the opponent in

front of him with a barrage of fists. Each one is light due to quantity over strength but the power doesn't accumulate when you hit all at once. It changes to a projectile-like attack and Unzan strikes on his own if equipped to the


player-ichirin(2)-5 Sunrise of Mountain Clouds Ichirin Kumoi

Pierces the opponent with Unzan's scathing

glare known as a "piercing glare". The gaze will concentrate and fry the enemy if it sees them. It canal so sweep over a wide area. This giant eyeball is as scorching as the

heat from right before breakfast.

player-ichirin(2)-6 Drifting Cloud of Bludgeoning Ichirin Kumoi

Whips up a storm with Unzan's giant arms.

Ichirin by herself can produce weaker whirlwinds but together they can be powerful.

When you hit someone in reach, it becomes no more.

player-ichirin(2)-7 North Mountain Wind of Mercy Ichirin Kumoi

It is an extreme move in a simple attack.

Ouch! Unzan does the punch! It's so big and scary.

It becomes an attack with triple threat.

player-ichirin(2)-8 Storm Sign "Autumn Storm Clouds of Buddhist Retribution" Ichirin Kumoi

Unzan randomly punches at Ichirin's surroundings.

It's obviously a great attack with impressive damage and appearance. Even the scale of it can create a raging storm that can take over the foe created by both of...

--eh? Only Unzan is making an effort?

player-ichirin(2)-9 Cumulonimbus "Foreseeing Nyuudou Cloud" Ichirin Kumoi

A Spell Card where Unzan and co.

batters their surroundings with all of their strength. It's possible to move to the sides and adjust as needed. You can combo into it from various attacks

if you've finished declaring it.

player-ichirin(2)-10 Clenched Fist "Deadly Wind of Penitence" Ichirin Kumoi

It's trouble when you don't rely on a single

blow with the essence of Tekken.

In pursuit of the one-wheel punch, Unzan staightens his body. The range of the punch covers a corner.

This spell card punches horizontally thoroughly.

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ID Text

"Traditional Era of a Splendid Old Man"

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# Name OwnerComment
Byakuren Hijiri
player-hijiri(3)-1 Hanuman's Dance Byakuren Hijiri

She slashes with a sword that emerges

from single-pronged vajra and a forward step after chanting. Consecutive uses can branch off into different combinations so it's most optimal if you go on the offensive. The chant has the effect of faster

spirit recovery.

player-hijiri(3)-2 Virupaksa's Eyes Byakuren Hijiri

She oppresses the enemy and erases

danmaku near her in a wide range after emitting a fighting spirit. The chant itself has the effect of erasing

projectiles as well.

player-hijiri(3)-3 Indra's Thunder Byakuren Hijiri

She throws Buddhist rosaries filled with

magic power to create lightning. The rosaries fly as if to be drawn to and capture the opponent. Extra magic power gets charged each time she performs this while chanting three

times can attack the surrounding area.

player-hijiri(3)-4 Skanda's Legs Byakuren Hijiri

She increases her movement speed by

focusing her physical power and then instantly closing and striking the foe with multiple blows. The impact of the strikes gets delayed due to the speed such that her foe is made to dance behind her but this move

requires frequent chanting.

player-hijiri(3)-5 Virudhaka's Sword Byakuren Hijiri

She throws a single-pronged vajra to pierce

her foe after treating it like a lance. It's one of her rare long-range projectiles. Its speed and canceling power makes it useful against long-range foes. The rest of the uses for this chant carry

over when overwritten by another chant.

player-hijiri(3)-6 Garuda's Talons Byakuren Hijiri

She charges at the foe with a strong

diagonal kick after putting some vertical distance between them. Her fierce speed is combined with the vertical distance which augments this even further. She deals more chip damage against blocking foes for a short

period after the chant.

player-hijiri(3)-7 Durga's Soul Byakuren Hijiri

A magic that strengthens the body, releasing

a strong attack after defending. It can only defend from attacks while chanting, but the attack released will be stronger the more hits she takes. It is also possible to extend the amount of

time the defensive chanting takes.

player-hijiri(3)-8 Heaven Sign "Master of the Great Trichiliocosm" Byakuren Hijiri

She throws a single-pronged vajra to stop

the foe from moving and then closes in to beat them up with multiple blows. It's a menacing fatal vajra strike that passes between projectiles but it's hard to hit a foe who's moving fast since the vajra

is focused on speed.

player-hijiri(3)-9 Heaven Sign "Brilliance of Mahavairocana" Byakuren Hijiri

She focuses her concentration while

compressing her magic power. She then performs a counter against a foe with a blow of magic power after sensing a gap in attack. The gap won't be overlooked even if it's a projectile or melee that opens up from

their intention to attack.

player-hijiri(3)-10 Heaven Sign "Five-Element Mountain of Shakyamuni" Byakuren Hijiri

Hijiri's faith becomes the hand of the Lord

Buddha himself. This attack of gratefulness knocks the opponent prostrate to the ground. Her great faith is, more than anything else, worthy of pride in that it's on a greater scale

than the giant, powerful Unzan can hope to match.

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg data/actor/hijiri.nut.jdiff

ID Text

"Angirasa Veda"

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# Name OwnerComment
Mononobe no Futo
player-futo(4)-1 Wind's Ominous Hole Mononobe no Futo

Jumps to a previously setup plate, striking

the surrounding area with a whirlwind. By changing the skill's slot, it changes the order in which plates are used, depending on the order they were placed. A ritual designed to keep things clean and


player-futo(4)-2 Royal Dragon's Arrow Mononobe no Futo

The arrow will fly towards set plates and

then bounce off them which gets seprarated into multiple arrows which fly towards the enemy. It's a quite unusual way since she has to prepare and then shoot from above but sometimes the most effective is the most

bothersome and round about.

player-futo(4)-3 Water-Embracing Plates Mononobe no Futo

Moisture flows from plates in the

circumference which causes a powerful flood that traps the opponent. It can be very powerful with the proper arrangement since it will affect all nearby plates. Water works best against youkai and for

setting off fire after Futo sets fire.

player-futo(4)-4 Ame-no-Iwafune Mononobe no Futo

Charges heroically forward on a boat called from Heaven.

If other plates are set up, reinputting the command will make her jump between them. Just as it looks, its made of plates, so she

just ended up making a mud boat that won't float.

player-futo(4)-5 Liuren Holy Fire Mononobe no Futo

She gathers a stream of fire and releases it.

The fire follows the path of set plates which explode in the process. You could easily set fire to something far away when used with an elaborate plate arrangement but their places may

be conspicuous.

player-futo(4)-6 Standing Mountain Mononobe no Futo

A subterranean dragon vein arrives and the

surroundings gets blown away. Manipulation of immobile objects is what feng shui excels at but it can't maintain big change for a long time and the the ground would return to its normal form almost


player-futo(4)-7 Combination Wind Mononobe no Futo

A vortex caused by a plate that sucks in the wind.

The vortex doesn't have any attack power, but if it sucks in a previously set-up plate, it'll grow into a tornado that will ensnare

and frustrate your opponent.

player-futo(4)-8 Wind Sign "Miwa Plate Storm" Mononobe no Futo

Futo calls plates to spin around her like a

whirlwind which will strike the opponent. Plates will be set in the same way (or not since they will break) when the whirlwind settles so it's friendly to environment and

good for Futo as well.

player-futo(4)-9 Blaze Sign "Taiyi True Fire" Mononobe no Futo

Futo set fire downwards after using her

whole body. This spreads upon reaching the ground and is worry some to your foe. Its environmental impactis concerning but most don't seem to worry about it as they think fights and fires are a part of


player-futo(4)-10 Fate "Gate Opening for Catastrophe" Mononobe no Futo

Showing her ability in manipulating the

fortunes of all things through Feng Shui. Creating a spot of great misfortune, the attack incurs great misfortune on the opponent within it. Any plates that are caught in the attack will greatly increase it's effectiveness, causing the opponent's

misfortune to become much more severe.

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg data/actor/futo.nut.jdiff

ID Text

"Inferno Reformation"

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# Name OwnerComment
Toyosatomimi no Miko
player-miko(5)-1 Shukuchi Cape Toyosatomimi no Miko

She moves by warping after the distraction

with her cape. It's a useful movement skill but don't get too happy using it or your popularity decreases. Spatial teleportation is an admired skill among humans who aspire to become a


player-miko(5)-2 Lasers of Seventeen Articles Toyosatomimi no Miko

A technique where she brandishes a drawn

sword after opening a space from which light surges out like gunfire after a brief pause. To bring them together to seventeen articles is a precision work that requires a knack and it is affected greatly by her


player-miko(5)-3 Wishful Soul of Desire Toyosatomimi no Miko

She releases the desires she's gathered as

bullets. It has great potential at full power up but it requires the charge of desire the most

and is amazingly pitiful when low on power.

player-miko(5)-4 Cipangu the Golden Sword Toyosatomimi no Miko

She creates swords in space and slashes

her opponent. It's very useful for her since it can cover her surroundings depending on where it's equipped and adds a vertical attack since

she doesn't normally have one.

player-miko(5)-5 Influence of the East Toyosatomimi no Miko

She traces her surroundings with her hand

and a light runs through that path after a delay. The halo gets bigger and longer when desires are gathered as well as making her authority known even more but the space

inside gets bigger as well...

player-miko(5)-6 Tenfold Listening Toyosatomimi no Miko

She gathers popularity and absorbs it.

It's directly related to current desire level which matters for the outcome of the battle but looks cheap to the enemy. The opponent can steal all of the popularity that's gathered if they attack

before it's fully gathered.

player-miko(5)-7 Benign Rain from the Shining One Toyosatomimi no Miko

Miko raises a hand to the heavens, calling

swords of light to rain down. The swords that come down are her authority itself, so rich that those who face

it will have their faith itself grow.

player-miko(5)-8 Hermit Sign "Taoist of the Land of the Rising Sun" Toyosatomimi no Miko

The strong light emitted from her fills earth

and heaven. It's an area attack but it can attack be

neath her the quickest as you can see.

player-miko(5)-9 Tao Sign "Heavenly Way Atop One's Palm" Toyosatomimi no Miko

She shoots out a celestial globe that has

stars spinning around it. The opponent can hardly move in this since the stars that spin around it hits

them successively.

player-miko(5)-10 Human Sign "Tradition of Just Rewards" Toyosatomimi no Miko

Miko works her popularity itself into the

blade of her treasured sword, using it to pierce through her opponent. The greater her popularity, the more powerful the attack will become. Negative emotions can also be used, so it is still a convenient attack even when her

popularity is extremely low.

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg data/actor/miko.nut.jdiff

ID Text

"Heed the Commands with Absolute Care"

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# Name OwnerComment
Nitori Kawashiro
player-nitori(6)-1 Aerial Blaster Nitori Kawashiro

She shoots out a bottle to sky and make a

bombing raid by manually manipulating it. The burst of the bullet is 100% out of hydraulic power and it's gimmick is that of

amazing Kappa.

player-nitori(6)-2 Photon Torpedo Nitori Kawashiro

She makes an aerial bombing while

horizontally flying. Their flight pattern is fixed but the dropping of bombs has variations. There are many strange things about this since there are some bombs that falls


player-nitori(6)-3 Farewell Rubber Ring Nitori Kawashiro

She shoots out an anchor and moves

quickly using the winding's momentum. She also makes various movements depending on the slot position. The mobility provided by this attack is great and the anchor itself can't be attacked but you may collide with the

enemy's attack.

player-nitori(6)-4 Criminal Gear Nitori Kawashiro

She shoots out a drive gear from her bag to

attack her opponent. The gear that shot out gets fixed there and can work together for a while when she

does this attack again.

player-nitori(6)-5 Water Bomb Giant Swing Nitori Kawashiro

She swings around a water balloon and

throw it with a momentum. It's a melee attack while spinning so more swings means faster balloon on launch. The water in the balloon can burst after it crashes into a wall which allows a bending shot by shooting opponents from above


player-nitori(6)-6 Kiku-ichimonji Compressor Nitori Kawashiro

She shoots a unit which shoots a powerful

water stream top-down. It's a high risk-reward so use it with

proper energy management.

player-nitori(6)-7 Q-Cumber Sound System Nitori Kawashiro

A powerful wave of sound is released from

the speakers at her sides. The opponent is stunned from the sheer intensity of the sound. Inertial movement is strong when firing, and the angle of the attack can be adjusted, meaning the attack can be treated something

like a machine gun.

player-nitori(6)-8 Heavy Rain "Great War Beneath the River" Nitori Kawashiro

By firing a torrential rain device into the

air, a Guerrila Rainstorm and Flash Flood are caused, sweeping the opponent away in a torrent of muddy water. The current of water is controlled by elaborate calculations, meaning the audience and

surrounding area have nothing to fear.

player-nitori(6)-9 Bubble Sign "Fire! Bubble Dragon" Nitori Kawashiro

She shoots a soap bubble shaped trap with

special equipment that's hard toget out from inside. It can either trap or wall an

opponent far away when it forms.

player-nitori(6)-10 Battle Machine "Fly! Sanpei Fight" Nitori Kawashiro

She charge at opponent by temporarily

exchanging her backpack with external parts. There are two chances to control it's direction with up and down: once at activation and once when firing the


Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg data/actor/nitori.nut.jdiff

ID Text

"Super Scope 3D"

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name OwnerComment
Koishi Komeiji
player-koishi(7)-1 Conditioned Teleport Koishi Komeiji

An intimidating move where Koishi sneaks

up to her opponent as her consciousness reaches them and the hits them with a surprise attack. Make sure to prepare for it since it is a fierce attack and she can't hold herself

from attacking anyone within that range.

player-koishi(7)-2 Fidgety Snatcher Koishi Komeiji

A move where she reflexively lunges at

an opponent who's above her or close by. Enemy attacks are negated the instant she performs this move soit becomes a powerful counterattack that flies at them

from outside their consciousness.

player-koishi(7)-3 Growing Pain Koishi Komeiji

A move where her consciousness is

reflexively directed outward and approaches the opponent like a rose vine. It's not an attack that she uses intentionally but one that occurs when she remembers it

in the corner of her mind.

player-koishi(7)-4 Catch and Rose Koishi Komeiji

She wants to catch hold of a nearby

opponent in front of her and then her hands shoot out. She also deals damage when she spits them out and unable to repress that feeling. It's less "catch and release" and more that she just gets bored of it when she's

caught them.

player-koishi(7)-5 Reflex Radar Koishi Komeiji

Her mind becomes a tracing ping that

searches for the opponent as it wants to know more about her adversary. The thought wave tracks down the opponent as if blocking their escape routes so it links with Koishi's attack motion

when it finds a target.

player-koishi(7)-6 Stinging Mind Koishi Komeiji

Koishi covers the surrounding area in rose

mines but promptly forgets about their presence. It's possible the opponent may be unable to recognize anything that's not nearby. The mines themselves are harmless but they detonate and attack as soon as Koishi

feels like it.

player-koishi(7)-7 Unanswered Love Koishi Komeiji

Koishi advances as if she was dancing,

drawing hearts as she goes. Once activated, she won't stop until she makes contact with the opponent, so if used incorrectly she can put herself in a lot of trouble.

Similar to the curse of the red shoes.

player-koishi(7)-8 Suppression "Superego" Koishi Komeiji

She suppresses her mind as much as

possible and then releases it as an aftershock deal damage around her. The opponent unconsciously gets closer

to her due to her influence.

player-koishi(7)-9 Instinct "Release of the Id" Koishi Komeiji

She opens up her mind as much as possible

and then scatters her attack over her entire surroundings as her emotions take her. The opponent unconsciously distances themselves due to the aftershock from those


player-koishi(7)-10 Dream Sign "Ancestors are Watching You" Koishi Komeiji

Six shadows appear to watch the opponent,

and can attack them later on. Two of the shadows disappear whenever they attack, so it provides a total of three


Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg data/actor/koishi.nut.jdiff

ID Text

"Brambly Rose Garden"

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name OwnerComment
Mamizou Futatsuiwa
player-mamizou(8)-1 Utsusemi Jizo Transformation Mamizou Futatsuiwa

She transforms to a Jizo and launch a

surprise attack from above her foe. Her subordinate takes the hit instead and this move activates even if she gets attacked during its activation.

It can be a tricky counter attack.

player-mamizou(8)-2 Bizarre Okuri-Chouchin Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Her subordinate turns into a ghost lantern

which spews a (fake) will-o'-wisp that also gives Mamizou some protection. The will-o'-wisp will chase down the

opponent after staying out for a while.

player-mamizou(8)-3 Animal Lute Priest Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Mamizou transforms leaves into a frogor

rabbit that assaults the opponent. It's a rather abstract transformation though so its movement pattern is rather simple. This technique doesn't rely on her subordinate so it is useful for defense in

a pinch.

player-mamizou(8)-4 Youkai Amikiri Transformation Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Mamizou charges while rides her

subordinate that's in the form of a web-cutting youkai. The trajectory is dynamic so her underling will be hit along with her and leave her

by herself if she gets hit by foe's attacks.

player-mamizou(8)-5 Youkai Karakasa Transformation Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Mamizou's subordinate springs up from

the ground and transforms into a paper umbrella. It can attack and covering space in a movement more like swimming than jumping around. They can fight for a while but it's more

likely for them to get beaten instead.

player-mamizou(8)-6 Youkai Tsurube Transformation Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Mamizou's subordinate transforms into a

well bucket and soars heartily through the air like Tarzan. Mamizou will also shrewdly perform an

evasion maneuver if she is on its trajectory.

player-mamizou(8)-7 Youkai Omokage Transformation Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Mamizou transforms into a likeness of her

opponent, drawing forth their various skills. She doesn't copy them, but instead makes

a personal arrangement that looks similar.

player-mamizou(8)-8 Transformation "Bunbuku Hot Soup Bathtub" Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Mamizou's subordinate transforms into a

tea pot and blows steam and attacks even the highest heights. Mamizou looks back at her subordinate while relaxing in there but only the tanuki

knows what it's thinking.

player-mamizou(8)-9 Transformation "Youkai World Gate of One Hundred Demons" Mamizou Futatsuiwa

The herd of tanuki youkai transformed into

whatever they please bombard through the transformed gate. The foe in the way would get jostled by many different things they transformed


player-mamizou(8)-10 Transformation "Futatsuiwa Clan's Curse" Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Transforms the opponent into a powerless

form. For the duration, she can attack them in a completely one-sided manner. The opponent can do nothing except run around, but Mamizou also becomes able to

only use standard strikes.

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg data/actor/mamizou.nut.jdiff

ID Text

"Belly-Drumming of Infinitely Infinite Tanuki"

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name OwnerComment
Hata no Kokoro
player-kokoro(9)-1 Roaring Youkai Fox Mask Hata no Kokoro

A dash technique where she dons a fox

mask and leaps upon the opponent. The masks's spiritual energy becomes fangs and bites at the opponent, then crunches down while sweeping over a wide area. After using this, Kokoro's active emotion

will switch to anger.

player-kokoro(9)-2 Shouting Giant Spider Mask Hata no Kokoro

Shoots threads from a Tsuchigumo mask to

restrict the opponent. While the threads are attached, you can pull the opponent along with you by dashing backwards. Repeating the button input will cut the threads and yank the opponent in front of you. After using this, Kokoro's

active emotion will switch to anger.

player-kokoro(9)-3 Sighing Osakabe Mask Hata no Kokoro

Spreads masks around Kokoro, ready to

leap forward in response to a hostile approach. After using this, Kokoro's active emotion

will switch to melancholy.

player-kokoro(9)-4 Melancholic Ogress Mask Hata no Kokoro

Releases a mask on standby in any

direction. When used with a mask already present, the mask is called back to Kokoro, and flies back to her while attacking the opponent on the way. After using this, Kokoro's active emotion

will switch to melancholy.

player-kokoro(9)-5 Delighted Lion Mask Hata no Kokoro

Takes out a lion mask, points the mouth

towards the opponent, and dramatically bathes them in flames. Getting bitten by a mask like this brings good luck, but what about getting roasted by it? After using this, Kokoro's active emotion

will switch to joy.

player-kokoro(9)-6 Enraptured Hyottoko Mask Hata no Kokoro

Readying her hyottoko mask and fans,

Kokoro begins dancing. The joyful emotion overflowing from Kokoro and the mask turns into fireworks, which are scattered in the surrounding area. After using this, Kokoro's active emotion

will switch to joy.

player-kokoro(9)-7 Kokoro Roulette Hata no Kokoro

Kokoro puts on a mask, and alters her

active emotion. While they're revolving around, it's possible to choose the mask she puts on by

holding down a key.

player-kokoro(9)-8 Anger Sign "Mask of an Angry Hated Wolf" Hata no Kokoro

A dashing technique that lunges at the

opponent with Kokoro's emotions. Her trajectory can be changed in realtime by using the up and down keys. Also, the spiritual energy used by this card will increase each time Kokoro's emotion switches after the card is declared.

The card's power will rise accordingly.

player-kokoro(9)-9 Possession "Four Humors Possession" Hata no Kokoro

Waves of emotion explode out, centered

around Kokoro. Depending on the emotion released, it'll have an effect on the opponent's emotions, causing them to become emotionally unstable. You could say it's a miniature version of the

incident she caused, so to speak.

player-kokoro(9)-10 Melancholy Mask "The Man of Qi Worries about the Earth" Hata no Kokoro

Masks of emotion fly towards the opponent, and a

torrent of spiritual energy launches up where they hit. The masks chase down the opponent exactly according to Kokoro's thoughts, no matter where they are. On the other hand, Kokoro herself is

completely defenseless.

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ID Text

"Dance of the Empty-Hearted Masks: Noh of Darkness"

Gnome-colors-gtk-edit.svg spells.js
# Name OwnerComment
player-common(10)-1 Spiritual Strike Talisman <Item>

Place distance between you and your

opponent by releasing a spiritual strike wave around you. It's possible to counterattack while negating your opponent's attack but whiffing will cause the crowd to boo and popularity to plummet. Popularity could be more

important than life in this fight...

player-common(10)-2 Magic Mushroom <Item>

A spirit activator extracted from the

mushrooms of the Forest of Magic. You will have an unlimited supply of spirit for a short while. It's a special mixture with a big effect but the side effect is that you can't use

spirit at all after it wears off.

player-common(10)-3 Virtueless Dharmacakra <Item>

A wheel that borrows the power of

thenyuudou. You attack the sky with a thrusting fist. Using him pointlessly will make him refuse you but relying on him critically will have him gladly lend you his great power.

Be careful!

player-common(10)-4 Witch's Broom <Item>

A magical broom capable of granting

instantaneous force. You can fly around swiftly and quickly just by holding this. The re-acceleration of your dash is also faster. You can perform a sudden acceleration

once by using it up.

player-common(10)-5 Pagoda of Vaiśravaṇa <Item>

A much-appreciated jeweled pagoda that

uses its authority to incinerate those who mean harm. It enables anyone to fire a laser that can instantly pierce even far-away opponents but forces the user to become


player-common(10)-6 Hermit Wind Plate <Item>

A wondrous plate that flies in the sky.

It's possible to tackle an enemy that's underneath you by building up some

momentum and leaping on it.

player-common(10)-7 Stern Shaku <Item>

A shaku that draws in and stirs up people's

desires. It's useful in that it gathers popularity when you hold it up and show off but you have to keep displaying it by holding the button. You'll lose popularity if you stop

showing it off right away.

player-common(10)-8 Force Shield <Item>

A shield that the kappa are proud of.

It reduces damage taken when worn. It can also increases your defense very high for a very short time but it's disposed

of after this use.

player-common(10)-10 Common Talisman <Item>

It deepens faith in Shinto when worn.

It has no particular effect when used but it serves

as a symbol of one's everyday piety.

player-common(10)-11 Hermit's Decorative Sword <Item>

An ornamental sword that makes you feel

like a hermit when worn on your waist. You can deeply devote yourself to Taoism

by equipping it.

player-common(10)-12 Prayer Beads to Hide in the Bosom <Item>

You'll look for all the world like a splendid

Buddhist if you clasp your hands together while holding this. Wearing this increases faith in Buddhism.

Use it when you want to rely on Buddha.

player-common(10)-13 Innocent Hat <Item>

You somehow start to feel like a youkai

when wearing this and your faith quickly leaves you. Moving around just as the wind blows just as one feels like--

it's fine if today is interesting.