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This page is a translated version of a page Th14/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Music titles translation
No. 1 Mysterious exorcist


  It is the theme of the title screen. In the case of As usual, since there are a lot of up tempo songs this time On the title screen I intended to make it moist. In the case of

famous last words?

No. 2 Mistrake


  It is one theme. In the case of I made it a song with a bit of impact by saying that it was 1 surface. Whatever principle is always fog on the lake I wonder. The fish seems to be living, but unexpectedly many different youkai live

it seems like.

No. 3 Mermaid of the unexplored area


  It is the theme of Wakashi Princess. In the case of If underwater is a mermaid who has confidence in her arms, unfortunately Gensokyo There are more land people. I made it a battle song feels like I do not feel serious.

I love tempura.

No. 4 People who go around the canal


  It is the theme of the second side. In the case of It is like a peculiar feeling as a strange feeling of one side Because it is a youkai, I was a little conscious. In the case of

I wonder if it feels like a light beat with a certain beat.

No. 5 Durahan under the willow


  It is red theme theme. In the case of Does a neck stretch out, or a head fly? It is not understood well. But when I move my body while my neck is flying,

It seems you can not return.

No. 6 Bamboo grove of the full moon


  It is the theme of the third side. In the case of It is a full moon with bamboo groves. The bamboo forest in which it is uncertain is in the sacred place of a youkai worshiping the moon It was getting on.

The song also conscious of Eiya Nakashima's allele.

No. 7 Lonely wear wolf


  This is the theme of Imaizumi. In the case of I tried rolling out a feeling like a middle boss. Well, it is three sides. In the case of

By the way the full moon is real so she can transform.

No. 8 Magical Storm


  It is the theme of the 4th aspect. In the case of Speaking of how creepy it is, it is not so, it is not that it is bright. I am giving a little magical floating feeling. It's fluffy for Arashi ... ....

It is literally a foot that does not reach the ground.

No. 9 Fantasy net Liuli


  It is the theme of Kuju 9 springs ninety nine hachihashi. In the case of I also thought that it would be a more traditional Japanese style song, Because the atmosphere of the game will be confusing when running only the skill of the song I felt relieved.

But somehow it looked like it, but I do not have the sound source of biwa and it is fresh.

No. 10 Dynamic castle casting in the air


  It is the theme of the 5th page. In the case of There was no big meaning, it made it a sad feeling song. In the case of It's a melancholy but light rhythm.

When such songs flow, I feel that it is the final stage.

No. 11 Reverse Ideology


  It is the theme of Onimusha. In the case of I created a song by imagining a youkai with an extremely small smell. As a result, somewhat amusing song ...... Well it's funny like a boss. It is a small boss who takes the initiative to injure others,

Still it is the masterpiece of this time.

No. 12 A castle tower of needlebarrel


  It is the theme of the 6th aspect. In the case of I feel somewhat impatient. In the case of From here to Rasubosu, ending with the same three melody songs,

I tried to make it a common theme for this work.

No. 13 Children group of shining needle ~ Little Princess


  It is the theme of a small name Kinko Maru. In the case of I made it a cool song with a small body. Although the thickness is small, it is pleasantly like a rasp boss I think that it is becoming a song that spreads.

that? Is not it small? Well please clear it.

No. 14 Magical thundercloud


  It is the theme of the extra stage. In the case of It is a road tune of the royal road feeling that it flows silently without resistance. In the case of Actually, I'm sticking out the essence that seems to be Eastern here and there.

It has no deep meaning.

No. 15 Primitive Beat ~ Pristine Beat


  It is the theme of Horikawa Raizo. I was wondering whether to make drum main songs, but on a flushing stone That courage was absent. Image of the game. The interlude is just a bit drums. By the way, due to the structure of the shoes, let the feet fly away and bass drum

I guess it will hit you.

No. 16 Magical power of the gavel


  It is the ending theme. In the case of I put together the theme with the theme of Rasubosu at the end. In the case of

Will not it be different images respectively?

No. 17 Magical magical tools


  It is the theme of staff roll. In the case of It is a different version of the title's song. To be honest from the beginning, if it says something, it is not a title I thought it was a song closer to the ending.

The staff's display and the timing of the song are perfect if you look closely.

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