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ID Text

Whatever the means, whoever survives, wins.


I survived 'cause they're all just weaklings. I should find a place to hide soon.


They're following me to a place like this... I still have some trump cards up my sleeve, but still...


Ugh, they're getting stronger. Maybe I should try leveling up my new items, too...


Ugh, guess I've got no choice. Time to get serious.


Are there no good hiding places above ground? What about over here?


Gah, is this because of that newspaper? In that case, then I'll go to the other world!


Okay, that does it! This isn't the time to run away or hide, I'll make enemies out of them all!


Outta the way! The (soon to be) great Amanojaku is passing through!


If I beat these guys, I'll have nothing more to fear. I will become the new ruler!